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"Awesome remake of an awesome series"

Pokemon, the name that has been a blessing and a curse for many. The Pokemon craze used to be a big thing across the world: The game, Cards, Anime, and hundreds more of little trinkets with the ''Pokemon'' name. Fast forward almost 7 years later, and look at the current results: The craze has all but died down, Anime has become a repeat of older seasons, Card sales have drastically fallen, but the only thing that has manage to survive the die down is the thing that started it all, the game.

With Gamefreaks decision to Remake the game last year, it brought questions: ''How would it be remade?, Would it be compatable with Ruby and Sapphire? IS JOHTO IN THE ****ING GAME!?!?!''. Fortunatly, Gamefreak has produced a game that not only surpasses the previous GBA title, but it a extremely retro in the same sence.

So, the main question is: How was it remade, anyways? Pretty much, everything is completely accurate to the first game. All the trainers are in the same places, same story events, same 'ol rival, and same'ol version differences to make a quick buck on the sappy consumer who wishes to complete the game fully...How accurate, you ask? To the point where the trainers are in the EXACT same location, EXACT same map layouts, and EXACT same teams. Although it doesn't go without change, it is pretty much accurate none-the-less.

In terms of what is new, Pokemon now have abilities they didn't have until the Gold and Silver days (Abilty to equip items, special abilties, Team Battles, and so on.). 3 new islands are also accessable, but that is only later in the game. New move's and types are also a factor, including steel and dark type moves, the Special split, and so on.

The story itself is the exact same as it was with Red/Blue/Yellow, you are a Boy (or a girl now...) who gets a starting Pokemon, and goes out to not only become the worlds best pokemon master, but also rid it of the Underground Smuggling group, Team Rocket, and catch and trade all 151 (Now in the 300's) Pokemon. The story itself is a exact replica of the first in the game, including certain trainer encounters, Dungeons, and so on. The path remains unchanged.

The graphics are the only thing that have been completely redone. Everything is now above the standards of how Ruby and Sapphire was done, including towns, trainer sprites, Pokemon Sprites, and so on. Although battle animation remains largely unchanged, it does have modifications. One of the newer additions to the game is the item pictures next to each other, making it somewhat easier to sort though your item inventory.

The music and sound are some of the best in the series? Why? Everything remains mostly the same, while also being remixed to GBA standards. Themes such as the Gym leader, Elite 4, and other memorable themes return, and return with a bang. Like everything in the series, the Pokemon cry's remain unchanged.

The control is also largely unchanged. With excelent R/S ability to run, it makes things very easier, although it does shorten gameplay somewhat. Menu's are still very easy to sort though, although a little time-consuming. A few other new additions include the ability to show which pokemon leveled up when using another Pokemon, ability to show when a move is starting to run low on PP, and so on.

Unfortunaltly, people who were expecting a long game will be somewhat dissapointed. Those, like myself, who have played though the first one multiple of time will know exactly where to go, and what to do. Besides a few remixed task, those are rare, and it would have been actually better if they remixed the dungeon layouts (Mt. Moon, rocket's secret base, etc). You are looking at around 10 hours, while catching and raising all the Pokemon will take longer.

Fortunatly, despite the shortened game time, Pokemon Leaf Green (Will be known as Water/Aqua/something blue in the US) is a perfect retro view for youngsters who had no damn idea how the origional played, and offeres quite a bit of enjoyment for vets of the series. I am pleased to say that this remake is one of the best i've seen.

Graphics: 10/10
Sound: 10/10
Control: 9/10
Difficulty: Medium/Hard
Length: 10-30 Hours
Story: 7/10
Gameplay: 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/27/06

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