Is there anything left after beating the elite four?

  1. If so what can you get and do you need to beat the elite four twice?

    User Info: jedisithlord200

    jedisithlord200 - 8 years ago

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  1. 1-Catch, not see, catch 60 Pokemon and talk to Professor Oak.
    2-Talk to Celio on One Island.
    3-Go to Mt. Ember and beat the grunts east of the entrance.
    4-Go through the cave and get the ruby. Bring it back to Celio.
    5-You can now go to Islands 4-7.

    You can also capture Mewtwo in the cave just west of Cerulean City once you have the sapphire from Island 5.
    Depending on your starter, you can catch:


    In the wild, they will roam around and you will randomly encounter them. DO NO USE Mean Look, Spider Web, or Block on Raikou and Entei, or they will be gone FoReVeR. Suicune is okay, since it doesn't use roar, though.

    Hope this helped :)

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  1. Well, you can go to the islands get the ruby and sapphire and go to the cerulean cave and get mewtwo and you can get those egg stikers at the islands 2 from the lady.

    User Info: EpicExige

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  2. For me, I keep battling the elite four for the stickers in four island. I had beat them 192 times. You can also catch the legendary dogs depending on your starter.

    Hope this help! :)

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  3. If you have owned 60 or more Pokemon upon beating the Elite 4, then a new portion of story will open. If you have less than 60, you can keep battling them to level up.
    I always make sure to beat the E4 a few times before completing this much of the Pokedex, because the E4 will become unavailable for awhile. When they return, they will be significantly stronger.

    User Info: WildWesley

    WildWesley - 1 year ago 0 0

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