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Reviewed: 03/12/10

There was nothing in sight but memories left abandoned...

After the closing of the gates of darkness by Riku and King Mickey, Sora and friends chase Pluto to try to find the King. One evening, a hooded stranger appears, and says that in the beyond there is something they will need. Sora follows the path and finds himself near a gigantic castle. Once inside, the hooded man appears again, and tells them that they are in Castle Oblivion, and give Sora a card. When Sora reaches a door, he uses the card, and finds himself on a familiar place. After some events, Sora and friends proceed to the other floors of the castle, and find that their memories are slowly fading away, and older memories were being remembered.

This game is and Action RPG, with attacks based on cards. With the cards you can attack, use itens, summon allies, and use spells. Each card has a number, and when two cards are used at the same time, the card with the most attack points win. Also, you can combine cards into combos, up to three cards at once. This is called stocking. If you stock specific cards, you can unleash a special attack called sleight. By leveling up, you learn new sleights. This opens up lots of possibilities, and you have lots of sleights at your disposal. If you run out of cards, you may reload or use an item card to get 'em back

The cards available to your use at battle can be changed whenever you want by editing the deck. You get new cards on the levels, from chests, or from Moogle Shops. There are Red Cards, Blue Cards, Green Cards, and Black Cards. The Red Cards are the Attack Cards, and they alter the power of Sora's Keyblade. The Blue Cards are Spell/Summon Cards, and they cast a spell or summon an ally. The Green Cards are Item or Friend Cards, and they either use an item, or summon a friend. The Friend Cards cannot be gotten outside battle, they just pop up on the battlefield. The Black Cards are the Enemy Cards, and they don't go with the main deck, even tough they count as a card to the deck. These cards cannot be reloaded, and activate a special effect that lasts some attacks or reloads.

Also, the game does not give you a complete level. You make the level you will play, with the called Map Cards. These cards are used to make a room. The created room will become something different for each card you use. If you use a Teeming Darkness card, the room will be filled with Heartless, but if you use Calm Bounty, there will be no enemies at all, but a chest with a prize inside.

Another good point of this game is that it has another story mode when you beat Sora's Storyline: Reverse/Rebirth Mode, where you play Riku's Storyline, and discover more of the game's history. Battling with Riku is basically the same as with Sora, except that Riku has a preset deck. Also, Riku has only one weapon, the Soul Eater. The main flaw of this game is in Riku's Storyline, the fact that, by having a preset deck, it can be very annoying to fight a boss with a deck you didn't made, full of low-number cards, and no itens at all.

On the end, this is a very good game, with lots of fun, and a lot of known characters. A 8/10 is given by me to this game. It is very good, but not perfect. Now, it is up to you if you will like or not the game.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (US, 12/07/04)

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