How do you get to saffron city?

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  1. Beat Brock and Misty. Go down from Cerrulean. (This is after beating your rival there and talking to Bill.)
    1. Find the Underground Path.
    2. Use it to get to Celadon.
    3. Go to the Celadon Mansion.
    4. Talk to the old lady. She'll tell you something about Daisy I think.
    5. Go through the gates.
    6. The guards will automatically talk to you.
    7. You'll also be automatically be force to give him the tea the old lady had given you.

    Hope this help! :)

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  2. To get to saffron city you must give one of the police men tea. To obtain the tea you have to take the undergroud path from route 8 to Celadon city. Route 8 is located on the right side of Saffron city and the left of Lavender town. When you get to Celadon city go to the first building with a door that is in the same row as the pokemon center.Then
    go forward but stay on the first floor. Make a left then talk to the old lady that will give you the tea.

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  3. You go down to celadon mansion and talk to the old lady on the first floor and she will give you tea. go out of the mansion and go to the building right of celadon and the guard will notice you have the tea.he will let you go through after that.

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  4. When in Celadon City, go to the hotel er whatever and talk to the old lady and she will gives u tea. Then go to where u came in from Lavender Town and go in the building that is near the tall grass and the cop will take ur tea and let u thru.

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