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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Soniclover

    Version: 0.99 | Updated: 10/11/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    (That was a test line to keep the width of my FAQ below 79)
    Mega Man Battle Network 4
    Red Sun
    Version 0.99
    I: FAQ info (FIN)
     A: History (HIS)
     B: Reading this FAQ (RED)
     C: ...and so on (ASO)
    II: The controls (CNT)
    III: What's new in BN4 (WSN)
     A: Soul Unison (SLU)
     B: Darkness Chips (DRK)
     C: Other stuff (OTR)
    IV: Walkthrough (WKT)
     A: Red alert at Naxa! (XRA)
     B: A typical Hikari morning (MRN)
     C: Getting to know ACDC Town (ACT)
     D: Shopping at ElecTown (SHP)
     E: Another tournament!? (ANT)
     F: ShadeMan (SDM)
     G: Roll is kidnapped! (RIK)
     H: The ElTowrComp (ETC)
     I: Noise (NIS)
     J: CyberBat hunt (CBH)
     K: No dessert for you! (NDY)
     L: Dr. Regal (XDR)
     M: Registration (REG)
     N: The preliminaries (PMS)
      a: Mettaur Village (MET)
      b: Goldbugs (GLD)
      c: PET cleansing (PTC)
     O: The Den City Tournament (DCT)
      a: Match Box (MTC)
      b: Oh Brother (BRT)
      c: Top to Bottom (TTB)
      d: Ghost Toast (GHT)
      e: No (S)Parking (NSP)
      f: Fight Fair! (FFA)
      g: Water you Doing? (WYD)
      h: (Not) Going Out of Business (NGB)
     P: Grand Opening of Castillo (GOC)
     Q: Burglar! (BGR)
     R: Breaking into Park Area (BPA)
     S: Nebula (NBA)
     T: Castillo (CST)
     U: The VampirManor (VPM)
     V: ToyRobos gone wild (TGW)
      a: Halberd Princess (HBP)
      b: WzDog (WDG)
      c: TinMan (TMN)
      d: Dracky (DCY)
     W: The Power of DarkChips (PDC)
     X: What's the Point? (WTP)
     Y: The Eagle Tournament (EGT)
      a: Stop Wine-ing (SWI)
      b: Roll is kidnapped... AGAIN (RKA)
      c: Lookin' for Cookin' (LFC)
      d: Crush 'er Spirit (CES)
      e: Viddy? Oh... (VDO)
      f: Heated Rivalry (HTR)
      g: URA Big Annoyance (UBA)
     Z: Champions... NOT SO FAST! (NSF)
     AA: Red Sun Laser (XRS)
     AB: Exploring Netopia (EXN)
     AC: Mugged... AGAIN (MGA)
     AD: The Red Sun Tournament (RST)
      a: Gresply WHAT? (GSW)
      b: Target Acquired (TAQ)
      c: Questival (QES)
      d: No Ken Do (NKD)
      e: IT ISN'T SOCCER!!! (IIS)
      f: The Not-So-Common Cold (NSC)
      g: Freaky Trash Day (FTD)
      h: Proto Type (PTT)
     AE: Regal's Plan (XRP)
     AF: Subdivision (SDV)
     AG: Catching the Culprit (CTC)
     AH: Who Dr. Regal really is (WRI)
     AI: One, two, three... (OTT)
     AJ: LaserMan (LSM)
     AK: Good and Evil (G&E)
     AL: ME-GA-MAN! (MGM)
     AM: Good and Evil, Part 2 (GE2)
     AN: Django Sidequest (DJA)
      a: The C-Slider (CSL)
      b: Sharo Space Center (SSC)
      c: Django VS Shademan (DVS)
      d: Rewards (RDS)
    V: Link up! (LKU)
     A: NetBattling (NBL)
     B: Info Sharing (ISH)
     C: Bartering (BTR)
     D: Waiting Room (WTR)
    VI: A few end notes (FEN)
    I:  FAQ info [#FIN]
    I-A:  History [#HIS]
    Version 0.98 (Aug 31st 2004): Wrote this FAQ in the first place.
    Version 0.99 (Oct 11th 2004): Added the "Proto Type" scenario.  Made a few
    changes in and around the FAQ.
    I-B:  Reading this FAQ [#RED]
    Noticed the three-letter terms after each entry in the Table of Contents?  To
    skip directly to one of those entries in the FAQ,  choose "Find" from the Edit
    menu and when the dialog box comes up,  type a pound (#) symbol followed by
    those three letters.  For example,  to find a section with the three letters
    "QND",  you'd type "#QND" before hitting RETURN.
    Also note that some sections are divided into sub-sections,  and some sub-
    sections have sub-sub-sections.  On the Table of Contents,  sections are
    indicated by Roman numerals,  sub-sections are capital letters following single
    spaces,  and sub-sub-sections smaller letters following double spaces.
    One more thing:  I'll be using cardinal directions often.  The isometric
    viewpoint makes them hard to understand,  so for this FAQ,  let's say that
    "north" is towards the top left corner of the screen.  For example,  Higsby's
    chip shop faces south.
    I-C:  ...and so on [#ASO]
    This walkthrough is mine and purely mine (you are welcome to use the info in
    it if you so desire,  though).  I spent a lot of work and a lot of time on it,
    and I don't want to see anything stolen.  I do,  however,  have a friend who
    goes by "Jetter" on the message boards.  He's my best friend,  and he's got
    Blue Moon,  and he's welcome to use the names I've given the tournament
    scenarios,  and copy the three-list concept which I use to sort them.  He has
    no permission,  however,  to make a word-for-word copy of any of the info in
    the FAQ,  nor do any of you.  Write it in your own words,  please.
    Oh,  and nothing that belongs to CAPCOM belongs to me.
    II:  The controls [#CNT]
    Control pad:  Used to move around.
    A button:  A lot of games have "Universal Action Buttons",  used to read signs,
    talk to people,  examine objects,  and so on and so forth.  In Mega Man
    Legends,  it's the Circle button.  In Bugs Bunny: Lost In Time,  it's the L1
    button.  In Super Mario Sunshine,  it's the B button.  In this game,  it's the
    A button.
    B button:  Hold to move more quickly.
    L button:  Not sure what to do next?  Lan and MegaMan discuss the matter when
    you press the L button.
    R button:  While controlling Lan,  press this button to jack in.  Often you can
    tell whether or not you can jack in by examining the object in question with A,
    but not always.  When controlling MegaMan,  press R to jack out.
    Start:  Pause the game and bring up the menu.
    Select:  Sick of watching those annoying cut-scenes over and over because
    you're having trouble with a boss battle?  Press this button to skip them.
    III:  What's new in BN4 [#WSN]
    A:  Soul Unison [#SLU]
    The Style Change feature has been dropped and replaced with this ability.  To
    execute a Soul Unison,  complete a certain plot event (which plot event it is
    depends on the soul) and later sacrifice a chip of a certain type (again,  it
    depends on which soul you want) and hit UNITE.  You can only use a Soul for
    three turns,  and once per battle,  and you can't go Full Synchro with a Soul
    equipped.  Here are all six of the Souls you can get in Red Sun,  and their
    benefits.  Oh yeah,  and you can't use your Regular chip for Soul Unison.
    Guts Soul
    How:  Beat Dex in the Den City Tournament
    Type:  Earth Shattering (say, CrakOut)
    Benefits:  Your charged attack becomes a GutPunch,  and if you fire rapidly
    enough,  you start to shoot a GutsBuster while invincible.  Type-less and Earth
    Shattering chips do 30 more damage,  so pack in those Vulcan chips.
    Fire Soul
    How:  Beat Match in the Den City Tournament
    Type:  Fire (say, HeatShot)
    Benefits:  MegaMan becomes Fire-element,  meaning that he does not take damage
    on Lava panels but takes double damage from Aqua attacks.  When he unites,
    some of the panels turn to Grass in a double-plus pattern.  His charged Buster
    attack becomes a cool flamethrower move.  You can also charge up Fire chips
    by holding the A button instead of pressing them for a FireArm attack.
    Roll Soul
    How:  Beat Mayl in the Eagle Tournament
    Type:  Recovery (say, Recov10)
    Benefits:  Your charged attack becomes a 30-damage arrow that destroys chip
    data of enemies.  When using non-Recovery chips,  you gain 10% of your max. HP
    per chip.
    Wind Soul
    How:  Beat Lilly in the Eagle Tournament
    Type:  Wind (say, AirShot)
    Benefits:  A NrthWind blows away auras and barriers as soon as you unite.
    Cracked and broken panels serve no threat,  and a wind move vacuums your foes
    towards you.  Your regular Buster becomes a not-very-rapid AirShot,  and when
    charged,  it's a WindRack.  Tennis anyone?  Oh yeah,  and Wind-type chips do 10
    more damage,  so pack in those Twisters.
    Thunder Soul
    How:  Beat Raoul in the Red Sun Tournament
    Type:  Electric (say, Thunder1)
    Benefits:  You are now an Elec-element,  so you take x2 damage from Wood
    attacks.  Not a good idea against Boomers.  But you can stun enemies with
    Electric and type-less chips stun the opponent.  Your charged attack is a
    ZapRing.  If you can use multiple attacks in quick succession,  Thunder Soul is
    for you.
    Search Soul
    How:  Beat Raika in the Red Sun Tournament
    Type:  Evasion (say, Invis)
    Benefits:  Your opponent's Invisible and PopUp chips don't have any effects.
    Your charged attack becomes a ScopeGun which targets the nearest opponent and
    hits him 5 times,  doing 10 damage per hit.  Not effective with swiftly moving
    opponents.  You can use the SHUFFLE move at the Custom screen (what a sniper-
    type Navi has to do with shuffling chips is beyond me) to throw back chips at
    the Custom screen in favor of others,  but you can only use it 3 times per
    III-B:  Darkness Chips [#DRK]
    Darkness chips are a very evil thing.  They are very powerful,  but whenever
    you use one,  your maximum HP drops by 1.  Use 'em too often and MegaMan will
    go dark and lose his Soul Unison ability.  I don't use DarkChips,  so I can't
    tell you anything else.
    III-C:  Other stuff [#OTR]
    Other changes from previous games to MMBN4:
    -You can no longer use Chip Adding.  (I say POOH to that.  It gave me something
    to do with the chips I didn't need.)
    -The graphics are altered to look more cel-shaded,  and the mugshots have been
    altered.  (After a while of playing this game,  I tried BN3 and thought Lan
    looked a little tall.)
    -There is now an Emotion Window that indicates different states of courage.
    The states are as follows:
     Normal:  Blue background.  Nothing special.
     Full Synchro:  Cool cyber-esque background.  Enemies flash when they're about
    to attack,  and the next chip you use does x2 damage.
     Worried:  Green background.  MegaMan cannot use Soul Unison.
     Angry:  Red background.  MegaMan cannot use Soul Unison.  Next chip attack
    does x2 damage.
     Evil:  Purple background.  Can use DarkChips whenever.  Can't use Soul Unison.
    -The three tournaments in the game have randomly selected scenarios for added
    replayability value.  More on that later.
    -Once you complete Normal Mode,  you move on to Hard.  Complete Hard,  and you
    move on to Super Hard.  Complete Super Hard,  and you move on to... Super Hard
    all over again.  Each time,  you keep all your Souls,  Battle Chips,  and
    Navi Customizer programs.
    -Which reminds me:  You no longer have to worry about error messages when using
    the Navi Customizer.
    -Instead,  you can only place four different colors of Programs on the Memory
    Map.  Any more,  and Mega will be bugged.
    -Say bye-bye to the Job BBS (POOH!  I liked it)
    -You are now provided with a Metroline map when you use the Metroline,  and a
    world map when you ride an airplane.
    -Higsby now offers Free Tournaments.  More on that later.
    -On occasion,  you'll see green Mystery Data on the field during battles.  If
    you manage to defeat the viruses without allowing the data capsule to get
    damaged by you or a virus,  you "GET!" its contents.  And they're often
    extremely valuable.  I've gotten 2000 Zennys out of one of those things.
    -Some of the music that has stayed the same in all three previous games has
    changed in this game (for example,  the "Battle Victory" music).
    -Battle Chips and NC Programs that you don't have are shown in green when you
    IV:  Walkthrough [#WKT]
    Finally,  the good part.  Let's take a look...
    IV-A:  Red alert at NAXA!  [#XRA]
    The year is 20XX,  yada yada,  all that junk.
    The game begins with a calm scene at NAXA.  (Wait.  NASA stands for "National
    Air and Space Association"... so what the heck does NAXA stand for?  'Nother of
    CAPCOM's plotholes,  I suppose.  Oh well.)  Three NAXA scientists have a short
    discussion about dreams.  Then Shilly notices an asteroid heading directly
    towards Earth.  He's sent to gather all the world's experts on asteroids.  With
    that,  the screen fades out as the two other scientists examine data about the
    IV-B:  A typical Hikari morning [#MRN]
    BEEP BEEP...
    BEEP BEEP...
    BEEP BEEP...
    Lan is going shopping with Dad today,  it seems.  After the lengthy cut-scene,
    you gain control of Lan.  Move him over to the desk and snag his PET,  then go
    downstairs (west exit).  Lan's father is watching TV.  Talk to him,  then talk
    to Mom to initiate a cut-scene.  You're launched into three virus battles.
    They'll be tutorials if you're on Normal mode.  Once you're done,  that Program
    will claim to be okay,  but he's actually hurt.  (Talks in all capital letters.
    Oh,  my ears.)  would fix him with a RcvPatch if he had one.  Now it's time to
    get familiar with the new Internet.  Jack in back at Lan's room.
    Wow.  Lan seems to like soccer.  Take the other link out to the ACDC 1 area.
    Feel free to explore the ACDC Net.  The NetMerchant isn't open right now,  so
    follow the blue track to the far end of ACDC 3.  Just before the link to Town 1
    (the link is down at the moment),  turn left and talk to the Navi there. Buy
    his RcvPatch.  Now it's time to jack out.  Do so,  head downstairs and talk to
    Dad again.
    Amazing how this family cooperates sometimes.  Lan deletes the viruses in the
    microwave,  Dad fixes the Program and Mom prepares breakfast.  (By the way,
    since when do you use a microwave to prepare breakfast?  Well,  whatever.)
    IV-C:  Getting to know ACDC Town [#ACT]
    In case you didn't finish MMBN3,  Lan is in sixth grade now.  He certainly has
    improved his behavior since Gospel.  He doesn't oversleep on school days
    (though knowing Lan,  he does it all the time on non-school days) and he does
    all his homework.  Oops!  Dad forgot to send an important work mail.  After he
    leaves,  look around.  Everything has been rearranged.  Did all the buildings
    just get up and walk around while Lan was graduating from 5th grade?  Yai's
    house is where ACDC Elementary was before.  Dex's house is where Yai's house
    was before.  And so on and so forth.  Dex's house is still right near the
    Metroline,  and Mayl's house is still next door to Lan's.  Talk to everyone,
    including Dex.  Also check out Higsby's.  It's just west of the Metroline.
    Pity it isn't open.  Oh well.  After checking out everything and talking to
    everyone,  head back to the Metroline.
    IV-D:  Shopping at ElecTown [#SHP]
    One cut-scene later,  you're in ElecTown.
    This will be your last chance to talk directly to Dad for a while.  "There's so
    many electrical store!"  I'd like Capcom to fire its translator just for that
    Go north,  then west.  Check out the gate on your way.  There's some work being
    done over there,  apparently.  Keep going.  Jomon Electric is in the next area.
    After a cut-scene,  go over to the west side of the building and talk with Mayl
    and Yai.  Jack in to the stereo and talk to everyone,  and snag the blue
    Mystery Data,  then jack out and talk to Yai and Mayl again.  Take the north
    IV-E:  Another tournament!? [#ANT]
    Testing,  testing,  one,  two,  three... he turns up the volume at the knob.
    Okay,  here we go.  He announces the repealing of the ban on NetBattling.
    (There was a ban in the first place?)  The Den City Tournament is being held
    tomorrow.  (You'd think he wouldn't be so happy-go-lucky about it,  given what
    happened at N1.)  After the cut-scene,  go back to the south.
    IV-F:  ShadeMan [#SDM]
    Mayl and Yai are gone,  and the three people in front of the stereo now are
    panicked about their Navis.  Jack in and check out the strange floating Navi.
    He's off to ACDC Area to find a female Navi for dessert.  You guessed it;  he's
    after Roll.  Go back home and Jack in,  and go back to ACDC 3.  My goodness!
    GutsMan and Glyde are out!
    IV-G:  Roll is kidnapped! [#RIK]
    And ShadeMan is off with Roll!  Give chase into the Town Area.  You'll get an
    e-mail from Yai in which she gives you her P-Code.  Yeah,  like that's going to
    help you get Roll back.
    Hey cool!  A tic-tac-toe path!  If you want to snag the Purple M-Data on an
    island in the middle of nowhere,  the north-pointing prong in the middle leads
    to an invisible path.  Proceed along the yellow road into Town Area 2.
    You'll see another Security Cube.  Ignore it and continue on.  Now this is a
    little complicated.  Go up the ramp and go north,  east,  north,  north,  west,
    north.  The exit there leads back into Town 1,  but in a new area.  Go down the
    ramp and take the warp.
    IV-H:  The ElTowrComp [#ETC]
    What in the world?  Where are we?  Ooh,  creepy music.  Well,  it's got to be
    in ElecTown... Ah!  That sign says "Tower Memorial"!  Remember that big
    speaker-thing the guy was fiddling with earlier?  This is it.  Jack out and go
    to ElecTown.
    IV-I:  Noise [#NIS]
    Try to go back to the Square.  The guy there stops you.  You'll have to find
    another way.  Go back to Elec Town 1 and take another look at that gate.  It
    isn't locked.  Those service people must be pretty careless to just leave it
    unlocked like that.  Go up the ramp and follow the path.  You'll pass an LCD
    monitor on your way.  Ignore it for now,  but remember its location.
    Well,  there it is.  The tower.  But it's emitting ultrasonic waves that Lan
    can't stand.  You'll have to think of something else...
    Ah!  Remember the contest that Navi mentioned earlier?  Where you compete for
    a free set of "Earphone"?  Head down to the stereo and challenge him.  He isn't
    too hard.  Beat him and get a pair of "Earphone".  Now go back to the tower
    (the upper route,  remember) and jack in.
    IV-J:  CyberBat hunt [#CBH]
    Go straight ahead,  past the device,  and speak to the Program.  He gives you
    "BootDatA" and mentions three CyberBats that can only be seen while the sonar
    is working.  Go back and start up the sonar,  and run around looking for
    CyberBats.  WHen you find one,  catch it with A.  If the sonar deactivates,
    go back and re-activate it.  Once you've got all three of them (Mega says
    something different when the sonar deactivates if you have),  go back to the
    Program and he'll wipe out the CyberBats.  Now it's time to move on.
    Do the same thing in ElTowrComp2.  There are four bats this time,  so be on
    IV-K:  No dessert for you! [#NDY]
    Approach the fallen Navi to start a cut-scene.  Instead of attacking,  ShadeMan
    will generate ultrasonic waves that stun MegaMan.  Now it's Lan's turn to act.
    Have him re-enter the Square via the lower level,  and check out the knob the
    guy was fiddling with earlier.  The ultrasonic waves will die down.  ShadeMan
    will get mad and attack.
    "Battle routine,  set!"
    ShadeMan will block everything you throw at him.  Just keep attacking until a
    cut-scene starts.
    About time you got here,  Chaud.  ShadeMan flees,  dropping something.  Mega
    snags the "???Data".  After the cut-scene,  you're in ACDC again.  Visit Mr.
    Higsby.  That waitress-looking girl is Nanako,  Higsby's newest employee.  Talk
    to Higsby,  and he's alarmed that you got your hands on a DarkChip.  He tells
    you to never,  EVER use it.  Go to bed.
    IV-L:  Dr. Regal [#XDR]
    Meanwhile at NAXA...
    As everyone is discussing what to do about the asteroid,  and we find out
    where Dad went,  Dr. Regal comes in.  He doesn't look like a king or a prince
    to me.  Well,  whatever.  After a while of debating,  Dad comes up with a plan
    to shoot a laser at the asteroid.  Pretty corny plan,  but it may work.
    IV-M:  Registration [#REG]
    Today's the day of the Den City Tournament.  Go to ElecTown and head for the
    Square.  Oh,  dear!  You need to register first!  Head over to the south side
    of Jomon Electric and jack into the PC.  This time,  after going up the ramp,
    go across to the other ramp and follow the yellow path from there until you
    find a large gate.  Backtrack a few steps from it and speak to the green Navi
    there.  He'll ask for a three-letter name.  Enter whatever you want.  I put in
    "LEO" myself.  Then jack out.
    IV-N:  The preliminaries [#PMS]
    Speak to the guy again.  He'll call out three people.  You'll have to complete
    all their tasks to clear the prelims.  You can do so in whatever order you
    IV-N-a:  Mettaur Village [#MET]
    The blonde guy wants you to find Mettaur Village.  He mentions a really hyper
    Navi in the ACDC Area.  Head over to ACDC 3 and look around the northeast
    corner for a Navi that moves around a lot.  He mentions another Navi that
    tends to lie to strangers,  and is rather shy.  Head to the Town Area.  This
    time,  find the warp point nearest the ramp to Town 3 from Town 2nd and use it.
    It'll put you on the lower level.  Go east,  then north to find a hiding green
    Navi.  He'll deny seeing Mettaur Village,  and claim that they hate ElecTown
    and high places.  If you talk to him again,  he'll say "Whew" after repeating
    the info.  That's your tip-off that he was bluffing.
    Head to ElecTown and jack into the LCD screen I mentioned earlier.  Pick up the
    Blue M-Data,  and talk to the purple jerk.  You'll be launched into a fight.
    Defeat the viruses,  and you'll have the data that blonde guy needed.  If you
    want,  check out the Mettaurs to see their gratitude,  then head back down and
    talk to the blonde again to complete the quest.
    IV-N-b:  Goldbugs [#GLD]
    Now how could this scientist dude study Goldbugs if he can't find a single one
    of them?  Oh well.  Head to ACDC Town and examine the trees in ACDC Park for a
    female Goldbug,  then check out Yai's house.  You'll find the male Goldbug
    under Yai's stuffed bear (though she found it first).  Once you have both bugs,
    return to the scientist and hand them over.
    IV-N-c:  PET cleansing [#PTC]
    This woman somehow got her PET filled with viruses.  Answer her riddle with
    "ENT" and get into a row of 3 battles.  Beat all the viruses and she'll be
    IV-O:  The Den City Tournament [#DCT]
    Talk to the man up front again to complete the preliminaries.  After the cut-
    scene,  head to the DenDome.  Take the stairs or the ramp and go in the service
    entrance.  Go up the stairs (take a side trip to jack into the vending machine
    and gather M-data if you want) and through the doors.  Talk to the man there
    and a cut-scene will reveal the tournament pairings.
    Now here's how the tournament pairings are picked.  Everything is always set up
    so that you'll have one scenario from List A and two from List B.  List A
    scenarios are Red Sun exclusive,  and you'll get Souls for completing them.
    List C scenarios are Blue Moon exclusive,  but they'll be added to list B after
    you get the appropriate Navis from a friend.
    (The same rules apply in Blue Moon,  but with lists A and C exchanged.)
    Here are the List A and List B and List C for the Den City tournament:
    Match Box
    Oh Brother
    Top to Bottom
    Ghost Toast
    No (S)Parking
    Fight Fair!
    Water you Doing?
    (Not) Going out of Business
    On your first play-through,  you'll always get:
    Ghost Toast
    Oh Brother
    Top to Bottom
    ...in that order.
    IV-O-a:  Match Box [#MTC]
    Opponent:  FireMan
    Well well well,  if it isn't the most persistent guy in the Battle Network
    series,  Mister Match.  And he's got his original Navi back to boot.  After a
    discussion with him,  Lan wants a hot dog.  So go out to the hot dog stand
    Match shows up and explains that he once fixed the hot dog grill.  Even WWW
    creeps can do good deeds,  I guess.  Some thugs intervene,  but Match drives
    them away.  (Boss?)
    Phooey!  The hot dog burner isn't working!  Jack in and delete the virus.
    Now go to the DenDome's waiting room and talk to the blonde man there.  You get
    FireID.  Take it to ACDC 3 and unlock the gate that requires it.  Follow the
    path until you encounter FireMan.
    One cut-scene later,  head back to the hot dog stand.  Another cut-scene later,
    head to the battle arena.
    Oh,  dear!  Chaos!  Here are the locations of the igniters:
    -Southwest corner of the waiting-room bench
    -Vending machine beside the stairs leading up to the waiting room
    -Desk just inside the staff entrance
    -Central vase of flowers in the main entrance
    -Spectator side of the screen separating the areas just inside the DenDome
    Examine each object and delete the viruses to defuse an igniter.
    Oh no!  One more igniter,  and it's in the NetBattle machine!  Jack in.
    This is a little complicated.  In the first phase of defusing this igniter,
    you have to run around defusing bombs big and small.  Be sure to defuse the
    bombs that are closer to exploding first.  If a bomb blows,  Mega will be
    80 defused bombs later,  examine the igniter again and delete the viruses to
    defuse the thing once and for all.  Jack out and face FireMan.
    "Battle routine,  set!"
    Use Aqua attacks on FireMan.  He only has one attack that's difficult to avoid,
    and that's when he generates a ring of fire around your arena,  burning every
    tile but the center one,  and then does one of his other attacks.  Move up as
    soon as you can.  If you get lucky,  you won't take damage.
    I'm not sure,  but I think the hot dog woman tried to propose marriage to Match
    there.  You get FireSoul.  Try not to burn yourself when you use it.
    IV-O-b:  Oh Brother [#BRT]
    Opponent:  GutsMan
    After you converse with Dex,  and Chisao refuses to converse with you,  leave
    the room.  You'll receive e-mail.  Chisao has been kidnapped!  And nobody but
    Lan can rescue him!  Well,  whatever.  It's up to you.  Your first clue is:
    Old man in Square.  Read top to bottom.
    Head to the ElecTown Square and talk to the old man in the little alley to the
    side.  He gives you a memo.
    si ivan neerg eht
    eerht aera nwot ni
    The green Navi is in Town Area 3.  Head back to Jomon Electric and jack in at
    the PC.  The Navi in question is just north of the NetDealer.  He gives you
    HintData.  Read clockwise from the left to get:
    "You Might try looking in side the vase of flowers!"
    So head back to the DenDome.  Enter the spectator side this time.  Take a look
    at the central vase of flowers.  You get an e-mail from Chisao:
    "Heelp!  I'm at the park squi-"
    Phooey.  He's been cut off.  Head back to ACDC and take a look at the park
    squirrel.  It's hard to read,  but it looks like:
    Mr. Prog
    3rd from right
    That's your clue.  Jack in to the ElTowrComp and head back to where ShadeMan
    was.  There are six Programs lined up.  Talk to the third one from the south
    end to be launched into battle.  Defeat three rounds of viral misery and you
    will get a call from the kidnapper.  Now it's up to you to find Data1 to Data5.
    Speak to the purple Navi in ACDC 1.  He'll give Data1 up without fuss.
    The purple Navi in ACDC 3 will make you cough up 1000Z for the Data2.
    In Town 1,  answer the questions the purple Navi asks for Data3.  And tell him
    that this is the Internet age,  not the medieval age.
    Give up a Bubbler R to the Navi in Town 2 to get the Data4.
    You'll have to win a battle to get Data5 from the Navi in Town 3.
    Once you've got all five,  head to the Tower and approach the volume knob to be
    thrown into a virus battle.  Beat the viruses,  and Chisao will (finally!) be
    freed.  Now get to the DenDome,  quick!
    Oh,  Dex delayed the match until you arrived.  How nice of him.
    "Battle routine,  set!"
    GutsMan isn't too hard.  Just as always.
    After the fight,  you get GutsSoul if you don't have it already.  Chisao
    confesses to kidnapping himself just to get Lan disqualified.  Aww.
    IV-O-c:  Top to Bottom [#TTB]
    Opponent:  TopMan
    Leave the room,  and go down to the lower level of the DenDome outside.
    Well,  if it isn't some old man showing his grandson a top.  He doesn't find
    tops interesting (frankly,  neither do I).  Then the top goes crazy.  Jack in.
    (How could Lan jack in to a rapidly spinning top?)  Get the M-Data,  then beat
    the viruses.  The old man (his name is Tenesuke) is angry.  You'd think he'd be
    grateful that you fixed his top,  but no!  He leaves,  mumbling about buying
    parts to fix his Navi.  And he forgot his top.  Lan wants to return it to him.
    If there's anywhere to buy parts around here,  it's ElecTown.  Find Tenesuke at
    Jomon Electric.  He'll yell at you again.  He'll mention that the NetBattle
    Club at the old folks' home shunned him.  MegaMan finds out that they meet at
    ACDC Park.  You know where to go.
    Well,  now we know why Tenesuke was rejected by the club.  Five green-and-brown
    Navis are now hidden around the Net.  Find them and answer their riddles.  The
    riddles aren't too hard to figure out,  and if you blow it,  you'll still pass
    if you can give the guy a good back massage.  Just hit L and R alternately as
    fast as you can.
    Once you've answered them all,  you get permission to see the Chief's Navi.  Go
    to ACDC 1 and jar the gate open.  Uh oh,  he isn't interested in seeing
    Tenesuke about his Navi problem.  Fend off his viruses,  and he'll set up a
    meeting between Tenesuke and the Chief in the ElecTown's Square.  Go over to
    Hey,  it's Tenesuke and... Tenesuke!?  What in the world?  Guess they're twins.
    One very confusing cut-scene later,  head to the DenDome.
    Oh yeah.  The real Tenesuke's mug shot has a green background.  The Chief's has
    a yellow background.
    Well what do you know!  Tenesuke's TopMan's operator!  Wouldn't come as much of
    a shock,  given how much he likes tops.
    "Battle routine,  set!"
    A lot of TopMan's attacks behave like AirHoc shots.  Just take one step in
    any direction to avoid them if it looks like you'll be hit.
    Once you're done,  the whole NetBattle club is revealed in the stands,
    cheering for Tenesuke.  And his grandson apologizes for hating tops.  All's
    well that ends well,  I guess.
    You can jack into Tenesuke's CyberTop again after this event;  it's lying on
    the table in the WaitingRoom.
    IV-O-d:  Ghost Toast [#GHT]
    (Note:  I get this scenario almost every time I play.)
    Opponent:  Regular Navi
    Ponta,  hm?  Not that swell a name.  Oh well.
    As you go down the stairs outside the WaitingRoom,  Yuko appears out of
    nowhere.  She's Ponta's operator.  After your conversation,  she'll leave the
    DenDome.  She'll show off the fading-away effect that people in MMBN4 always
    show off when they exit rooms,  but she'll fade out a little too early.  Oh
    well.  Follow her out the door.
    One game of tag later,  you'll get e-mail.  Head home.  There's Yuko's father.
    Ghosts!?  On the Net!?  Well,  go ahead.  Jack in and look around.  Check out
    the crystal in the east corner of the screen.  As you get closer to a Navi
    ghost,  the crystal ball will turn from blue to yellow to red.  When it's red,
    hit A like crazy.  You'll have to find the four purple ghost Navis,  though
    it's a good idea to locate the other Navis too.  You'll usually be rewarded for
    sending them on to the next world.
    Once all four evil Navis are out,  jack out and talk to Yuko's father again,
    then head back to the Dome.
    Yuko will do her appearing-out-of-nowhere trick she pulled when you first met
    her.  The host will be shocked,  but maintains enough nerve to announce the
    "Battle routine,  set!"
    Normal Navis aren't that hard to beat.  Just beat him and have it over with.
    The ending scene is rather tear-jerking.  Turns out Yuko is a ghost herself.
    The host still has absolutely no idea what's going on.  Leave him to figure it
    out for himself and check out who your next opponent is.
    IV-O-e:  No (S)Parking [#NSP]
    Opponent:  SparkMan
    You get an e-mail on PET maintenance.  Go near the Metroline and speak to the
    man there.  He'll do some work on your PET and lock in a lousy folder.  As he
    leaves,  he drops something.
    Head to ElecTown and speak to the old man there.  You'll need a seven-digit
    code to pop the lock open.  You can do it the hard way and look for the
    answers,  or just play Mastermind to figure out the code.  (After each failure,
    he'll tell you how many digits were correct.)  For some reason,  my code is
    always 1563546.
    Once the lock is open,  re-equip your regular folder and hurry back to the
    Hey!  It's the guy who "fixed" your PET!  His name is Terry.  Time to get your
    "Battle routine,  set!"
    SparkMan is an Elec-type,  so chips like Boomer work well.  Sometimes he'll
    create a projection of you that'll attack.  Keep on your toes.
    After his defeat,  you'll find that the Jomon Electric guy is his grandfather.
    Terry is booted out of the family.  I almost feel sorry for him.
    IV-O-f:  Fight Fair! [#FFA]
    Opponent:  Purple Navi
    Tetsu is really serious about fighting fair.  And his footsteps sound really
    Leave the Dome.  There'll be a cut-scene.  100,000 Z?  I could come up with
    that much cash with time... but good ol' Tetsu saves us from paying anything.
    Now he goes to ElecTown.  Follow.
    The Square is the site for another cut-scene.  Oh dear.  Head to Town 3 via
    the PC just around the corner.
    Hey,  wasn't that gate at the ramp's top locked earlier?  Now there's no sign
    of it!  You've got to survive six battles and get to the two black Navis.  Be
    sure to save between battles,  and jack out if necessary to replenish health.
    The black Navis flee and the path is barred by nine more Navis that you'll
    have to take on three at a time.
    Now Tetsu's Navi returns.  He has to deal the final blow.  And he does.  Go
    to the Dome.
    "Battle routine,  set!"
    You just fought off fifteen of these guys.  How hard can this fight be?
    Tetsu faces the facts.  And he and Lan call each other real men.  True
    sportsmanship in action if I ever saw it.  Then he leaves to re-train.  Don't
    tell me CAPCOM was too lazy to give him walking sprites...?
    IV-O-g:  Water you Doing? [#WYD]
    Opponent:  AquaMan
    According to Lan's horoscope,  he should avoid water.  What a spooky
    coincidence.  Oh well.  Head down to the vending machine you saw as you were
    going up the stairs.
    Shuko?  Odd name.  After the cut-scene,  leave the Dome.  Shuko is talking with
    a pair of twins about getting rid of something that goes VOOSH! all the time.
    They're talking about a washing machine,  but AquaMan thinks they're talking
    about him.  When the cut-scene is over,  talk to the twin that's still outside
    and he'll give you a scuba tank.  Don't ask questions,  just take it.
    Now jack in at Jomon Electric and head out into the Net.
    Ack!  Who left the faucet running?  The Net is all flooded!  Keep your eye on
    your air supply.  If you run out of air,  you start losing HP.  Hop into
    someone's home page to replenish your air supply.
    Go to that big circle on the upper level of Town 2.  There's AquaMan,  and he
    flees.  Jack out and head over to Dex's place.  Jack in there.  Approach the
    route to ACDC 3.
    "Shuko's Area.  Ask before entering."  Jack out and head back to DenDome.
    Speak to the twin inside the Dome this time.  Now go to ElecTown and find
    Shuko.  You get ShukoKey.
    Go back to Dex's and return to the locked door.  It opens easily.  Enter the
    warp point and go to the very end of the path.  Finally AquaMan realizes that
    the whole thing was just a big misunderstanding.  He Aqua Vacuums the water
    away,  and it's time for your match.  Head back to the DenDome.
    "Battle routine,  set!"
    AquaMan is a Water-type (duh) so use Elec chips.  Using AreaGrab and staying in
    the back row should protect you from most of his attacks.  He can't be that
    hard to beat.
    After the battle,  Shuko realizes how lucky she really is.  How touching.
    IV-O-h:  (Not) Going Out of Business [#NGB]
    Opponent:  NumberMan
    Haven't battled Higsby since three games ago.  But will you even get a chance
    to battle at all?  Something's up at the store.  Go over.
    Let me get this straight.  This Cone guy thinks that scrub brushes will sell
    better than battle chips?  Well,  you've got some flyers to hand out,  and
    Nanako says she'll sock Lan if he doesn't hand them out.  So go hand them out.
    Jack in all over the place.  Flyer receivers aren't just on the general Net.
    Look for them in the ElTowrComp,  and in all the jackable devices not connected
    to the net (the Jomon Electric stereo,  for example).  You only have to hand
    out 10 of the 20 flyers,  but why stop there?  Hand out all of them if you
    Nanako gives you a Battle Chip as a prize.  What chip it is depends on how many
    flyers you handed out.  (I handed out all 20 and got a measly Ball chip.  Ugh.)
    Something's wrong.  Head over to Town Net 1 and follow the path west from the
    arrow to Town Net 2.  Check out the door at the end.  Ooh.
    Now head back to Higsby's and talk to Nanako again,  then go back to the door
    and open it.  The next door opens with the answers to three puzzles,  which are
    apparently chosen at random.  Here are the three I got:
    200 - 80 - 1 (119)
    Hi = He??? (110)
    August, April, May (845)
    Talk to NumberMan.  Now jack out and head back to Higsby's.
    One cut-scene later,  Higsby's prepped to go.  Head to the DenDome.
    "Battle routine,  set!"
    If you get him before you're powered up much,  you're going to have a $@#&% of
    a time beating him.  Sometimes he generates three sets of three number balls
    each,  sometimes he shoots a triangle at you.  Luckily,  I was on my fourth or
    fifth play-through when I did get him.
    After the battle,  everything is resolved quite nicely.
    IV-P:  Grand Opening of Castillo [#GOC]
    Congratulate yourself!  Lan is now the best NetBattler in DenCity!
    Meanwhile at NAXA...
    Dr. Not-so-Regal is up to something regarding the asteroid.  Who knows what.
    A week has passed since the tournament.  Lan is still worried sick about the
    Chip.  And Mayl is worried sick about the way Lan's ignoring her.  She wants
    Lan to come buy her house,  so go over and enter.  Speak to Mayl,  then jack
    into her PC.
    (Laughing about the typo in the previous paragraph?  I made it,  then decided
    it was so darn funny that I wouldn't bother fixing it.)
    Wow.  Mayl likes teddy bears.  Take the warp point and proceed to Town 3.
    Speak to Roll,  then speak to the Navi that walks up during the cut-scene.
    "Battle routine, set!"
    You'll be launched into a three-round virus battle.  Beat all the viruses and
    be done with it,  but watch out;  the last one can be tough if you're not
    prepared,  especially on Super Hard Mode.
    Now jack out and speak to Mayl again.  Mayl is about to tell Lan about her
    plans,  when...
    IV-Q:  Burglar! [#BGR]
    ...Lan's doghouse security system goes off.  (Two FAQ writers cracked Batman
    jokes here.  Not me.)  Go over and jack into it,  speak to the Program,  grab
    the M-Data,  and head up to Lan's room.  Examine Mom to trigger a cut-scene.
    At the end of it,  examine Lan's PC.  "Bring the DarkChip to Park Area 2"...
    Hey,  doesn't he know that the place isn't even open yet?
    Oh well.  Do what you have to do.  Jack in,  and head through ACDC Area.  On
    your way,  stop by Yai's HP and snag her banner link.  Banner links are handy
    IV-R:  Breaking into Park Area [#BPA]
    Once you're at the end of Town Area 3,  approach the big gate.  It won't open.
    Even shooting the thing won't dent it.  And when we shot at it,  we got the
    attention of a green Navi which will then attack.  Wipe him out,  and inspect
    his body for the staff code.  It's encoded.  It isn't encoded very well,
    though.  Enter RAEJDUK and the gate opens.
    Well,  you're in.  Check out the broken path.  You're isolated from part of the
    area.  More later.  Follow the path until you get to the end.  Go east and take
    a detour back into Town 3 to pick up the Humor program,  then go back and take
    the west path.  Take the route just west of the ramp.  There's a SubChip dealer
    on the second off-route if you're interested.  Continue on to Park Area 2.
    Enter the warp point and go north.  Take the first right turn and speak with
    the purple Navi to get into a fight.  Win the fight.
    IV-S:  Nebula [#NBA]
    You'll learn about the DarkChip Syndicate Nebula.  Now we know who to keep the
    DarkChip away from.  Hrm.  MegaMan automatically jacks out.  You'll witness a
    cut-scene where the Navi and his operator gets punished by ShadeMan for their
    failure.  Nebula is very cruel and very typical.
    IV-T:  Castillo [#CST]
    Well,  it's morning.  Lan gets a call from Mayl regarding Castillo.  She wants
    to go with him on a "date"!  Mom overhears and approves it.  My goodness.  You
    get an e-mail from Dad.  Follow through the Navi Customizer tutorial.  After
    that,  leave the house.  Stop by Higsby's and speak to Nanako.  She worries
    that today's the day of her "other job".  More on that later.
    Hop the Metroline to Castillo and talk to Mayl.  You'll both enter the theme
    park.  Hm,  the rides aren't working.  Speak to the Official (the eastmost
    person in the small crowd) and then jack into the refreshments cart in the same
    Check out the BBS to the north,  buy some Navi Customizer parts to the south,
    then talk to the Program near the warp point for the security cube's P-code.
    Retrace your steps into Park 2,  but this time take the second right turn at
    the Park 2 junction.  From there,  follow the path until you reach the far end
    of Park 3,  where the control system is.  Examine the control system.  Not too
    unpredictably,  you're ambushed by viruses.  Wipe them out,  then jack out and
    speak to Mayl again.
    Time for some ice cream.  Head down the stairs to the east to MelSquar,  and
    examine the ice cream cart.  Hey!  It's Nanako!  And she called in sick to work
    here!  She bribes you not to tell with free ice cream.  Take it.  Then jack
    into her ice cream stand to pick up M-Data before returning to Mayl.
    IV-U:  The VampirManor [#VPM]
    One long cut-scene later,  you're at VampirManor.  Go ahead in.
    Hey!  Didn't we hear this music when Lan was talking with Higsby about the
    DarkChip?  In the scene where Django and Dracky are fighting,  examine it for
    a GunSol1 G chip.  A little further,  you'll find a vampire motif on the
    ground.  In front is a mirror that shows an image of a vampire (wait.  Vampires
    don't show up in mirrors!)  Keep going,  across the rumbling floor.  On your
    way,  Mayl will pass by you,  chased by a vampire.  She could sound more
    enthusiastic.  Oh well.
    IV-V:  ToyRobos gone wind [#TGW]
    Oh no!  The ToyRobos have gone crazy!  The Halberd Princess is about to axe
    Mayl with her halberd!  (Erm... what's a halberd?)
    IV-V-a:  Halberd Princess [#HBP]
    Get on the raft.  As you depart,  you'll stop at a gate.  Get off the raft and
    look for story data.  Leave "Comb" alone (that'd be a bit sadistic) and grab
    At the next gate,  find "Big Tree".
    Then comes the last gate.  Go grab "MightyBl" and bring it back.
    Finally you reach the Stop switch.  That was spookily easy.  Push the switch,
    defeat viruses,  jack out.
    Oh,  no!  Now WzDog is going wild!  Jack in.
    IV-V-b:  WzDog [#WDG]
    Here's what you have to bring back.
    Avoid the strong urge to grab "WzCat" and take "WzMonkey".
    Then take "MagicSel".  What a MagicSel is,  I don't know.
    Now we need two pieces of story data.  Take "GoodNose" and "Scratch" and insert
    them in that order.
    Hrm,  a few problems with the raft.  Nothing to be concerned about,  though.
    You get to the Stop switch.  Hit it,  delete Viruses,  jack out.
    Now it's TinMan!  What are you waiting for?  Jack in!
    IV-V-c:  TinMan [#TMN]
    More raft problems.  Something seems wrong here.
    Start off by grabbing "War" and "Emotion" and inserting them like that.
    In the next area,  take "Bird" and "Dance".
    On your way to the third door,  Viruses ambush you.  Wipe them out.
    For the last door,  "ToyPart" will do.  Proceed to the Stop switch.  You know
    the drill.
    A phone call from Mayl!  A ToyRobo is in VampirManor!
    Oh,  shoot.  It's all dark.  Follow the walls and get back to the mirror.
    Usually the candlesticks indicate where you turn.  Jack into Dracky.
    IV-V-d:  Dracky [#DCY]
    Whoa!  That's not water,  it's blood!  Well,  fake blood.  Hitch a ride.
    Bit more turbulence.  Your tour guide doesn't seem to mind.
    In Chapter 1,  grab "GunSol" and "CrmScarf".
    Chapter 2?  "Otenko".
    For Chapter 3,  snag "Sunlight".
    Some roaring sound here.  The raftsman dismisses it.
    Okay,  something's not right here.  You're caught in a loop!  Get out of the
    loop by choosing "Apple".
    Chapter 4.  "Skylight" and "Taiyohh!" are the ways to go.  Get them in that
    (Why is there a skylight in a manor where sunlight does not shine?)
    On your way to the switch,  you get ambushed by more Viruses.  Delete them.
    Okay,  time to press the- Hey!  Where's the switch?
    Ah,  your "tour guide" is ShadeMan in disguise.  After the cut-scene (which I
    would advise against skipping),  you're launched into battle once again.  This
    time,  though,  you can beat him.
    "Battle routine,  set!"
    Just hold him back until the DarkSwrds appear in your Custom screen.  Grab 'em
    and wipe out ShadeMan.  It may take more than one slash,  depending on the
    difficulty level.
    IV-W:  The Power of DarkChips [#PDC]
    ShadeMan gives a speech about the powers of DarkChips before disintegrating.
    Chaud!  What took you so long?  He explains to you what consequences come from
    using DarkChips recklessly.  That's why I never use them.  A permanent 1HP loss
    and a chance of getting my soul conquered by darkness in exchange for one
    super-powerful attack... No thanks!
    IV-X:  What's the Point? [#WTP]
    The doorbell rings.  A man gives you 1 point.
    This is part of the Eagle Tournament prelims.  Now you've got to go around and
    find 50 points however you can.
    The points aren't that hard to find.  Examine everything,  look in every
    possible hiding place,  and talk to every person,  Navi,  and program about.
    Not all the points are yours for free.  You'll often have to cough up Zenny or
    Battle Chips in exchange for the points,  or win battles or answer questions
    correctly.  Once you've gathered 50 points however you can (there are at least
    60 points to find,  so it shouldn't be too hard),  head to Castillo and talk
    to the man in front of the castle.  You get a spare Folder if you don't have
    one already.
    IV-Y:  The Eagle Tournament [#EGT]
    Here are the Lists A and B and C for the Eagle Tournament.
    Stop Wine-ing
    Roll is kidnapped... AGAIN
    Lookin' for Cookin'
    Crush 'er Spirit
    Viddy? Oh...
    Heated Rivalry
    I Wood if I Could (can't cover yet)
    URA Big Annoyance
    IV-Y-a:  Stop Wine-ing [#SWI]
    Opponent:  WindMan
    Seems this priest-girl is Wind's operator.  She keeps him calm with something
    called a "GrasFlut".
    After Lan leaves,  Lilly gets thirsty and takes a big drink of something.  And
    given her reaction to it,  it can't possibly be water.  Ugh.
    Oh no!  Something happened at MelSquar!  It's Dracky again!  Jack in,  take the
    raft to where the Stop switch should have been,  and delete the virus waiting
    for you.
    Now leave Castillo.
    Boomp!  Someone collides with Lan,  and the PET is knocked into the nearby
    fountain.  "Lan! *glub glub*"
    (Hey!  I know the PET was knocked into the water,  but how could Mega have been
    doused in it if this was real-world water?  Did the water somehow get into
    Well,  Mega's okay,  but Lilly sure isn't.  She's plotting something.  Oh well.
    Go home.
    Lilly is back to normal,  it seems.  She doesn't remember a thing since taking
    that drink of something-or-other.  WindMan is going crazy.  Lilly gives Lan the
    GrasFlut and tells him to find WindMan in the Park Area.
    If you've gotten Castillo's banner link,  head up to Lan's room and use it for
    easy access.  If not,  hike back to Castillo and jack in there.
    Whoa!  Who left a window open?  Wind is blowing around like crazy!  As you run
    to Park Area 3,  avoid the tornadoes (they move in set patterns) or you'll be
    thrown back to the area's beginning!
    Get back to where the attraction control system was.  MegaMan will calm WindMan
    with the GrasFlut.  Jack out and head to Castillo.  Save before entering the
    Before continuing,  Lilly will take another drink.  I don't know why she did
    that if she knows it caused that memory loss.
    Ah,  now we know why Lilly reacted so strangely to that liquid.  It was rice
    wine.  I thought it was illegal to NUI (NetBattle under influence).  Oh well.
    "Battle routine,  set!"
    The way WindMan keeps winding you around can get tiring fast.  Equip a Barrier.
    Barriers make you immune to fierce winds.  Hang on to your hat!
    After the battle,  Lilly sobers up.  "No more drinking the rice wine,  even by
    mistake!"  How is she supposed to avoid drinking rice wine by mistake?  Well,
    I suppose she'll figure out something.  And you get WindSoul.
    IV-Y-b:  Roll is kidnapped... AGAIN [#RKA]
    Opponent:  Roll
    Gee.  Didn't know she could fight.
    One cut-scene later,  leave the castle.  Roll has been nabbed by a stalker!
    Jack in at the nearby food cart.  Talk to Glyde in Park 1,  then head to Park
    3.  As soon as you enter,  you see a cut-scene about Roll's whereabouts.
    Roll calls the stalker Navi a pervert!
    Hey!  The Navi is going Net-shopping.  Go find him.  He's at the Netdealer in
    ACDC 2.  He'll get angry and unleash Viruses at you when you confront him.
    Once the viruses are done,  he'll surrender and give you his room key.  Head
    back to Park 3 and unlock the door.  Roll is at the end of the road.
    After the cut-scene,  head into the castle.  E-mail from Roll!  Head over to
    Mayl's house and jack in to her teddy bear.
    Aw,  Roll wants to play tag!  Accept her challenge after gathering M-Data.
    Just catch her with A three times to win.  You'll need to hold B down at all
    times to catch up to her!
    Okay,  now that it's over with,  head back to the castle.
    "Battle routine,  set!"
    Roll is pretty fast.  Her arrow move destroys chip data,  and she isn't afraid
    to skip into your area to attack.  She can also summon viruses,  so be careful!
    After the battle,  Yai tells Lan that SOMEONE always protects Mayl and that
    Mayl wants to be able to protect that SOMEONE someday.  Lan has no idea who
    this someone is.
    "Lan,  you dunce!"
    Couldn't have said it better myself.  You get RollSoul if you don't have it
    IV-Y-c:  Lookin' for Cookin' [#LFC]
    Opponent:  Normal Navi
    Your next opponent,  Flave Tamakawa,  comes up to you and brags about his
    cooking abilities.  Head down to MelSquar.
    Hey,  he's got a cooking machine,  and he's making curried rice!  Some old man
    tries the curry and nearly loses his soul.  Yow.
    Lan says he likes Flave's cooking,  but prefers his mother's.  Flave gets mad
    and challenges Lan to a Cooking Battle.  Lan accepts the challenge.
    Leave MelSquar.  You get an e-mail from some Cooking Dojo about getting cooking
    lessons.  Jack in,  go to Park Area 2,  and stop at the locked gate on the
    way to Park 3.  Jar the gate open and follow the path to the yellow thing.
    Now it's time for cooking lessons.  Here's what to do:
    Round 1:  Cut the vegetables with B.  Leave the meat alone.
    Round 2:  Smack the viruses with A.  Cut the vegetables with B.  Leave the meat
    Round 3:  Cut the curry with B.  Smack the viruses with A.
    If you do well enough,  the Dojo will send you off to get ingredients.  Go to
    the attraction control system in Park 3 and speak with the purple Navi there.
    Defeat his viruses.  Now it's time to jack out.
    Do the same thing as you did with the cooking lessons.  Cut vegetables and
    curry with B.  Hit viruses with A.  Leave meat alone.  Nice chef's apron Mega's
    got there.
    First the old man tries Flave Something-or-other's cooking.  It must be pretty
    spicy,  he nearly explodes.  Now for Lan's cooking.  Whoa!  That's the man's
    dead wife!
    And Lan wins the Cooking Battle.  Flave is REALLY cheesed off.  No pun
    intended.  Go to the castle.  Time to beat Flave in a NetBattle.
    "Battle routine,  set!"
    Flave's toting another regular Navi.  He's better at cooking than he is at
    battling,  so wipe him out.
    Ah,  so the Dojo is Flave's father.  He goes off to re-train.  I hope he gets
    it right this time around.
    IV-Y-d:  Crush 'er Spirit [#CES]
    Opponent:  Purple Navi
    Crusher?  Sounds fierce.  And his operator,  Riki,  looks fierce.  Leave.
    Oh dear.  This old woman swipes Crusher and takes him away.  Riki's confidence
    is destroyed.  Go down to MelSquar to learn Crusher's whereabouts.
    Ever play one of those "stealth" games where you have to infiltrate an area and
    avoid being seen?  Now you have.  Make your way to the attractions control
    system,  and don't get spotted or you're back at the start of the area.
    Hey,  there's Crusher in a cage!  Shoot the heck out of the cage to destroy it.
    Remember what happened when you tried to shoot down the gate to Castillo?  It
    happened again.  You get launched into battle.  Win and jack out.
    Talk to Riki to trigger a cut-scene.  Two goons approach Lan and Riki and the
    old woman from earlier promptly comes in and wipes them out.
    Head to the battle arena.
    "Battle routine,  set!"
    Another generic purple Navi.  Take him out.  Can't be too hard.
    I enjoy stories with happy endings.  So long,  Riki.
    IV-Y-e:  Viddy?  Oh... [#VDO]
    Opponent:  VideoMan
    Viddy Narcy makes a very surprising entrance.  She requests that Lan lets her
    win.  Not too surprisingly,  Lan refuses.  Now Viddy is talking about burying
    VideoMan near some entrance.
    Jack in and go to the end of Park 1,  near the arrow to Park 2.  A cut-scene
    appears where VideoMan pauses Mega,  then sets him on rewind,  then plays him.
    Turns out the whole thing was an act to lure him into a trap.  You have to
    fetch three videos,  but you don't have to do them in the order he says.  The
    scenes in a movie aren't always filmed in order.
    Now MegaMan moves backwards (though for some reason,  his speech is still
    forwards).  Up is down.  Down is up.  Left is right.  Right is left.  And so on
    and so forth.
    And no,  his battle controls aren't affected.
    Go to Park Area 3 and head to the control system.  Careful!  There are rewind
    buttons scattered all about.  Step on one,  and you'll have to start the area
    over.  The first release video is there.
    In Town Area 2,  check out the lower level.  The video is there.
    The winding route to Dex's HP is the site of the last release video.
    Once you've got all the videos,  head down to the castle.
    "Battle routine-"
    Whoa!  Viddy,  or "Hidenosuke Yamashita" as we now know her,  is really picky
    about people using her real name.  Let's try that again.
    "Battle routine,  set!"
    This can get tough.  Two tape barriers block the path.  Shoot them to put them
    temporarily out of commission.  VideoMan may also use a tape attack.  Get out
    of the way.  When he's on Fast Forward,  VideoMan moves twice as fast.  When
    he's on Rewind,  he regains HP.  Take him out quickly.
    It's a shame that Viddy forgot about the most important part of acting or
    battling:  effort.  Lan reminds her.  And Mami has a few choice words to say as
    IV-Y-f:  Heated Rivalry [#HTR]
    This appears to be Match's Navi.  But it isn't.  Some chap named Atuski
    operates BurnMan.  Match and Atuski get angry at each other and scram after
    exchanging words.  Leave the castle.
    E-mail from Mom!  There's smoke coming out of your computer!  Go home quickly!
    She gives you a WaterGun.  Go jack in and head into the Internet.
    Oh no!  Fire!  MegaMan puts out the flames with the WaterGun... or at least
    tries to.  No good!  We need something better!
    Go to Higsby's.  He gives you a FireBstr.  Go back to Lan's computer and send
    it to Mega.
    Press the B button when the gauge is at the top.  The fuller the gauge is when
    you press B,  the more successful you will be putting out the flames.  If you
    stop the gauge when it's full,  you're guaranteed to extinguish all the flames.
    If you don't put out all the flames in one shot,  they'll damage you.  Put out
    all the flames.
    When the area calms down,  jack out and head to the castle.
    What the-?  Fire in the Park area now?  Oh,  this is not Lan's day.  Jack in.
    Make your way to the control system in Park Area 3 and confront BurnMan and
    FireMan.  After a few choice words,  the flame war will cease.
    Get to the battle arena.  Match is in the audience!  And he wants you to win!
    Who are you to let him down?
    "Battle routine,  set!"
    Two torches move around the top and bottom rows.  If you block the path of one
    of them or it gets in the same column as you,  it will stop and fire... erm...
    fire.  BurnMan will also use a ranged flamethrower attack on you.  Move.  Use
    Water chips.
    After his defeat,  Atuski will attempt to set the whole castle aflame.  He only
    manages to set his own annoying self on fire.  Why didn't this ever happen to
    IV-Y-g:  URA Big Annoyance [#UBA]
    Opponent:  MetalMan
    After the cut-scene,  head down to MelSquar.  Tamako pesters Lan about his
    fighting attitude.  The nerve of that woman.  Jack in,  go to Town Area 2,  and
    jar open the northwest gate on the lower level.
    I didn't know Navis could get intoxicated.  Head to Park Area 1 after getting
    yelled at by this guy.
    In the upper area,  some green Navi sells you CybrJrky for 500Z.  Buy it.
    The purple Navi in Park Area 2 will trade you VirusCln for a Spreader L.  Fork
    it over.
    Now back to the intoxicated Navi.  Here's the deal.  You've got to play a
    little minigame.  You need to shatter three rocks.  To break a rock,  examine
    it and press B when the line is in the differently colored portion of the
    Head over to MelSquar and jack into the ice cream cart for a boulder-breaking
    face-off against MetalMan.  In the later rounds,  differently colored boulders
    will appear.  For those,  the meter moves faster.  Just break more rocks than
    MetalMan three times.
    Now it's time to battle.  Head to the castle.
    "Battle routine,  set!"
    MetalMan has two gears.  Don't let one of them hit you.  Metal will also repeat
    a lot of his attacks from MMBN3.  He isn't too hard;  just pummel him.
    After the battle,  Tamako approaches the camera and plugs the URA Inn.  Mami
    gets mad (why'd Mami wait until Tamako finished her ad to object?).
    IV-Z:  Champions... NOT SO FAST! [#NSF]
    Lan and MegaMan have now proven themselves to be the best in Electopia.  They
    get another trophy.  Lan basks in applause as he leaves...
    Hey!  The elevator isn't coming!  Go back down and jack into the NetBattle
    MegaMan meets LaserMan for the first time.  GutsMan joins them.  Picking up on
    the opportunity,  LaserMan yanks out MegaMan's dark side and has it posses
    GutsMan.  You're in for a battle.
    He's tougher than in the Den City Tournament,  but not that much tougher.  Just
    use the same strategy.
    Mega is now worried about his DarkSoul.  I'd worry,  too.  Oh well.
    IV-AA:  The Red Sun Laser [#XRS]
    Meanwhile at NAXA...
    A really big laser is getting ready to fire on the asteroid.  And fire it does.
    But something- or someone- reduces the power from 200% to 120% at the last
    second (the pitch of the humming drops just before the laser fires.  CAPCOM
    thinks of everything!)  Dr. Regal has a plan,  and it involves an expert
    operator and a Navi... where are we going to get those?
    IV-AB:  Exploring Netopia [#EXN]
    Meanwhile on the Internet...
    MegaMan,  Roll,  Glyde and GutsMan are having a conversation,  totally
    embarrassing their operators,  when another Navi comes up and speaks to Mega.
    The Red Sun tournament is coming!
    One cut-scene later,  leave Lan's room,  speak to Mom,  then go to the
    Metroline station.  Head for the airport,  and go to Netopia.
    You get e-mail.  Read it,  then go over to the west and speak to the man there.
    His name is Bonds,  and he's your tour guide.
    Now it's time to look around.  Purchase a chocolate from the woman up the steps
    (she wants 1000Z at first,  but I've haggled her down to 500).  The man nearby
    brags about a Wowser Box.  It's a prank,  but a necessary plot event.  Delete
    the viruses.
    Go through the alley just east of the Metroline and talk to everyone.  Then,
    go back to see Bonds.
    IV-AC:  Mugged... AGAIN [#MGA]
    One cut-scene later,  Lan is trapped in a hotel room.  He's been kidnapped.
    (Last time he came to Netopia,  he was robbed of his Battle Chips,  his Zenny,
    and his passport.  You'd think he'd be more careful!)
    Examine the statue in the southwest corner of the room.  Lan will automatically
    jack in.  Look for four boxes that hold the KeyData.  The viruses are tougher
    than anything you've faced before,  so save before opening the box.  The boxes
    are generally near the passages to other Net areas,  so look around there.
    Once you've got all four KeyData pieces,  jack out.  In a cut-scene,  Lan will
    unlock the door.  The kidnapper will come in,  followed by... Bonds!?  What in
    the world is going on here?  Ah,  it was another preliminary.  Gee,  that kind
    of preliminary is enough to get the WNBA sued.  I'm glad Yai didn't enter.
    Head down to the Coliseum and check out the face statue on the wall.  In a
    cut-scene,  the thing will frighten the heck out of Lan,  and then you'll see
    the tournament pairings.
    IV-AD:  The Red Sun Tournament [#RST]
    Here are the lists A-B-C for the Red Sun Tournament:
    Gresply WHAT?
    Target Acquired
    No Ken Do
    The Not-So-Common Cold
    Freaky Trash Day
    Proto Type
    IV-AD-a:  Gresply WHAT? [#GSW]
    Opponent:  ThunderMan
    Some man tells you about their offer for Netopian Bread.  Crunchy outside,
    soft inside... sounds like the bread I have at Steven's.  Mmm.  On your way
    out,  you'll run into a man who wants to battle you,  and then taunts you when
    Lan declines.  That VampirManor music again... something's wrong here.  Well,
    you have no choice.
    "Battle routine,  set!"
    He's toting a regular green Navi,  nothing to worry you.  When you beat him,
    he says Gresply Nekrom,  whatever that is,  and leaves.
    Jack in at the hotel and head to the NetDealer.  The yellow Navi there will
    challenge you.  Take her on and defeat her viruses.  Suddenly Mega will start
    losing HP rapidly.  (Exactly how rapidly depends on the difficulty level you're
    playing on.)  Jack out and go back to the Coliseum.
    There's Raoul.  Speak to him,  and he'll explain the death curse that the old
    man put on Mega.  He'll also explain how to lift it.  You know what to do.
    StrngthM, WisdomM, BraveryM, and KindnesM aren't that hard to find,  they're
    just lying there.  Mega's HP will stop depleting at 1,  but once you're at 1,
    viruses can really slaughter you.  Be careful.
    Once you've got all four medals,  find the locked door in Netopia Area and snag
    the CursDoll beyond it.  Take it to ThunderMan,  who will pull off some wacky
    "Gresply Kamou" ceremony and get rid of the CursDoll.  And the curse.
    Now's your cue to head back to the Coliseum for your battle against Raoul.
    "Battle routine,  set!"
    If at any time you share a row or column with the cloud circling your area,  it
    shoots a ball of lightning at you.  Keep on your toes.  Also watch out for
    ThunderMan's lightning attacks.  Zap him with Wood attacks to get the job done
    Oh,  so that old man who cursed you is the chief of Raoul's tribe.  (Hey!  Back
    in BN2,  wasn't Raoul the leader?)  He wants Raoul to take over in his
    leadership.  And you even get ThunSoul.  Now,  about that Netopian bread...
    IV-AD-b:  Target Acquired [#TAQ]
    Opponent:  SearchMan
    After the cut-scene,  leave the Coliseum and approach the route back to the
    street.  Lan suspects he's being watched.  And he is.  By Raika.  After hitting
    Lan,  Raika gets a call.  Something about Undernet 6.  After he leaves,  go to
    Sharo and talk to the man there.  Conquer a three-round virus battle to get the
    Now it's time to get to the Undernet.  See section IV-AN-a to find out how to
    obtain the C-Slider.  You'll need it to get to the Undernet.
    Once you reach the first crossroads,  a targeting circle will lock onto MegaMan
    and try to take him down.  Press either Left or Right on the control pad (the
    on-screen display will indicate which) to dodge the fire.  Make your way to
    Undernet 6.  To get there,  take the east exit out of Undernet 3.  Don't get
    shot.  If you do,  you'll take a lot of damage.  How much damage you take
    depends on what difficulty level you're playing on and how far into the
    Undernet you are.
    Once you make it to the gate that the CopyKey will open,  open the gate and
    speak to the Navi inside to be launched into a five-round battle.  Beat it,
    and prepare to get fried by the Moon of...
    Oy!  You've been saved by the same guy who was sniping you earlier!  SearchMan!
    He calculates his chances of winning to be 99%.  Go back to the Coliseum and
    show Raika just how likely that last 1% really is.
    "Battle routine,  set!"
    SearchMan is tough.  Every now and then he'll duck into a hole and throw
    grenades at you.  They explode in plus-shaped explosions.  Keep moving.  He
    can't hit you with his rapid-fire ScopeGun if you do.  Oh yeah,  and if the
    square target locks onto you,  a satellite will fire on you.
    Raika is really mad that you won.  He doesn't believe in friendship,  which was
    the reason he lost.  Mega says he liked SearchMan's personality.  (That shocked
    me;  I sure didn't).  You get SrchSoul.
    IV-AD-c:  Questival [#QES]
    (Note:  This scenario is so annoying,  I hope you don't get it.)
    Opponent:  Purple Navi
    It's time for the Water God festival in NetFrica.  Head down there.
    Jack in at the statue and run to the other side.  Don't forget the M-Data.
    Get NetFricC from the Navi there,  then go into the warp and get to the center
    of the area.
    The WaterGod statue takes off like a rocket.  The Navi claims last time,  it
    went clear to Sharo,  so check out Sharo Area.  The west half.  The statue is
    on the east edge of the west half of Sharo Area.  Grab it and take it back.
    Where's Jammer?  Oh well.  Jack out.
    What in the world?  The riverbed is empty!  First you have to go online again
    and fetch RecovDrp.
    The first door opens with the LionKey,  the second with several answered
    questions,  the third with three virus battles.  Fetch the drop,  then jack
    out and cross the bridge over to the idol.
    Now jack in.  It's a big maze.  Take the southeast warp point (fetch the M-Data
    first),  then overcome two virus battles and take the west warp point.  Now
    take the M-Data and go through the northeast warp point,  then the southeast.
    Now comes the northeast again,  then five virus battles.  Slaughter the
    viruses and take the west warp point.  Grab the blue M-Data,  then go back to
    where you fought the five battles and take the southeast warp point.
    Examine the gigantic program and defeat the viruses,  and jack out.  Time to
    face off against Paulie in the Coliseum.
    Nothing special here.  Just another Heal Navi.  Get rid of him.
    After the battle,  Paulie admits to planting viruses in the management system.
    Lan requests that the the WaterGod quest be repeated without him.  Why didn't
    he return the WaterGod statue?
    IV-AD-d:  No Ken Do [#NKD]
    Opponent:  KendoMan
    Hey,  if it isn't Mr. Famous!  Haven't seen him for a while!
    Some blonde man is watching as Lan and Famous converse.  Hmmmm.
    Head to NetFrica and jack-in at the big relic.  Obtain NetFricC and use it to
    gain access to NetFrica Area.  (You can also cheat by getting to NetFrica
    through Netopia Area,  but you're going to need NetFricC later.)
    At the center of the area is KendoMan.  He orders MegaMan to train with three
    kendo practice dummies in Yumland,  Netopia and Sharo Areas.  Jack in at the
    hotel in Netopia for the quickest route to all three.
    Kendo practice is pretty easy once you get the hang of it.  Hold the control
    pad in the direction the dummy calls out and press A to attack.  If he calls
    "Block!" hold Left and press A to block his attack.  If you don't,  you'll be
    stunned.  If you reduce the dummy's health to nothing within the time limit,
    you win.
    Once you've defeated all three dummies (the last one is in the west half of
    Sharo Area) return to Ke... er,  MASTER KendoMan and speak to him.  Now jack
    out and head for the Coliseum.
    Huh?  Where's Mr. Famous?  Shouldn't he be here?  Head back to NetFrica.
    Oh no!  That man who was watching Lan and Famous earlier has the NetFricans
    hostage with lions!  And he's controlling them using that statue behind him!
    Jack in and take a look.  He won't notice.
    There are four strange antenna devices scattered around the area.  Examine each
    and defeat the viruses.  The blonde guy will notice the effect it has on the
    lions,  but he won't bother thinking about why.  Destroy all four devices.
    Ah,  so the blonde guy was a former Mr. Famous pupil.  And he wanted revenge
    for getting dumped.  Typical.
    Oh well.  At least you can head back to the Coliseum and get the match going.
    "Battle routine,  set!"
    KendoMan's attacks are a bit slow and predictable,  so you should be able to
    dodge them easily.  He isn't too hard to beat if you've got patience.  Oh yeah,
    and keep moving.
    After the battle,  Famous feels that you are in for something big soon.  He
    doesn't know how right he is.
    IV-AD-e:  IT ISN'T SOCCER!!! [#IIS]
    Opponent:  Normal Navi
    Jack Bomber,  fan of the ancient Netopian sport FootBomb.  He gets angry when
    Lan keeps comparing it to soccer.  Jack challenges Lan to a FootBomb match,
    and Lan accepts.  Now it's time to get Mega some new shoes.
    Jack in and head for the east exit from Netopia Area.  Just before it is a Navi
    who'll trade you BmbShoes for a Guard1 A chip that he says he makes the shoes
    out of.  Odd.
    Once you're ready,  go over to the statue you met Bonds by and jack in.  Jack's
    Navi is there.  Speak to him.
    Okay.  FootBomb is part luck and part stamina.  The higher your maximum HP when
    you take on Jack,  the better a chance you stand.  Just play until you get
    lucky and win.
    Now it's Lan's turn to speak up!  After the cut-scene,  jack in at the hotel
    room and head to NetFrica.  Find Jack's Navi and speak to him.
    After the conversation,  head to the chariot monument just outside the Coliseum
    and jack in.  It's time for another round of FootBomb,  but with higher stakes
    this time.  The ball does twice as much damage if it misses.  Beat him.
    Now it's time to beat Jack in a NetBattle.  Jack out and enter the Coliseum.
    "Battle routine,  set!"
    Another normal Navi.  Nothing special.  Just beat him and have him beaten.
    "Not much a winner can say to a loser"?  How about "I win"?
    Some man walks up to Jack and explains that he's doing a documentary on
    Netopian history,  and is looking for someone to tell the world about the
    history of FootBomb.  And they say opportunity doesn't just walk up and say
    IV-AD-f:  The Not-So-Common Cold [#NSC]
    Opponent:  ColdMan
    Olaf... erm,  Chillski comes in,  wearing a heavy coat,  and complains about
    the heat.  Instead of taking off the coat,  though,  he decides to turn up the
    air conditioning.  To a point where nobody else feels comfortable.
    Head to the hotel and jack in.  Up at the upper level is ColdMan,  surrounded
    by cute little cyber snowmen.  Talk to him,  and ColdMan collapses the snowmen.
    Chillski says that if he can't get artificial cold,  he'll get natural cold.
    What does he mean by that?  Oh well.  Leave the hotel.
    What the-?  It's not supposed to snow at this time of year!  Head off to Sharo.
    Navigate around the snowbanks and get to the space center.  Talk to the
    scientist on the ground.  He tells you what to do to stop the snow.
    Now you have to worry about Lan's body temperature.  If it gets too low,  he
    won't be able to send MegaMan battle chips.  Duck into the space center after
    fixing each antenna.
    No good.  Piled-up snow blocks the way to the antennas.  Examine the first
    house you passed on your way from the sled to get a snow shovel,  then dig away
    the snow by pressing the B button as rapidly as you can.
    Now jack in and delete viruses to get rid of the snowmen.  Now examine the
    torch with the control panel on it.  If you've got the right Fire chip,  Mega
    will install it and light the torches.  If you don't,  you'll get a hint as to
    what chip you need.  The arrangement of the torches is a hint about what chip
    you need.  If you need a BlkBomb Z,  use Unlocker on the M-Data next to the
    Slider Master's grand-daughter (find her using section IV-AN-a) or order one
    from Higsby.
    Once everything is fixed,  the snowstorm will calm down.  Sharo looks so pretty
    when the snow isn't so fierce.  Oh well.  Head back to the Coliseum for your
    "Battle routine,  set!"
    ColdMan will push ice cubes at you.  You can crush him with his own cubes if
    you have WindSoul.  He will also send clouds of mist at you from time to time.
    Get out of the way.  When he jumps at you,  move.  He'll crack the panel he
    lands on (but at least this defrosts the icy tiles).
    After the battle,  Chillski is arrested and taken to an interrogation room...
    in NetFrica.  There's no way Chillski can take that heat.  Unless he takes off
    his coat.
    IV-AD-g:  Freaky Trash Day [#FTD]
    Opponent:  JunkMan
    Not much is known about JunkMan.  Just that he's from YumLand.  After the
    cut-scene,  take the airplane to Yumland and jack in at the four statues.
    You'll have to give up 6000 Z to get NetFricC.
    Find the gate in Yumland Area,  and talk to the Navi near it.  He'll give you
    TrashKey;  use it to bust the gate open.  Follow the path.  MegaMan somehow
    avoids every bale of trash that falls.  Nope,  nothing else of interest.
    "Jack ou-"
    I think we all saw that one coming.
    Well,  Mega's okay... I think.  He doesn't seem right.  Press L to talk to him.
    Now do it again,  and again,  and keep doing it until Lan starts asking
    questions.  It doesn't matter what you answer;  the result's going to be the
    same no matter what you say.
    No wonder he isn't acting like himself.  Looks like JunkMan's under control of
    Mega's body.  Jack in again and go back to all that trash.
    When you clear each pile of trash,  you'll go into battle.  All the tiles will
    be cracked,  and you'll start every battle confused,  so you might want to keep
    that in mind.
    Four virus battles later,  you'll discover what happened.  I'm not sure either.
    After the cut-scene ends,  Lan will jack out.  Speak to the old man nearby,
    then head around to the other exit into YumRuins.  (If you tried that entrance
    before,  you'd have been denied access.)
    Jack into the Buddha and speak to the program to get KindData.  Now head to the
    JunkMan has no operator.  And he destroys the KindData.  How cold can you get?
    [remembers Chillski scenario]
    Erm... don't answer that one.
    "Battle routine,  set!"
    Watch the pieces of junk that fly at you.  They go slower if hit by an attack.
    His attacks are a little hard to avoid,  too.  Just be patient.  This one may
    take a few tries.
    Aw... touching aftermath.  I feel sorry for JunkMan.  I think.
    IV-AD-h:  Proto Type [#PTT]
    Opponent:  ProtoMan
    Chaud.  Figures we'd battle him sooner or later.  We've battled him in every
    Battle Network game so far, why not this game?
    Two guys come in, talking about some Electopia's ace and a DarkSoul possessing
    his Navi.  That's never a good sign.
    As if on cue, you get a phone call.  Chaud's at the hotel.  Get moving!
    Wait... did you get the C-Slider yet?  You'll need it for this one.  See
    section IV-AN-a to get it.
    I've never seen Chaud that glum before.  If I was attacked by five hundred
    Nebula Navis, I'd resort to desperate measures too.
    Uh-oh.  Please tell me that PET didn't just leap across the room all by itself.
    Cut to Undernet 5.  ProtoMan is being held by a black Navi.  You'll need to go
    to the Undernet right away.
    Doors and keys... you're in for a headache.  I'll tell you the locations of all
    the keys.
    Red:  In the middle of the four-bone arrangement on the west edge of Under1
    Blue:  Southeast corner of a large gray square in Under2 (not the one closest
    to the door)
    Green:  Near two conveyor belts in Under2 (the left one is facing north, the
    right one is facing west, the key is hidden north of the left one)
    Yellow:  Near the central of the nine bones at the east end of Under3
    White:  Near the corner near the warp point leading to the path to Under4
    Black:  Southwest corner of the platform with two warp points on your way to
    Find the path leading from Under6 directly to Under5, and speak to the Navi
    blocking the path.  One battle later, keep going.  Go northeast until you find
    ProtoMan and get launched into another five battles.
    Whoops!  Too late!  Proto's Dark Soul has already...
    ...huh?  MegaMan... caught ProtoMan's sword?  How-?
    I'm not sure what just happened, but now it's time for your battle.  Head to
    the Coliseum.
    "Battle routine, set!"
    ProtoMan was a pushover back in MMBN1.  This is quite a bit harder.  Just keep
    attacking Proto and don't hold back.  His attacks aren't easy to avoid, but
    they don't do much damage compared to some of the other Navis you should be
    facing by now.  Oh, and watch out for that pink triangle attack he pulled in
    "We won't be the same when you face us next time." Ha!  I doubt that.
    IV-AE:  Regal's Plan [#XRP]
    You've won the Red Sun tournament... but suddenly a helicopter arrives to take
    Lan to NAXA!
    (Hey... isn't NAXA supposed to be in Netopia?)
    Enter NAXA and take the orange conveyor belt.  (Why do they have those belts?)
    Go up the stairs,  examine the space suit for a RegUp3 on the way,  and take
    the north door.
    Ah, so that asteroid is artificial.  Dr. Regal has plans to wirelessly send a
    Navi to the asteroid to control it.  Crazy plan,  but it's the world's only
    IV-AF:  Subdivision [#SDV]
    Suddenly, an alarm goes off.  The international Net has been divided up.  This
    is no good.  Before you do anything,  talk to your dad to get the Red Sun
    battle chip.  It's said that it can be powered up under certain conditions,
    but I can't confirm it.  Also talk to Dr. Regal to get a transmitter, which
    tracks MegaMan's location.  You'll need to jack in from Sharo, Yumland and
    NetFrica to take care of all the antennas.  Approach an antenna from the wrong
    side and you'll be cut off.  Approach it from the right side and examine it,
    and it'll launch viruses at you.  Delete them to get rid of the antenna.
    Simple but annoying.
    IV-AG:  Catching the Culprit [#CTC]
    The Navi responsible for the division is hiding in Park Area 1.  Talk to the
    Navi in Netopia Area to get the TownKyDt,  then head to the lower level of Town
    Area 2 and open the gate.  You'll have to navigate through the maze of conveyor
    paths to get to the other side.  An invisible path leads to a Navi that gives
    you GunSol2 G.
    Whoa.  The Undernet.  Follow the only path you can and you'll pop out at Park
    Area 1.  Grab the M-Data,  then talk to the purple Navi to be forced into
    After you beat him,  he'll envelop Mega in a huge explosion which stops the
    transmitter.  Dr. Regal decides to send his Navi instead.  Now back to MegaMan,
    who was... saved by Roll, Glyde and GutsMan!  Cool!  Jack out and get to NAXA
    Use the elevator to get to NAXA's roof after talking to the man in the green
    shirt and getting "DadsNote".
    IV-AH:  Who Dr. Regal really is [#WRI]
    A cut-scene reveals that Dr. Regal is leader of Nebula.  Lan tries to get up
    the ramp to stop him,  but the ramp is blown away.  Lan makes it safely back.
    And then Pop gets popped from behind by Regal.
    Regal wants a world with no law,  no borders,  and no right or wrong.  (Come to
    think of it,  that doesn't seem so bad.)
    But what do you do now?
    Ah!  The letter from Dad!  Does it have a clue?
    "Jack into the generator."  Wow,  that was specific.  Remember those thick
    wires leading from the generator up to the laser gun?  Those can convey a lot
    more than power.
    IV-AI:  One, two, three.... [#OTT]
    Things can get frustrating in the MeteorComp.  You have to step on the gray
    panels in the order indicated by the dots;  the panel with one dot comes first,
    then two dots,  then three,  and so on.  Do it correctly,  and you can continue
    to the next area.  Do it incorrectly,  and you're thrown back to the beginning
    of the area.
    And then there are those $!@#% magnetic disturbances.  If one starts to vacuum
    MegaMan up,  mash the buttons until it goes away.  Otherwise,  Mega will get
    caught in it and thrown back to the area's beginning.
    The puzzles aren't that hard to figure out,  but the viruses and magnetic
    disturbances can make things annoying.  Oh,  and don't forget to pick up the
    IV-AJ:  LaserMan [#LSM]
    Before approaching the large square where the fourth warp hole appears,  save.
    LaserMan emerges.  Now he wants to delete you.  Don't let him do so.
    "Battle routine,  set!"
    LaserMan can get REALLY annoying.  He fires yellow laser beams that hit in
    plus-shaped patterns and crack central tiles... but do no harm if the center is
    a hole.  He also holds out his hand and fires a big blue laser straight at you.
    Get out of the way,  or else.  Your Navi Customizer parts won't work if you
    get hit by that thing.  He will also fire a big red laser up,  and cause rubble
    to rain down on you.  Oh,  and he may generate a DarkHole on the ground.  Break
    the floor to get rid of it.  If you don't,  his HP will replenish.
    Stupid reasoning?  What do you mean by that?
    Oh well.  You're going to have to enter the warp hole and change the asteroid's
    trajectory yourself.
    No pressure.  Once your HP is full and your game is saved,  go through.
    IV-AK:  Good and Evil [#G&E]
    At the end of the path is the asteroid's AI.  Duo.  (Duo?  What in the-?)
    He uses some wacky beam to bring out your DarkSoul like LaserMan did so long
    ago,  but this time you have to do battle with it in person.
    "Battle routine,  set!"
    He's got the same HP you've got,  and most of the same moves.  He won't be
    easy (he was to me),  but take him down.
    After your DarkSoul's defeat,  MegaMan and Duo have a discussion about good and
    evil,  then Duo goes into battle mode to try to defeat you.  This won't be
    "Last routine,  set!"
    Duo's attacks are powerful,  but a bit slow.  He also has lots of HP.  If you
    can toss a V-Doll over and then use a LifeSrd P.A.,  you can wipe out 800 of
    his HP easily if you do it right.  That's upped to 1600 if you're in Full
    Synchro.  When he lets fly with that big red laser,  stand in the upper or
    lower left corner and move to your middle row right after a ring flashes there,
    then back to the back row once a ring flashes there.  Sometimes he'll smack
    all nine of your tiles separately with his fists.  He attacks each tile exactly
    once,  and if you've stolen his near row,  stand in it.  He never hits in it.
    Duo is hard to beat,  but it's worth it.  I'll list the usefulness of all six
    of the Red Sun exclusive souls:
    Roll Soul:  Good if Duo's beaten you up and your HP is low.  The short time the
    Roll Arrow takes to charge up is a nice touch,  too.
    Guts Soul:  Lousy unless you've got an AreaGrab or some pretty good chips.
    Fire Soul:  You really don't need it.
    Wind Soul:  Good for those cracked and broken panels,  but poor on offense.
    Search Soul:  The ScopeGun is great if you can find a safe spot.  The Shuffle
    technique is pretty useful for picking up those combos,  too.
    Thunder Soul:  Nice if you need to halt Duo in his tracks to let loose with
    some powerful attacks.  The ZapRing doesn't do that much damage by itself,
    IV-AL:  ME-GA-MAN! [#MGM]
    Duo is defeated.  He creates a bridge to the control system,  but Mega has much
    trouble moving it.  1 hour before atmospheric entry...
    Back on Earth,  everyone is worried about the asteroid.  Match has the bright
    idea of yelling out to MegaMan to bolster his confidence.  (Doesn't he know
    that sound doesn't travel through space?)  Everyone tries it.
    Even all over the world,  people yell to MegaMan.  Even the sourpuss Raika and
    some of the other tournament contestants,  like Raoul and Mr. Famous,  join in.
    At the crucial moment,  a power cable breaks.  Dr. Regal notices it and decides
    to bypass the break using a conductor... himself.  Amazingly,  it works,  and
    he survives it.
    Up in space,  Duo notices atmospheric vibration and turns on a sensor to reveal
    everyone cheering for Mega.  This gives him all the confidence he needs to
    shift the wheel that controls the asteroid.  Full Synchro is enough to send the
    wheel spinning and spinning and spinning...
    IV-AM:  Good and Evil, Part 2 [#GE2]
    And thus,  the asteroid crisis is ended.  Chaud shows up in a helicopter (late
    once again) to take Lan up to Regal's platform.
    Regal gives a speech about criminals.  Everyone's a criminal in one way or
    another,  he says.  (He's right.  I once told my mother that I'd finished my
    physics homework,  when I really didn't.)  He then drops off the platform in a
    dramatic,  slow-motion way...
    The credits roll.  Alas,  they can't be skipped,  and they contain no funny
    scenes like the previous games.
    After several days without anyone finding Dr. Regal (did they look below that
    platform?) the Red Sun victory ceremony is finally held at the Coliseum.  Lan
    is named World NetBattle Goodwill Ambassador.  Whatever that means.  Everyone's
    there.  Dex,  Yai,  Mayl,  Lan's parents,  and even Chaud want to see Lan's
    battling technique in action.  As is the Battle Network tradition,  the game
    ends on a jack-in.
    IV-AN:  Django Sidequest [#DJA]
    This is a side-quest with many rewards.  Taking it on is highly recommended.
    IV-AN-a:  The C-Slider [#CSL]
    There are three black-market dealers hiding in the Net.  One of them is in Town
    Area 2,  hiding under a path on the lower level.  Another is in Town 3.  You
    may have run into him on your way to pick up the Humor program.  The last is
    hiding under the ramp in Yumland Area.  Be sure to purchase all their parts.
    Speak to the Navi beside the C-Slider track in east Sharo area.  You'll learn
    about the Slider Master.
    Now speak to the Slider Master's grand-daughter.  Along the west edge of west
    Sharo area is a path to a toll gate which costs 500Z to open.  Go through and
    talk to the Navi there.
    She'll offer to make you a C-Slider.  If you agree with all three parts in your
    inventory,  you'll get one.  The C-Slider is your ticket to shortcuts through
    Town Areas 2 and 3,  several goodies that you couldn't get to before,  and most
    importantly,  the Undernet.
    IV-AN-b:  Sharo Space Center [#SSC]
    At any time after the "Subdivision" part of the story has begun,  fly to Sharo
    and take the stairs up to the models of the earth and moon.  You can jack in.
    Do so.
    Go to the center of the HP and talk to the Navi there to find out about the
    P-code's whereabouts.
    Enter the Undernet via the east half of Sharo and make your way to Undernet 3.
    The Navi with the P-code will give it up when you speak to him.
    Jack in at the HP again and unlock the Security Cube.  After that,  you can
    talk to the Program at the west end of the HP to establish a banner link which
    will come in handy.
    IV-AN-c:  Django VS Shademan [#DVS]
    Jack in,  go to Undernet 3 and take the north exit to Undernet 4.
    This is a little complicated.  Follow my directions closely:
    -Use the north rail.
    -When you get off the rail,  hop on the next one.
    -Follow the path south and take the rail leading west.
    -Check the Under BBS for info if you want.
    -Take the ramp down to the lower level.
    -When you see two rails,  take the one leading north.
    -Transfer to the next rail.
    -Go east at the nearby crossroads and follow the path.
    You'll encounter Django and Otenko.  Remember them?  And in that coffin is
    ShadeMan.  Apparently Django dropped a S.Sensor near the entrance to Undernet
    2.  You need to recover it.
    Speak to the Navi in Undernet 2,  near the exit to Undernet 1.  No good!  He
    found it,  but it was stolen by a navi from Undernet 6!
    Head to Undernet 6 and find the black Navi.  He'll trade you the S.Sensor for
    10 thousand Zenny.  10000 Z's isn't easy to scoop up,  but you have to do it.
    Here's the important part.  You need to get to Undernet 6 by jacking in from
    an outdoor location.  If you picked up the banner links from Sharo Space Center
    and Castillo,  it shouldn't be hard.  Just jack in from Castillo and take both
    banner links.
    Return to Undernet 4 and speak to Django.  He starts to use PileDriver...
    Darn!  The coffin's trying to escape!  Mega drags it back.  Okay,  let's try
    that again.  The PileDriver beams light on ShadeMan.
    Oh no!  He's using dark powers to resist!  But MegaMan shoots ShadeMan,
    causing him to flinch and giving Django the chance he needs to finish off
    ShadeMan once and for all!
    (Or maybe not.  You may still encounter him in random Undernet 4 encounters.)
    IV-AN-d:  Rewards [#RDS]
    Django rewards MegaMan with GunSol3 G.  Now you can pull off the PileDriver
    Program Advance.
    If you inspect ShadeMan's coffin,  you find NebulaCd.  This will allow you to
    open all those skull doors scattered around the Net (except for the one you
    passed on your way to Django,  which opens once you've got all 6 Souls).
    After completing this quest,  you can locate Django and Otenko back where you
    battled ShadeMan in the Dracky ToyRobo.  Django mentions a source of
    magnificent evil power in Undernet 3.  Now what could that be...?
    V:  Link up! [#LKU]
    Mega Man Battle Network 4: Red Sun has several methods of multi-player fun.
    This is where I'll cover them.
    V-A:  NetBattling [#NBL]
    There are three methods of NetBattling for you to try.
    SinglBattle:  A simple one-on-one match.
    TriplBattle:  Two-out-of-three battle.
    SelctBattle:  Two-out-of-three under different conditions for each battle.
    With SinglBattle and TriplBattle,  you can choose between practicing and actual
    battling.  In actual battling,  the winner gets one of the loser's chips.
    V-B:  Info Sharing [#ISH]
    You can compare using two different methods.
    CompLibrary:  Share your data libraries.  If you get a chip in your library
    from this method that you didn't have before,  it won't count towards your
    total until you actually get that chip,  but you can order it from Higsby.
    ComprRecord:  How fast can you beat FireMan?  How about TopMan?  Can you beat
    him faster than your friend can?  Trade records and find out how your friend
    did.  (I'm still not sure how this works.)
    V-C:  Bartering [#BTR]
    You can trade battle chips and Navi Customizer programs.  Nothing much to say
    about this one.
    V-D:  Waiting Room [#WTR]
    You can send (Visit) or receive (Reception) Navi data here.  Once you've gotten
    Navi data,  you can battle it in a Free Tournament at Higsby's.  You can even
    play Blue Moon exclusive scenarios in Red Sun (and vice versa) once you've
    beaten those Navis in Free Tournaments.  See section IV-O for more info about
    how you can do this.
    VI:  A few end notes [#FEN]
    If you wish to contact me,  here's my e-mail address:
    Please don't abuse it.
    I know that most FAQ's discuss Black Earth,  all the Regular chips,  that kind
    of thing,  but I can't cover that because I have no experience with it.
    I thank you for your interest in this walkthrough.  I hope it serves you well.

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