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"Kingdom Hearts - Chain Of Disappointment"

KH-COM was one of those games that you wait a long time for. Since completing the first KH game I have been waiting to play any type of sequel. Granted I knew what the games battle system was going to be before hand but how it played that I had to wait and play the game for myself.

Graphics 9/10
They are beautiful and easily one of the best parts about this game. From the opening movie yes movie you instantly feel this is not a normal GBA game. While playing the character models are second to none each one is fully detailed and looks just like the original counterparts.

Storyline 7/10
Ok now it starts to go down hill, I was disappointed in the overall story of the game. Not spoiling anything for you but be prepared for an almost complete sidestep from the main storyline of the first Kingdom Hearts game. Granted the characters are still looking for the "King" and Sora's friends but new factors come into play that would never mentioned in the first game. Also the general storyline is Sora, Donald, and Goofy go to into a mysterious castle where everything is based off of Sora's memories nothing is real.

Game play 6/10
You mainly go from giant square room to giant square room collecting key cards to enter the next room. Of course you need to fight a lot of random battles to collect these cards and advance to the next room. Then you get into a battle which is the major problem with this game. You fight on a horizontal screen running from side to side and up and down and you must use cards in order to fight. My main problem with the card system is you need cards in order to do any attack. What I was hoping for was that all special moves and such were cards but you could still hack and slash with the keyblade. Now you still have the keyblade but in order to use it you must have a card. Also each card has a number from 0-9 and you must play a higher card number then your opponent or else your card is defeated and the opponent gets a free shot. This can become extremely annoying when it comes time for boss battles. One battle in particular is also annoying. It involved a floor of poisoness acid and 4 small rotating platforms. The main problem with the battle is if you touch the floor you get hurt but it can become difficult to jump on the small platforms and sometimes you miss jump and land in acid hurting you even more. Also you have no partners in this game it is just you versus the enemy. Donald and Goofy are cards just like everything else and when you use them they do an attack then disappear. Same thing goes for guest you get at certain levels like, Ariel, Jack, and Aladdin.

Replay 7/10
There is a smaller second story to play when you complete the game once through and it is worth getting and playing. I will not spoil anything but it does have to do with the original KH storyline. In the end though the game just isn't has fun to run around and fight battles like the first one was.

Final Verdict 6/10
I gave it a 6 for the simple reason it did not live up to my expectations, plus all other reviews I have read have praised the game I just want some players to know that be prepared for a complete change from the first game. Pick this game up if you are a card battle game lover, or you are a huge Kingdom Hearts fan just like me and cannot wait for Kingdom Hearts 2 to come out.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 12/09/04

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