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    Special Treasures Guide by Bahamut001

    Version: 2.3 | Updated: 01/04/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                                   MW;70@@0BBBB0B0BW0BBWZS7X M
                                 XM;iBMWBWW00BB0088B8BBaXXr7 M
                      MMM@8200BWWB8a2WMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM,;WM    MM
                   aM@00BB0080Z8BMMMMMMM0i,MM2        M     7M07
                   MB8BBBB8B@MMMMMM8     rMX          iM iXM.   X8X
                  M2W@BB0BB0080MM:      MM    2MM7     M; . ;MMM7aMW
               7MMMi;0WWWWWWWMMS       ri  8MMMSSMMZ   BW ..  MZMX
              MMMMMMMZZa2a2ZMM   .       SMM       Mi  2W  .   M
            MMMMMMMMMSMMMMMMM  .        MM   . .   MM  Xa ,.    MBMM
           MMMMMMMM@       M  ,.       MX   ....   .M      .   ;M,  M
         ZMMMMMMMMM       M:,ri   .   M,  ..,. ..   M          Z    M
        8MMMMMMMM@       MM,         M   ,,..      iM           i7  M
       MMMMMMMMMM       M           M     ,,,,,,,  Mr         ,MMMMM:
      0MMMM@MMMM       M   WMM     MMMMM7 ,.:,,,,  M         .M   M8
     XMM@    MM        M MMX,,M;  70 MMMM ,,..,,  @M        iM    M
     MW      WM        M0      M  MMMMMM: ,.,,.. .M        iM    Br
    i        :         M ZMi   M MMMMMMM  :,...  M;        M     M 
                       M   MW. aMMMMMMM   .,,.  BM        MMS   W;
                       MM  M,8  MMMMMMi .,,,   8M        SMMM   M
                        M  Ma i  MMMM, ,i:ii, SM        XM,MM  M
                        MM  M.:,  MM   ,:i:. XM         MMMM  M,
                         MM 7M i,  SMMMZ27XSMMMMMMMMMMBMMMM  @.
                          MX MM ,,    ,280Z:          rMMM0ZMMM
                           M, MM...:i:    .,iiii;;ii;i    ,   Wa
                            Mi @M, .,i;;:iiiii;;:ii;i;;;   .M0M
                             Mr SM,  ,,:::i:ii;;i;ii;i;;;   M
                              M8  M2  .,,::,:i:::i;i:.  iSZ@MMMMMMMMMBS.
                               MM  MMi  .,::::ii:::iXMMMM87          .X@MMM;
                                BM  .MM:    ,.:i:,.X.                .:,   MM
                                 MMM  rMMM;          7@MMMMMMMMMMMMMM@. :iSM2
                                 WM0MZ   7MMMMMMMMMMMMBr         MB@@MMMMM2
                                  M  MMMi              .X00@WM@M@M
                                  M :  MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMa2Sr;,
                                MMM  2i  8MMMMB
                              WMM8M   ;S;  :MM
                             7M000M     77,  MMM
                             MMaBMM      .; 7M7MM
                             M@7,MM   .     XM08MM
    Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
    Special Treasures Guide
    Created 12/20/04
    By Michael Contreras (Bahamut001)
    Welcome to my Special Treasures guide for one of the greatest GBA games
    ever. This guide will tell you what hidden treasures can be found in 
    this game and where to find them. If you want to point something out
    or correct something, e-mail me at MichaelC427@cox.net.
    Only the following sites are permitted to use my guide.
    If you are to steal my work for your website, I will find out. There's
    alot of snoopy people at Gamefaqs, and I can count on them to find my 
    stolen property.
    Ways to Find the Treasures
    Calm Bounty
    Calm Bounty cards are the blue cards with the treasure chest on
    them. Usually pretty easy to find. You can use these to find cards
    or abilities.
    Key to Rewards
    The Key to Rewards Card is a very rare card that unlocks certain 
    rooms with special treasure. It is a yellow card with a gold bar on
    it. You can get this card in any world during fights, but it will
    rarely appear. If you were to look for it during say, the first 
    four worlds, it would almost never appear. However, if you go to
    the later worlds (Twilight Town, Destiny Islands, Castle Oblivion),
    you would most likely get them within your first ten battles there.
    To open their doors, you have to have certain cards or numbers of 
    {Corom Buksha has found an easier way to get these cards!}
    My little brother and I found a way to get easy Key to Rewards. 
    It's actually quite simple. In the first room of Castle Oblivion, 
    you will get a Key to Rewards card within the first 2-3 fights 
    almost 90% of the time. If you want more, just use the current 
    one you have in a different world, and come back to get more. 
    But we think you can only hold one at a time. Also, if you 
    don't get one, just visit another world, then come back to Castle
    Oblivion. See, it's that simple!
    Moogle Shops
    Moogle Shops can be activated by using the blue cards with a picture
    of a moogle on them. Once you find a card, it will be availabe at the
    Moogle Shop. Enemy cards cannot be found in Moogle Shops.
    Guarded Trove and False Bounty
    These two methods work just as well as Calm Bounty, but I've used Calm
    Bounty because it's the easiest way and you won't complain about the
    Certain cards are only found after R/R, but there's one thing you gotta
    do. You have to save your game before the final boss in both stories.
    That is, use a Moment's Reprive before each final boss.
    The Treasures
    Here is the list of the special treasures that can be found. As you
    can see, there are alternate ways to find cards and abilities, but 
    ablities can be harder to find the alternate ways. When I find more
    ways, I will add them. Please remember that I have not listed the 
    cards or abilities you get from bosses or completing worlds, as 
    they are automatic.
    1. Key to Rewards door in Traverse Town
    2. Find Owl in the Hundred Acre Woods
    1. Key to Rewards door in Traverse Town
    2. Key to Rewards door in Olympus Colesseum
    Metal Chocobo
    Key to Rewards door in Olympus Colesseum
    Diamond Dust
    1. Key to Rewards door in Olympus Colesseum
    2. Calm Bounty room in Olympus Colesseum
    3. Get a card pack from a Moogle shop
    One-winged Angel
    1. Key to Rewards door in Olympus Colesseum
    2. Calm Bounty room in Olympus Colesseum
    3. Get a card pack from a Moogle shop
    Ultima Weapon
    Calm Bounty room in Castle Oblivion after Reverse/Rebirth
    Save your game right before the final boss in each story.
    (Quick Note)
    Diamond Dust, One-Winged Angel, and Ultima Weapon actually can be found
    randomly in Castle Oblivion. BUT the Moogle Shop is your bset bet to
    get One-Winged Angel and Diamond Dust. And Ultima Weapon is much more
    common when you use Calm Bounty.
    1. Any Key to Rewards door.
    2. Key to Rewards door in Hollow Bastion
    Key to Rewards door in Destiny Islands
    Calm Bounty room in Castle Oblivion after Reverse/Rebirth
    Calm Bounty room in Castle Oblivion after Reverse/Rebirth
    Homing Fira 
    Any treasure card in Neverland
    Blazing Donald
    Key to Rewards door in Agrabah
    Blizzard Raid
    Calm Bounty room in Olympus Colesseum
    Fire Raid
    1. Calm Bounty in Halloween Town
    2. Calm Bounty in Monstro
    Gravity Raid
    Key to Rewards door in Halloween Town
    Stop Raid
    Key to Rewards Door in Wonderland
    Thunder Raid
    Key to Rewards Door in Neverland
    Water Splash
    Key to Rewards Door in Monstro
    To CJayC for putting this guide on his site.
    To Square-Enix and Disney for making a great game.
    To Pete Campbell for inspiration.
    To Tetsuya Nomura, who is now my idol for games and art.
    To all who e-mailed me. Thank you so much.

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