Review by KeybladeMasterA

Reviewed: 12/10/04

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. I didn't think it was possible for ANYTHING to do so, but his game actually surpasses the original.

Plot/Storyline: The plot and storyline of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories are every bit as deep and profound as that of the original. This game starts exactly where Kingdom Hearts 1 left off, with Sora, Donald, and Goofy chasing Pluto down a winding road in a grassy field. Eventually, night falls and our party decides to take a break near a four-way crossroads. There, under the cloak of night, a mysterious hooded man approaches Sora, coming from down one of the branching paths . He leaves our young hero with haunting words, "Ahead lies something you need, but to claim it, you must lose something dear," then departs as abruptly and inexplicably as he came. When the man vanishes, only one path on the crossroads remains. Sora then wakes up his two sleeping traveling companions and the three of them continue their journey down that path. Where does it lead? The enigmatic Castle Oblivion. And inside it lies an adventure the likes of which neither the characters nor the players have ever seen. More hooded strangers, new Heartless, old enemies, familiar allies, and a mysterious blonde-haired girl named Namine are among the main players in this delightful tale.
Rating: 10/10

Graphics/Sound: The absolute best I've ever experienced in a Gameboy Advance game. Characters and backgrounds are spectacularly detailed, invoking the same awe-inspiring feeling the first game did. Also, much of the music is reused from Kingdom Hearts 1, further enhancing that feeling. And the music that is all-new to this game is wonderful, on caliber with even that of the first game. Plus, several almost PS2-quality cutscenes are featured in the game. Simply astounding.

Length/Replay Value: Exceptionally long for a Gameboy Advance game, but surprisingly easy to master, once you "get in the groove," so to speak. Re-playability is at its maximum, due to two main things. First, players skilled enough to beat the game will be rewarded with the ability to play through the game again, through a whole new perspective, using new abilities and powers. And second, you can unlock a two-player versus mode, also by beating the game.
Rating: 9/10

Battle System: This game's battle system utilizes cards. And before all you insufferable, ignorant nay-sayers start, it is not a turn-based card game, like Yu-Gi-Oh or Magic: the gathering. Essentially, in battle, you cycle through a list of your abilities, spells, and sleights, using and combining whichever ones you wish; it just so happens that said list is in the form of a deck of cards. Your opponent does the same. Added to this is the ability to "card break." When your opponent uses a card, you can negate the use of that attack, by using a card of a higher level. This battle system is surprisingly addictive and enjoyable, providing amazing, fast-paced battles and immense amounts of fun.
Rating: 8.5/10

Overall, this, along with the original Kingdom Hearts 1, is the most intoxicating, enjoyable game I've ever experienced, and I encourage any intelligent person reading this to buy it. I'd certainly have given it higher than a 9, if we were allowed to do fractions in scores.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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