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"Good? Yeah. Perfect? No..."

Before starting this review I need to say that I never played the original game for playstation 2. This way, I will be able to evalute this game alone and I won't do it from a fans' point of view or anything... Now, if you are reading this review I guess you will already know what to expect from this game, as this seems to have a few changes from the original game, but the basis is exactly the same...

Once you start playing, you will noticed that your folks Goofie and Donald were turned into cards, meaning that they won't appear in battles if you don't summon them... Ok, just an excuse to explain that this console couldn't handle the processing of so many characters fighting at the same time... Even if you summon them, they will just appear, use one or two attacks and then go away... In battles, you will also be able to use lots of different cards, each one having their own value, and you will hit the opponent if your cards has an higher value than the one from the opponents. Seems easy, right? However, as you progress through the game you will get better cards, and you can group them in the middle of the battles so that you unleash more powerful attacks. All this in real time, of course... There are also summon cards, which let you use special attacks like in the first game, meaning that you can use Simba, Dumbo or even Cloud (from Final Fantasy VII!) as a part of your battles. But not only of battles lives an rpg... The gameplay in this game is really repetitive, as you always have to do the same thing in the world that you are currently in, I mean, find a specific door which features the logo of KH (that heart thingy...), see what key you need to open it. Then, if you don't have that key you will need to find another door, but if you have it you wil be able to use it after performing a small "puzzle" and see some more things about the story of these game... and "strangely", you will always find a boss in the last room from each of the floors. Room? Yeah, you read it fine! In this game you will be playing inside a castle, in which each floor is a different world, and you need to complete each one in order to advance to the floor above it. Then, repeat it until the end of the game... You will also be able to notice some enemies on the field, and if you touch them you will enter a battle, which turns out to be a quite good feature as it lets you skip battles if you don't feel like fighting at that time...

A simple one... Sora and his friends were happily hanging around when Sora sees a weird character... He gets to follow it up to the castle, but then some strange events happen and his friends Goofie and Donald are turned into cards, and seems that Sora looses his memories... So, he will need to visit all the different worlds in order to retrieve his memories, which turns out to be a quest far more difficult than you could first think of...

The graphics in this game are great, they are surely among the best ones that I ever saw in a game for this console... there are even FMV sequences, which don't happen many times but are quite good! You can clearly see all the characters on the field and the enemies in the battles. As for the sound, it isn't perfect, but it is quite good... I mean, in the dialogue sequences you will just hear the sound for the things that your characters say (hey, not their voices or anything, but the sounds that you hear in most rpgs when the characters are talking), and that turns out to be a really boring thing, since you won't be able to listen to any music at all during those events... However, each of the floors seems to feature their own music, which is REALLY good, as you will never get tired of listening to them all the time.

Play Time/Replayability
Unfortunately this game is really easy... but you may take some time to finish it, if enjoy all the game, as it is not very small... As for replay value, I am not sure if there is any or not, as by the time that I am writing this review I haven't finished the game yet... However, you can choose the order in which you visit the worlds, meaning that perhaps you will get different results or events if you visit them in different ways.

Final Recommendation
This game sure has its flaws, but it is quite funny and I bet you will enjoy almost every second you spend in it. If you like Disney movies, you are a fan from the first game or you just want to try a rpg which is different from the usual ones, get this game!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/12/04

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