GameBoy Advance GameShark Save (North America)

Save Game File09/08/04xyzman64K
00:16 played, Viridian: 3 starters(lv. 5, Max IV, 0 EV) Houndoom & MewTwo (lv. 100, Max IV & EV), 2 Mews as HM slaves, all Pokeballs, a lot of Rare Candies & PP Max, 999999 money.
Save Game File10/08/06malatharneo64K
6 pokemon at level 100, lots of full restore, Max out rare candy
Save Game File03/14/08vishesh9264K
All game done. pokedex complete 286 pokemon
Save Game File09/01/04meweth64K
At Viridian pokemon centre, with all tree starters at lvl 10, 999 rare candys, 999 masterballs, and heaps of cash.
Save Game File09/25/04VulcanFire128K
Lv. 100 Jolteon, Lv. 100 Venusaur, Sprearow, Lapras, Machop, and Meowth for Hms. All main quest done, saved in front of Trainer Tower. 75 pokemon in pokedex. Unlimited masterballs in key items pocket.
Save Game File05/14/06Ads_63128K
Name: Adnan, Male / Whole Game Completed. Pokedex All Completed. All your favorite pokemon in the PC. All the 21 Legendaries. All 9 starters. Silver Trainer Card, Elite 4 Beaten 2 times. Few Shinies. Many STRONG Pokemon.
Save Game File04/08/06VaanMagician64K
Name: Amanda. Pokedex: Seen 74 and 39 owned. 3 badges and $8795, playtime 7hrs 20mins. 4 Pokemon in party, Flareon LV41, Pigeot LV41, Vaporeon LV41 and Dugtrio LV41. In Celadon City
Save Game File11/27/04Joseph881128K
Name: Joseph, Game fully completed, All 386 Pokemon in Pokedex, Legendaries in "Party" box, most lvl 100s, and ALOT of money
Save Game File09/22/06terry_bogard6864K
NAME: Misty, Pidgeot L71 @ Sharp Beak, Mightyena L72 @ Blackglasses, Mewtwo L78 @ Leftovers, Jolteon L76 @ Amulet Coin, Kyogre L92 @ Mystic Water, Blaziken L70 @ Charcoal, save: Pallet Town
Save Game File02/20/05segeta12364K
Pokemon Leaf Green with Sparklys
Save Game File09/26/04EnToPan64K
Pokemon Leaf Green, all legendaries caught. Oodles of masterballs and cash, 3 badges, saved at vermillian city.
Save Game File03/30/05Alexander_86128K
Some 100 level pokemon's beat the elite and islands with all legendaries pokemon Mewtwo, Lugia, Ho Oh, enjoy!!

GameBoy Advance Pro Action Replay Save (North America)

Save Game File10/16/04Kayton64K
All 386 in first 8 boxes and all unowns, many other good things
Save Game File02/17/07yoshifan164K
Have Jirachi, the 3 Regis, Ho-oh, max money, 8 lv 100's and Full Kanto Pokedex

GameBoy Advance GameShark Save (Japan)

Save Game File02/02/04SpyTyg3r64K
1/4 complete, 39 Pokemon, 2 island, Nothing special.
Save Game File02/08/04WhizKid_64K
3 badges, en route to Rock Tunnel. Blastoise and high level Pidgeot.
Save Game File02/11/04WhizKid_64K
6 badges, lv. 67 Blastoise, 33 entries in Pokedex.
Save Game File02/08/04xyzman64K
Before Victory Road(8 badges): pokedex - 106, money - 400k, lv. 100 Houndoom, lv.100 Mewtwo, 2 Mews as HM slaves.

GameBoy Advance GameShark Save (Europe)

Save Game File01/15/05shodowlink1264K
near Mt Moon

GameBoy Advance Pro Action Replay Save (Europe)

Save Game File10/11/04Scottie71064K
At Viridian City with all three Starters at Lv.6 (2 traded on). Ready to take on the pokemon world with an advantage!
Save Game File02/24/05Nicosuper64K
french save , all pokemons at pokedex , 3 stars , good pokemons at box (including deoxys) , all tickets , all pokeballs
Save Game File04/17/05GnRRULE64K
Name: Oisin,on Route 1 with all three starters at lv.6.99 of all pokéballs,and 999999 cash.
Save Game File07/12/05sonicsshadow64K
Name: Silver. NATIONAL DEX complete, Several SHINIES Over 15 MAX STATs LENGENDARIES, all TM's, lot's of POKe balls, MAX CASH,

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