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"Sigh... Another game flawed"

Okay, so here is another Kingdom Hearts game. I know, I know. Really, you say? You can say its just "another"?! You mean another one of the greates games ever right? Well, no I don't mean that. Re: Chain of Memories is just another one of the greatest games ever. This one, not so much. Kingdom Hearts made the transition from PS2 masterpiece to GBA dissapointment. Why? Simple: The graphics and sound were not there, the story is based on memories of the first game (so expect a lot or rehashing) and the battle system is horrible. Lets plow through them, shall we?

While decent for the time, they are simply bad when compared to the remake of this game for the PS2. If there wasn't a remake, these would get a MUCH better score, but being the technically inferior version of a PS2 game, the graphics suck.

If you liked the original soundtrack, get ready for a little bit of dissapointment. Again. The soundtrack is actually quite good, but considering they are mostly simplified and recycled tracks, they sound pretty grating. Unless you have headphones, prepare for problems.

Standard Kingdom Hearts fare, orginazation XIII, heartless, disney characters, Donald, Goofy, and Jiminy are always with Sora, plus some new characters, like Namine are met (my new personal favorite character).

The battle system plays out like the system in KH (mash the attack button), but there's a problem. The cards. EVERY SINGLE ATTACK TAKES A CARD TO USE!? Yeah, EVERY ATTACK. If the cards were just, say magic and items, the battle system would be PERFECT. In fact, you would have a command deck like in Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep and Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded. But noooooooo, that would be to good! Instead, every attack, including, as stated, swinging your keyblade, takes a card. Still not bad enough? It gets worse. Every card has a printed number, representing it's strength (and the enemies use cards too). If you and your enemy clash, the higher card wins. At first, this isn't a problem (except agains bosses), but usually, a "card break" will occur, and you will be left wide open. So you should stack your deck with high level cards, right? WRONG! You need Card Points! And to do that, you need to level up! And to do that, you need to battle! And to do THAT, you need to have high level cards! Whatev, the battle system just sucks.

True to the series in terms of worlds and music, but not much else. Not terrible, but not very good either. If you're a die-hard fan of kingdom hearts, pick it up. If buy it if you MUST have a portable Kingdom Hearts fix and the DS games aren't available. Other people, stick with a rental, it's worth playing, but not buying...

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 09/30/11

Game Release: Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (US, 12/07/04)

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