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    2vs2 Team Building FAQ by shiny zangoose

    Version: 1.8 | Updated: 10/14/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    | \__/ || /   \ || |_/ /   |  ___  | |   \    /   || /   \ | | | \   | |  
    |  ____|| |   | ||     |   | /   \ | | \  \  /  / || |   | | | |\ \  | |
    | |     | |   | ||  __ \   | \___/ | | |\  \/  /| || |   | | | | \ \ | |
    | |     | \___/ || |  \ \  | ______| | | \    / | || \___/ | | |  \ \| |
    | |     |       || |   \ \ | |____   | |  \  /  | ||       | | |   \ \ |
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    Pokémon Fire Red/Leaf Green
    2vs2 Strategy Guide
    by shiny zangoose 
    Version 1.8 14/10/04
    Copyright 2004 Alex Hunter.
    Section 1 - Introduction and Disclaimer
    Hello! Welcome to the first FAQ to concentrate on the forgotten aspect of the
    third generation of Pokémon games: 2vs2 Battling. 2vs2 is actually very 
    interesting and requires quite a lot more strategy to play than it does in the
    traditional 1vs1 battling. It also lasts a fraction of the time it does to play
    a proper competitive 1vs1 game, where battles can last well over 100 turns, 
    while every 2vs2 battle that I have witnessed is over in around 20 turns max. 
    Stall wars which are ever so common in 1vs1 with SkarmBliss and their fellow 
    whores ruling the metagame just do not exist in 2vs2 meaning that some of the
    lesser known pokes get their chances to shine (and some of the old cronies 
    still are as popular as ever).
    Now after a brief introduction on 2vs2 it is time for a brief introduction on
    myself. I have been coming to these boards since R/S was first released in 
    America and then towards the end of the summer I became heavily involved in 
    competitive online battling. However it is only in the past month or so that I 
    have realised how much potential 2vs2 actually had in it after entering a 2vs2 
    tournament on netbattle. I had the same misconceptions as everyone else when I 
    first started 2vs2. I used to think, "Get 6 pokes with EQ and who are immune to
    EQ then you are on to a winner!" However I was sadly proved wrong after my 
    first attempt at a proper 2vs2 team was humiliated in a 6-0 thrashing. Now I
    have become very good at 2vs2 and it has taken over 1vs1 as my favourite battle
    style in the third generation of Pokémon.
    I would like to point out to readers is that this is a 2vs2 team building and
    combo FAQ, and does not include a walkthrough of the game, or 1vs1 sets. So if
    that is what you are looking for please try somewhere else, but make sure you
    read this first and find out why you should be playing 2vs2 anyway!
    Now that is enough for an introduction! Now on to the contents.
    Section 2 - Contents
    Section 1 - Introduction
    Section 2 - You are reading it right now fool
    Section 3 - Version History
    Section 4 - Differences between 1vs1 and 2vs2 battling
    Section 5 - Special Move Info in 2vs2
    Section 6 - Team Building Tips
    Section 7 - Combos to try out
    Section 8 - Credits and Legal Stuff
    Section 9 - Contact Me
    Section 3 - Version History
    14/10/04 Version 1.8 - Yeah I really needed to proof read this FAQ more. I have
    corrected several things and added some more useful combos for you lovely 
    people to try out. Please continue to send emails, as long as they are not
    stupid and spam >:(
    15/9/04 Version 1.7 - This is the third version of the FAQ. This was made 
    while I was waiting to see if version 1.5 was accepted. Here I have added a 
    few more Combos to try out and corrected some spelling errors that I had made.
    I also changed the version number to version 7 because last time I submitted I
    foolishly left it as version 1 when it was supposed to be 1.5 :(
    14/9/04 Version 1.5 - This is the second version of the FAQ. The first version
    will go down in history as one of those unfinished masterpieces. In this version
    I have added A LOT more combos for you the reader of this FAQ to try out. There
    is also some information about how to contact me to submit some sets of your
    own. There have also been some changes made thanks to IronHead in the proof 
    reading department. Hopefully since you will be reading this it has been 
    accepted. I have also changed the format of the Team Building Tips section.
    11/9/04 Version 1.0 - Yeah this is the first version of the FAQ. It has the 
    main bulk of information that you will need to know about 2vs2. I will add more
    and more as I learn more and more about 2vs2 battling. I will add some more 
    combos as I discover them too.
    Section 4 - Differences between 1vs1 and 2vs2 battling
    Welcome to this section that outlines the basic differences between 1vs1 and
    2vs2 battling. I gave you a brief outline in the introduction, however I feel
    that that is not great enough for you to be able to create a good 2vs2 team.
    Below are the main differences between 1vs1 and 2vs2 battling:
    - You use 2 Pokémon at a time instead of 1. That means that you need to think
      about the effects that one Pokémon will have on the other.
    - Some of the moves have got different functions in 2vs2 than in 1vs1. There
      is a section in this FAQ right after this one that tells you which moves
      have changed in 2vs2 and there is also a little comment from me on how I
      rate the move in context of 2vs2 play.
    - Shell Bell has been changed meaning everytime a move hits, the Pokémon that
      used it will recover HP. For example if a Pokémon used Earthquake, then it
      would regain HP in proportion to the damage done to the first enemy Pokémon,
      regain HP in proportion to the damage to the second enemy Pokémon and if it
      hits your ally it will regain HP in proportion to the damage it does to that
      one as well. That means that you can regain HP up to 3 times each turn. 
      Here is an example of this in action:
      Moltres used Heat Wave!
      (46% damage to Zapdos)
      Moltres's Shell Bell restored its HP a little!
      (11% damage to Kingdra)
      It's not very effective...
      Moltres's Shell Bell restored its HP a little!
    - Due to the fact that 2 Pokémon are allowed to attack at the same time, you
      can expect that the average 2vs2 battle tends not to last as long as a
      typical 1vs1 battle. It also means that the metagame is more based around
      attack or be killed than stall to death. It also makes Speed vital.
    - With moves that are not listed in the next section you get to choose a
      Pokémon that you would wish that move to hit. If it is in the section below
      then it has a different function.
    Section 5 - Special Move Info in 2vs2
    Here I will list all the moves that are different than 1vs1 in their properties
    in 2vs2. That means it will list all the moves that will hit both opponents 
    with half power, a random opponent, all Pokémon on the field except the user. I
    will also add a little comment on the move to say it I think it is worthwhile 
    to use. Please remember that the base power listed is halved when it hits both
    opponents and that when it hits all Pokémon on the field except the user it 
    maintains the base power listed.
    Base Power - 40
    Hitting Info - Hits both opponents
    Comments - No point in using this move with a base 20 attack, which hits both.
    Air Cutter
    Base Power - 55
    Hitting Info - Hits both opponents
    Comments - The move is too weak when 2 opponents are in play so there is no 
    point in using this move.
    Base Power - 120
    Hitting Info - Hits both opponents
    Comments - A useful move to use if you like to play a bit risky. A STABed 
    Blizzard hits both opponent Pokémon with 90 base power. Shame about the 
    accuracy of 70%.
    Base Power - 20
    Hitting Info - Hits both opponents
    Comments - YES YOU MUST USE THIS MOVE! For the slightly slower of you that was
    sarcasm it hits both opponents with base 10 power so it should be avoided.
    Base Power - 100
    Hitting Info - All Pokémon on the field except the user
    Comments - Arguably the best move in 2vs2 (with the exception of maybe 
    explosion). In my opinion I would have at least 2 or 3 users of this move on 
    your team but having too many users can leave your team vulnerable.
    Base Power - 150
    Hitting Info - Hits both opponents
    Comments - Would be a class move in my opinion if there were some Pokémon that
    were fast enough to make use of it. Groudon would be a great user because with
    base 90 speed he is still quite fast and can really pack a punch because its 
    base power would be 150 on each opponent at full health because the sun would 
    be in effect. The trouble is, Groudon is banned from most competitive play so 
    Eruption will never be able to have a place in 2vs2.
    Base Power - 250
    Hitting Info - All Pokémon on the field except the user
    Comments - Another one of the best moves in 2vs2. The only downside is that the
    move protect is very common so if you get out predicted you can end up just 
    fainting yourself, so you should be careful when using the move.
    Base Power - N/A
    Hitting Info - Hits both opponents
    Comments - Actually it is quite a good move if used right. If your opponent is
    using 2 Pokémon that are relying on physical attacks it can be quite useful in
    causing switches.
    Heat Wave
    Base Power - 100
    Hitting Info - Hits both opponents
    Comments - A good move if used in combination with sunny day because it can 
    really hurt both opponents. However I would use it with fire blast in case you
    run into a Pokémon with flash fire or you NEED to get an OHKO on a Pokémon that
    could kill you if you don't kill it first.
    Hyper Voice 
    Base Power - 90
    Hitting Info - Hits both opponents
    Comments - Not really good enough when you could be using a move like 
    Icy Wind
    Base Power - 55
    Hitting Info - Hits both opponents
    Comments - The 100% lowering speed on both opponent Pokémon is useful in itself
    with speed playing an important part in 2vs2. The slight damage is useful as 
    well. I personally have never tried it, but I suggest that someone out there 
    gives it a shot.
    Base Power - N/A
    Hitting Info - Hits both opponents
    Comments - Meh could work well in conjunction with earthquake or another double
    damaging move...watch out for Pokémon with the Clear Body ability.
    Light Screen
    Base Power - N/A
    Hitting Info - Affects both Allies
    Comments - Great move. I always use it on my 2vs2 teams because it causes 
    special attacks to do 2/3 damage and affects both of your Pokémon.
    Base Power - Random
    Hitting Info - All Pokémon on the field except the user
    Comments - It is capable of doing more damage than earthquake, however the 
    consistency of EQ means that Magnitude will forever be a redundant move.
    Muddy Water
    Base Power - 95
    Hitting Info - Hits both opponents
    Comments - Surf is better because again because of consistency. Even surf 
    though should be used in conjunction with rain dance though to do enough damage
    to be plausible.
    Base Power - 90
    Hitting Info - Random Opponent
    Comments - Should not be used. Plain and simple.
    Petal Dance
    Base Power - 70
    Hitting Info - Random Opponent
    Comments - See comment about outrage.
    Powder Snow
    Base Power - 40
    Hitting Info - Hits both opponents
    Comments - Not worth using when there is blizzard.
    Razor Leaf
    Base Power - 55
    Hitting Info - Hits both opponents
    Comments - The base power is not high enough to warrant usage.
    Razor Wind
    Base Power - 80
    Hitting info - Hits both opponents (2 turn attack)
    Comments - Since it is a 2-turn attack it is not worth using and the power is 
    not high enough to mean that it should be used.
    Base Power - N/A
    Hitting Info - Affects both Allies
    Comments - Again an amazing move. Makes physical attacks hit with only 2/3 
    damage for both of your Pokémon. With earthquake and explosion being common 
    moves reflect means that you have a good chance of actually surviving a hit 
    (if you are at full health).
    Rock Slide
    Base Power - 75
    Hitting Info - Hits both opponents
    Comments - A really important move in my opinion. Many people use flyers to 
    counter the common usage of EQ, therefore to get an attack that can hit both of
    the flyers with super effective damage is very good. It can also flinch the 
    opponents and if you are really lucky you can get a double flinch. It is also a
    great counter of "Follow Me" where people get either Togetic or Clefable to 
    use Follow me while another Pokémon uses a stat upping move. I would suggest at
    least one of your pokes should use this move (preferably STABed with choice 
    band). Aerodactyl utilises this move best with himself being immune to EQ.
    Base Power - N/A
    Hitting Info - Affects both allies
    Comments - Not as useful as reflect or light screen for the simple fact that 
    status is not as common in 2vs2 as it is in 1vs1 because 2vs2 is more about 
    fast sweeping. However it could be useful as a filler on one of your Pokémon so
    you have got the protection if you might need it.
    Base Power - 200
    Hitting Info - All Pokémon on the field except the user
    Comments - Naturally not as good as explosion but can be good on a Pokémon like
    snorlax as a finisher because it gets stab off a high attack.
    Base Power - N/A
    Hitting info - Hits both opponents
    Comments - Since it causes both sides of pokes to be affected when they switch
    in it could be quite useful, however with earthquake being as common as it is,
    very few Pokémon used in 2vs2 would actually be hurt by spikes since most of 
    them have Levitate or are a flying type.
    Base Power - Infinite
    Hitting Info - Kills every pokemon in the opponents team
    Comments - If you didnt realise this was a joke then please refer to your only
    option :S
    String Shot
    Base Power - N/A
    Hitting Info - Hits both opponents
    Comments - Why use this when you could use icy wind?
    Base Power - 95
    Hitting Info - Hits both opponents
    Comments - A very useful move if accompanied with rain dance. Kingdra is a
    great example of a Pokémon that can use it to great effect.
    Sweet Scent
    Base Power - N/A
    Hitting Info - Hits both opponents
    Comments - Yes everyone use this move! It is undoubtedly the best move in the 
    whole of 2vs2.
    Base Power - 60
    Hitting Info - Hits both opponents
    Comments - Useless. Since the base power is halved you would be better off 
    using a move that could actually do some good
    Tail Whip
    Base Power - N/A
    Hitting Info - Hits both opponents
    Comments - Same as leer.
    Teeter Dance
    Base Power - N/A
    Hitting Info - All Pokémon on the field except the user
    Comments - Would be great if there were better users of the move. The Pokémon 
    that can use it have the rather large handicap of being too predictable. 
    However all round confusion is good when teamed up with something with own 
    tempo or protect.
    Base Power - 90
    Hitting Info - Hits both opponents
    Comments - See outrage
    Base Power - 40
    Hitting info - Hits both opponents
    Comments - Not enough damage to warrant use.
    Water Spout
    Base Power 150
    Hitting Info - Hits both opponents
    Comments - Again like eruption it would be great in 2vs2 if there were some 
    faster users. Kyogre would be great in 2vs2 with this move because it is 
    relatively fast. It's a shame really 2 moves that would be great in 2vs2 are 
    limited because their best users are banned.
    Section 5 -Team Building Tips
    Ok. Now that you know what all differences moves have in 2vs2, it is time for 
    you to make a team. In my opinion there are things that are must haves in 2vs2
    and here is a little list of them:
    -	Flyers/Levitators: Make sure that you get at least half your team 
            immune to earthquake. If you don't then you are going to be vulnerable.
            Very vulnerable. Also try and make sure you get a good mixture of 
            flyers and levitators so that the shared weaknesses of your team don't
            rise too high.
    -	Earthquake Users: Earthquake is a great move in 2vs2. You should have 
            at least 2 Pokémon using this move but no more than 3. If you have more
            than 3 then you are going to be vulnerable to a team full of flyers and
    -	Explosion Users: Explosion is one of the best moves. Try and get 
            something that can explode and cause massive damage all round. You 
            should have no more than 2 exploders because then Pokémon with the damp
            ability will hamper your progress.
    -	Protect: Protect is an essential move in 2vs2. You will need it for 
            when someone uses Explosion on your team, or when you can predict
            someone will want to focus their attacks on one Pokémon while the other
            Pokémon laughs as it gets a free attack in. Again try and shove on 
            protect on most Pokémon on your team. 
    -	Ghosts: I would strongly suggest that you have a ghost on your team. 
            Even though there are few options, most fit well on teams. Ghosts are 
            good because they are immune to explosion and means that if you expect
            an explode you can switch in your ghostie and then he won't take any 
            damage. Gengar is the best for this role in my opinion because he 
            benefits from Levitate.
    -	Light Screen/Reflect: Another thing that I would strongly suggest is to
            have a Pokémon that can set up the two screens so that you can be
            slightly more protected against attacks, meaning you will last longer
            to dish out damage of your own.
    -	Type Balance: Try and get a reasonable type balance so that you do not 
            have too many shared weaknesses. Make sure that you don't have more 
            than one thing weak to earthquake or you are in trouble. Ice and 
            Electric is another thing you need to watch out for because if you put
            a lot of Flyers in you are going to find that your weaknesses add up.
    -	Intimidate: I would suggest that you used a Pokémon that makes use of 
            the ability intimidate because it affects both of the opponent Pokémon.
            It can also force switches meaning you can get in free moves like 
            dragon dance or a free attack. One common strategy that leads from this
            is the strategy of leading with two intimidators and hoping that you 
            can catch some Pokémon that rely on physical attacks. That can then 
            mean you can get some stat uppers while they switch out to something
            else. That is the main reason I usually lead with Special Attackers.
    -       Moves that hit both Opponents: Please, when you are using attacks that
            hit both pokemon, make sure that you take the fact that the base power
            is halved and that if you used a different move like Fire Blast or
            Hydro Pump you could get an OHKO or near to one. However if you use 
            these moves properly it can save you, because you do not need to worry
            about people protecting some of your moves, which can be really handy
            in 2vs2. Remember you can still do quite a lot of damage with these
            moves to both of the enemy pokemon, but be sure that if you use these
            moves in conjunction with their higher base damage partners, so you can
            choose which move is best to use in a certain situation. I hope I made
            this bit clear, if you didn't understand it then please would you email
            me so that I can change it so that everyone can understand this 
            important aspect.
    Also there is this little formula that I use when I am composing a new 2vs2
    -       One Pokémon that can take Special Hits well.
    -       One Pokémon that can take physical Hits well.
    -       Two special attacking Pokémon that work well in combination.
    -       Two physical attacking Pokémon that work well in combination.
    With that formula usually it gives a good success rate. Some of the positions
    can overlap as well, meaning you can get something that can take physical hits
    well and also dish them out leaving a gap for another Pokémon that can take up
    another slot.
    Well those are some of the more essential things that you need to make a team 
    that can compete on the highest level. Here are some other general stuff that
    you should try and take advantage of. There is also some criticism on some of
    the common strats that are not as effective as they are cracked up to be.
    Mimicing is a very useful thing to take advantage of in 2vs2. You can mimic 
    your allies move and then use that to your advantage. It can be very useful 
    if there is a Pokémon that you think that would own if it could only just 
    learn a certain move. Well with mimic you can get that extra move. A good 
    example is EggyTres that IronHead and I came up with where Moltres Mimics
    Exeggutor's Solar Beam after setting up sunny day. It can work wonders if
    people don't expect it. You can also mimic follow me which is quite good 
    because the current users of follow me are not really built especially for the
    task. I saw someone use this on Netbattle and it was unexpected, which makes
    it a very nice thing to try out.
                                     SKILL SWAPPING
    Skill Swapping is another good tactic. Skill Swapping levitate on to Metagross
    can almost make it unbeatable as it sweeps the entire field. Another thing you
    can try is to skill swap slaking. However this is a very risky strat because
    skarm is still a bit annoying in 2vs2 for the sole reason that it is immune to
    EQ AND can take the physical hits with taking as much damage as a fly does 
    when banging into a solid metal wall. Well that is kinda what skarmory is! 
    There are also other things that you may wish to skill swap, but remember the 
    longer the chain, the less likely that it is going to work. Swapping pure 
    power on to slaking via a chain is possible, however it takes time to setup 
    Swagger/Flattering with your ally having the Own Tempo ability is something
    that you can try while gaining the attack boost and avoiding confusion. However
    due to the lack of good Pokémon with the own tempo ability the same effect can
    be gained if you used a Pokémon with the item persim berry, which cures 
    confusion. However with using the berry it means you can only do this once on
    that Pokémon meaning that it is not as good as it may seem.
                           TEETER DANCING WITH PROTECT/OWN TEMPO
    Teeter Dancing when a Pokémon uses protect is another good strat which can 
    work wonders if you are lucky and it gets set up. However the main users of 
    this (Spinda/Cacturne) are Pokémon that are quite predictable meaning that
    the opponents can attack these Pokémon fast at the start in an attempt to avoid
    teeter dance from being used.
                                       HELPING HAND
    Using helping hand is another good strat that you can try out. This can really
    help quite a lot on a Pokémon that normally could not OHKO a certain Pokémon 
    Pokémon but with the boost that helping hand gives it can OHKO it without 
    trouble. It works well with special sweepers. 
                                       LIGHTNING ROD
    Another thing you might want to try out is a Pokémon that is weak to electric
    and a Pokémon with lightning rod. The trouble is that most of the Pokémon
    with lightning rod are not that good unfortunately or it would be something 
    to try out. I would suggest Marowak as your best bet, because he is not weak
    to Earthquake and he is immune to electric. Another classic example of using
    lightning rod is to have Rhydon and Gyarados, with Rhydon having protect. This
    means that Rhydon can protect on the Gyarados earthquake, and also meaning if
    the opponent wants to earthquake to get rid of rhydon then it will be a wasted
    move. Thanks again to IronHead for pointing that out.
    Imprisoning some of the common moves of 2vs2 is another thing that you could 
    try to do. Moves like Earthquake and protect can be really annoying in 2vs2.
    The solution? Imprison them! I saw MasamuneXGP from netbattle do this when 
    facing one of my preliminary 2vs2 teams and it absolutely owned. A good 
    Pokémon to use this particular strat is Dusclops. This is because it has good
    defences to withstand attacks and because it is a ghost type and is immune to
    exploders. A very good strategy and props to Masa who I think used it first.
                                   POISONPOWDER + GUTS
    Poisonpowder + Guts is in my opinion one of the most overrated 2vs2 combos 
    that exists. As soon as you see a Pokémon with guts and a Pokémon that can use
    poisonpowder you know what is going to happen. That means you will focus your
    attacks on the Pokémon with guts and it will most likely faint, and then the
    opponent will then send out a Pokémon to replace it and that will get poisoned.
    There was this time when I was on netbattle and I was facing such a combo. 
    There was an Ursaring and a butterfree. With me having at least half a brain I
    could guess what was going to happen. I then killed Ursaring with ease and then
    the fool decided to send out umbreon. Butterfree used poisonpowder and the end
    result was that both the opponents' Pokémon were poisoned. The only thing that
    that strat managed to achieve was me bent over in laughter.
    Fake Outing is actually something that I have seen work well. I can't remember
    who I was facing on Netbattle but fake out can take out one of your Pokémon
    which you would expect to be able to kill one of theirs meaning the second
    ally Pokémon can then kill the Pokémon that was faked out. A very interesting
    thing to do. The down side naturally is that it can only be used on the first
    turn but usually one fake out can really ruin your strategy.
                                        FOLLOW ME
    Follow Me + Stat upping is something which I have seen and not liked. It can
    work with the right Pokémon but usually it is easy to counter with a Pokémon
    like Aerodactyl using rock slide. WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT USE FOLLOW ME + 
    BELLYDRUM CHARIZARD. It just does not work and it is just screaming out for a
    rock slide which is the usual follow me counter.
                                     DOUBLE EXPLODING
    Double Exploding if used right can take out 4 opponent Pokémon at the cost of 2
    of yours. I have managed to pull it off once or twice and it has been quite 
    fun. I got a metagross and used agility and then Gengar uses Protect so that he 
    will be able to take no damage so he can explode next turn. Metagross then 
    explodes which takes out 2 of the opponent Pokémon. The opponent then sends out
    two fresh Pokémon which are then subject to an explosion by gengar which can 
    either faint or badly damage both opponent Pokémon. The trouble with this combo
    is that if you get out predicted you can get screwed up badly. But if you are
    playing someone who dosen't know the importance of protect in 2vs2 you are well
    and truly in the money.
                                   RAIN DANCE/SUNNY DAY
    Rain Dance/Sunny Day theme teams are fun. However make sure that your entire 
    team does not revolve around sunny day or rain dance. If you do you will be
    weak to teams that so similar things. For example if you used rain dance your
    opponent could predict this and then attack using Hydro Pump and Thunder while
    you are on the set up turn. It is best to have 3 pokes relying on 
    Sunny Day/Rain Dance and 3 that do not need it. Because if you have your whole
    team dependant on it and your sunny dayer/rain dancer gets killed then your
    whole team goes down the drain.
                                   FOLLOW ME PUNCHING
    Follow Me Punching has been suggested by people as a potential good strat for
    2vs2. In theory it would seem that it would work quite well as no-one could
    directly hit the Pokémon that plans to punch. However there are massive 
    problems with this suggested strategy. The thing is that moves like Earthquake
    , rock slide, surf and the like, all hit the other Pokémon as well as the one
    that uses follow me. That would mean that the Pokémon who was going to focus
    punch would not be able to focus punch and at the end of the turn you would
    end up with one poke that has taken a load of damage for no effect. That is
    why I do not believe that Follow Me Punching is a good idea. However if you
    do manage to come up against someone who tends not to like double hitting
    moves then this might work, but in general I would give this tactic a skip.
    EndureExplodeReversaling is another strategy that has been built up as a good
    thing for you to try and do. However there are quite a few flaws with this. 
    The first of these is that there are 2 Pokémon you will face, you can only hit
    one of them and the one that you do not hit, will kill you. Also with double 
    intimidate being a common tactic your attack will be 2 levels lower meaning 
    that you will not do as much damage as you would intend to do. Also it can get
    screwed over by people who use protect on the explosion, because when you see
    certain pairs, you can be pretty certain what it is meant to do unless your 
    opponent has stuck two random Pokémon together in hope that it might work and
    they will scrape a win.
    InstantRestBelling is a possible in 2vs2 where you use rest and get a 
    heal-beller that uses heal bell on the turn that you use rest. It can work 
    wonders if your Heal Beller doesn't get killed because the only feasible one
    to use in 2vs2 is Miltank because Bliss dies too easy to physical attacks.
    It also dies to explosion too. However it might be worth a shot if you want to
    try and make 2vs2 as bad as 1vs1 is, but hopefully you shall all be proved 
    Something me and IronHead were discussing. It is kind of an extension to the 
    double explode I was talking about before. You get 2 pokes who can explode to
    use taunt meaning that the other pokes can't use protect for the next turn.
    Then on the next turn you use explosion on both your pokes, and if you are 
    lucky then you can kill 4 pokes in one go. Weezing is a great Pokémon for 
    doing this because it can use Fire Blast Shadow Ball Taunt AND Explode. That 
    means it can counter the inevitable steels/ghosts that are going to be 
    switched in when predicting the explosion. Untested but in theory it could 
    work well.
    That is all I can think of as strategies go. Now in the next section you will
    find a list of combos that you may wish to give a go when playing 2vs2 in the 
    future. Quite a few of these combos are common and known as standards in 2vs2.
    Others I have made up myself. However if I have made up a combo that you think
    you made up first, all we can put it down to is that great minds think alike.
                                        ROLE PLAYING 
    Role Playing is a possible stratagy that you might want to try out, where you
    take the ability of your partner pokemon or the opponent. A great user of this
    would be stantler, because it gets intimidate which is an ability that is not
    very useful after he has been switched in, and if he switches out his ability
    will have the same effect again. You can role play things like swift swim or
    levitate. It is however quite risky but if you do get it set up it can be
    quite sexy. You could also role play pure power off medicham and get powerful
    attacks etc.
                                        PSYCH UP
    Psych up is another risky thing that you might want to give a shot. You could
    get a poke to stat up like salamence or gyarados, then send in a pokemon that
    Psychs up these changes. However since stat up moves are not that common in
    2vs2 it is not as good as it first may seem but it might be worth a shot if
    you like to live on the edge :)
    Section 6 -Combos to try out
    Welcome to the Combos to tryout section of my FAQ! The combos here will be put
    in a specific format so that it is easy to understand what is going on. Here is
    the template for all the combos that will be listed below so you can gain the 
    most out of this section:
    -Pokémon 1 + Pokémon 2 Combo:
    Pokémon 1's Moveset:
    Pokémon 1@item
    Personality: Which stats to focus Evs in
    Move 1
    Move 2
    Move 3
    Move 4
    Pokémon 2@item
    Personality: Which stats to focus Evs in
    Move 1
    Move 2
    Move 3
    Move 4
    Comment: This is where a comment about how to use the strategy and what I think
             about the effectiveness of the strategy
    Ok then now that I have explained the format to you, here are a list of some of
    the combos that I think you should try out.
    -Slowbro + Slaking Combo:
    Slowbro's Moveset:
    Bold: SpAtt Def HP and SpDef
    Skill Swap
    Psychic/Ice Beam
    Slaking's Moveset:
    Jolly: Attack Speed (SpDef HP Def if you want a more tankish slaking)
    Shadow Ball
    Slack Off
    Comment: This is a strategy that is used in Colosseum. Unfortunately it does 
             require a fair amount of setup but you can give one of the enemy pokes
             truant which can force a switch. What you do is you use Slowbro to use
             skill swap on slaking. This then gives Slaking Own Tempo. Slaking then
             hits a powerful attack. The second turn slaking can Return away and on
             this turn you can switch out slowbro for another poke is you want to
             avoid messing around with the rest of the setup that's needed for this 
             . On the third turn slowbro skill swaps truant on to the opponent and
             then on the 4th turn swaggers at slaking. Keep Swaggering until you 
             die, or attack if you wish. Then send out a Pokémon that is immune to
             earthquake (preferably a special attacker that can take down skarmory)
             then watch slaking sweep. In my opinion it is a rather over rated
             strategy because it takes so long to set up, however if your opponent
             lets you set up you should have an easy win.
    -Kingdra + Zapdos Combo:
    Kingdra's Moveset:
    Modest: SpAtt Speed
    Rain Dance/Protect
    Surf/Hydro Pump
    Ice Beam
    Zapdos's Moveset:
    Timid: SpAtt Speed
    Rain Dance/Protect
    HP Ice
    Thunder Wave
    Comment: My variation on the traditional Kingdra + Zappy combo is where you get
             kingdra to mimic thunder off zapdos and laugh as pokes go down the
             toilet. Only one of the two Pokémon needs rain dance however so keep
             that in mind. Give protect to which ever Pokémon you feel in your
             opinion needs it the most. Once set up I have managed to sweep entire
             teams with it. It was this combo that single handily helped me in my
             first battle in this 2vs2 tournament that I am participating in. Surf
             is very good on kingdra, however I prefer to use Hydro Pump because
             with Hydro Pump you are virtually guaranteed to get an OHKO on things
             but with surf you are not. A very good combo to use.
    -Gengar + Metagross Combo:
    Gengar's Moveset: 
    Hasty: Speed Attack
    Skill Swap
    Psychic/Shadow Ball
    Metagross's Moveset:
    Adamant: Attack Speed Defence
    Meteor Mash
    Comment: Another one of my 2vs2 concoctions. It was explained earlier on when
             I told you about double exploding. Skill Swap is very useful if you 
             want metagross to sweep before exploding and sacrificing gengar. This
             combo has again saved me many many times before but it is very risky
             and difficult to pull off.
    -Salamence + Gyarados Combo:
    Salamence's Moveset:
    Modest: SpAtt Spd
    Fire Blast
    Hydro Pump
    Dragon Claw
    Gyarados's Moveset:
    Jolly: Attack Speed Defences
    Dragon Dance
    HP Flying
    Comment: The idea of this team pairing is double intimidate. You get 2 Pokémon
             that have intimidate and it then forces your opponent to switch if he
             uses two physical Pokémon. The idea is that Salamence attacks with the
             special attacks and that Gyarados attacks with the physical attacks.
             You can also go with both of them as physical attackers, but then in
             my opinion that leaves you vulnerable to Pokémon like Skarmory who is
             still an evil thing in 2vs2. Overall it is a very effective combo but
             if you face two special attackers at the start, you can end up getting
             messed over.
    -Aerodactyl + Claydol Combo:
    Aerodactyl's Moveset:
    Aerodactyl@choice band
    Jolly: Attack Speed
    Rock Slide
    HP Flying
    Double Edge
    Calm: Hp Def SpDef
    Ice Beam
    Light Screen
    Comment: The great thing about this combo is that everyone expects claydol to 
             explode. That means that they will protect. That means that claydol 
             can get a free turn to get up a screen and then Aero can then wait 
             until next turn to do the damage. Then you can take advantage of 
             double Earthquake. Then when they send out Salamence for Intimidate
             to stop the damage from physical attacks, claydol Ice Beams it to 
             death. The amounts of times I have seen people switch in Salamence in 
             on these two, and the look of surprise as they are ice beamed back to
             hell. Double Screens and psychology work to your advantage in this
    -Exeggutor + Moltres Combo:
    Exeggutor's Moveset:
    Modest: Speed SpAtt HP
    Sleep Powder
    Sunny Day
    Solar Beam
    Modest: Speed SpAtt
    Fire Blast
    Heat Wave
    Comments: Ah the brain child of me and IronHead. Once set up this combo is a 
              beast. Sleep Powder is a great disabler as Moltres gets to Heat Wave
              everything in existence...however the slight disadvantage is that it
              is difficult to set up if the opponent focuses all its attacks on the
              eggmonster. I have seen this in full flow and I must say that it is
              frightening. Eggy is slow enough to get a sunny day in so that if it
              was facing ZapDra it would override the rain dance, which is always a
              huge plus.
    -Zapdos + Nidoqueen Combo:
    Zapdos's Moveset:
    Zapdos@persim berry
    Modest: SpAtt HP Def SpDef
    HP Ice
    Thunder Wave/Protect
    Nidoqueen's Moveset:
    Impish: Attack Def HP SpDef
    Sludge Bomb
    Comments: This was sent in to me by rhythm. It is the standard "flatter + berry
              combo" which I told you about before. It is quite cool if you get it
              to work. Agility means Zappy can get more focused on Def not speed
              and then Queen Flatters Zappy for huge SpAtt boost. Then Queen can
              EQ without fear of hurting Zappy. Quite a good combo if it can get 
    -Jumpluff + Umbreon Combo:
    Jumpluff's Moveset:
    Jolly: Spd Hp Def SpDef
    Leech Seed
    Sleep Powder
    Umbreon's Moveset:
    Impish: HP Def SpDef
    Mean Look
    Comments: This is a combo that attempts to bring the stallish metagame of 1vs1
              into 2vs2. The idea is that Umbreon Mean Looks while Jumpluff Leech
              seeds. Umbreon Mean Looks both and Jumpluff leech seeds both. That
              would mean that Jumpluff would regain A LOT of HP back each turn. 
              Jumpluff can also use Sleep Powder on the first turn to help the set
              up of this combo. Encore is useful to encore Earthquake because 
              Jumpluff will not be taking any damage. I have been meaning to test
              out this combo for some time now and I will get back to you my 
              faithful FAQ readers and tell you the results.
    - Clefable + Gyarados Combo:
    Clefable's Moveset:
    Calm: HP Def SpDef
    Follow Me
    Softboiled/Moonlight if you dont have box
    Thunder Wave
    Gyarados's Moveset:
    Jolly: Spd Att Defences
    Dragon Drance
    HP Flying
    Comments: This is the infamous 2vs2 move "Follow Me". The best use of it so far
              is for stating up with one Pokémon while the other one gets used as
              a punching bag. It can work quite effectively unless naturally your
              opponent is clued up to the ways on 2vs2 and has a Pokémon that 
              carries rock slide. I have seen similar things tried and failed and
              some tried and turning out quite well. If your opponent has no
              follow me counter on his team then you should be really happy. 
              Remember folks that Clefable with Softboiled is only available via
              Pokémon BOX. 
    - Rapidash + Tauros Combo:
    Rapidash's Moveset:
    Jolly: Att Spd
    Tauros's Moveset:
    Jolly: Att Spd
    HP Ghost
    Iron Tail
    Comments: Old school stuff here made up before the game was even released by a
              guy called "farfetch'd" on the R/S board. The idea is that tauros 
              uses Return on the first turn on a Pokémon, then Rapidash uses 
              bounce. On the bounce, tauros uses Earthquake which damages both of
              the opponents assuming they do not have levitate or are a flying 
              type. The thing is with bounce is that they do not know who the 
              intended target is so they can't get a free switch to something 
              else. This is really just in to give you an idea of what some people
              predicted the 2vs2 metagame to be like.
    Section 7 -Credits and Legal Stuff
    Ok first I will deal with the Legal Stuff then I will go on to thanking all the
    wonderful people out there who made this guide possible...so on with the legal
    Firstly concerning the content of this FAQ:
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
    Secondly I need to point out that I don't own Pokémon and that it all belongs 
    to Nintendo and Game Freak. Just to make sure that that covers it I will have 
    to add this notice as well to prevent me from getting sued.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders. 
    Now on with the credits!
    Here is a list of people/random objects/things I would like to thank for making
    this guide possible:
    - Nintendo/Game Freak: Thank you guys for making one of the best series of
                           games ever! The hours of entertainment you have managed
                           to give to me and millions of other people throughout
                           the world is enormous. A big thank you and I hope as a 
                           fan there will be many more games to come!
    -GameFaqs/CJayC:       Thanks to you for your wonderful site and for hosting 
                           this FAQ. This site again has provided many people with
                           great information and hours of fun browsing the boards. 
                           Keep up the good work!
    -My Brain:             Thanks to my brain for helping me type this FAQ out and
                           allow me to play games. Good Job son!
    -Notepad:              Thanks Notepad for letting me type this FAQ. Simple but
    -Metapad:              Thanks metapad for being better than notepad. Since I
                           own a tacky PC notepad will not allow to have large
                           files saved. Therefore I turned to you metapad person.
                           Thanks a bunch!
    -mIRC:                 Thanks mIRC for letting me chat to many people out there
                           and play Pokémon via the bots.
    -Netbattle:            For the listings of all the attacks so I could check up
                           on their effects in 2vs2 play. And also for helping me
                           battle after the bots stopped coming. Netbattle can be
                           found at http://www.netbattle.net.
    -Netbattle Forums:     There was a topic on the Netbattle Forums about 2vs2.
                           On there, there was some suggestion of some strategies 
                           that might be useful in 2vs2. I did some research into
                           them and I am putting my results into this FAQ. If you
                           contributed to that topic on Netbattle then this thank
                           you extends to you as well.
    Now it comes to actual people who have helped me throughout my time playing 
    Pokémon. In no particular order here they are:
    -IronHead:            A big thanks and a hug for IronHead who has always been
                          very friendly from ever since I first met him on mIRC.
                          Thanks for helping me out on some of my teams and helping
                          make up some strats in 2vs2 like EggyTres which is
                          mentioned above. Also an even bigger hug is needed for
                          helping me proof read the FAQ. Thanks a bundle dude!
    -Redeyesruler190:     Thanks to you for getting me on to mIRC in the first
                          place. Without you I would never have met such people as
                          I have over the past year and a bit. Good Luck Redeyes 
                          wherever you are.
    -Ultima96:            Thank you Ulti for being my mentor as it were. Thanks for
                          showing me how to play. Also for being a great laugh in 
    -Synre:               For showing me that there is no perfect team and you
                          should always keep trying. The amount of times I have 
                          made a team that I thought was unbeatable just to see it
                          be destroyed with ease by your teams. Thanks man.
    -AJ:                  For like taking over ownership of #gfaqs. And also for
                          being a great battler and always giving me great battles.
    -Shroomie:            Thanks for just being around. You always seem to cheer up
                          even the most darkest of days. Good Luck with Cross
    -Asuka:               For being a great sparring partner in battles and also
                          being brave enough to sport a bright pink shirt in 
    -LordS:               Because he is a great battler and has helped me grow in
                          experience by insulting me every time I make a mistake.
    -NdMan:               Andy for being English and one of the best battlers out 
                          there. Also according to him I need to add "sexy" to my 
                          FAQ 56 times. Only 55 now :p. Also thanks for making 
                          Darkpad which had so much potential. Its just a shame 
                          that there are no longer any bots to run it on :( 
    -Blueshirt:           Thanks for pointing out some silly errors of mine, also
                          thanks for being such a great dude in the community in
                          general. Also regarding this comment you sent do me:  
                          "I am completely pwning you in the use of the word
                          "sexy".  At last count I had somewhere near 100 ;)"
                          sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy
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                          sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy
                          sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy
                          Ha owned :P
    -Rhythm:              For being an easy battle to get my confidence up! Just
                          kidding myles, thanks for being around and being fun to
                          talk to all that.
    -Kari & Mewtwo:       For making a 2vs2 tourney that really got me into 2vs2ing
                          without that I would have never known as much as I do now
                          about the subject. Thanks a lot for uncovering an aspect
                          to Pokémon battling that I had never tried before.
    And finally a big shout out to you. The reader of this FAQ. By reading this you
    are making me feel that my work has been useful and has helped you become a 
    better 2vs2 player.
    Section 9 - Contact Me
    If you wish to contact me with suggestions for the FAQ, have a combo to submit
    or feel that you should be included in the credits, then you can contact me
    via my email address:
    Some rules about sending me emails are listed below:
    - Don't email me asking help for the game, or for 1vs1 strategies. If you want
      1vs1 help I suggest that you look at Blueshirts excellent guide. Infact I am
      so nice here is a link! 
    - Don't ask me to create a team for you or to rate an existing one. I will not
      reply because I have better things to do. If you post it on the boards 
      however if I am drifting past it I will rate it there.
    - Make the subject of your email "2vs2 FAQ". If that is not the subject then
      I will not read it. Plain and simple.
    - No attachments whatsoever. If you send me an attachment on your email then I
      will just ignore it even though it may be innocent.
    - If you submit information and would like to be included in the credits, 
      please tell me by what name I should put in there.
    - Tell me what site you viewed this FAQ from please.
    So on that note until next time, Toodles!

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