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"Wow.I just bought the sequel to one of the greatest games on ps2!"

So, here I am, with the sequel to one of the greatest games I've ever played on the ps2. As you can see, it didn't quite live up to MY expectations.


A direct continuation of the PS2 hit title, the protagonist Sora, meets a mysterious hooded man , saying the usual mysterious-hooded-man mysterious words "Ahead lies something you need, but to claim it, you must lose something dear."

At first I was like "OMGSUPREMEPLOTTWIST!!" but was disappointed after an hour into the game, the story is lame, unoriginal and tiring.You can't help thinking "Wait, this has been done in KH1! Why the heck am I doing this again". Yes, I am aware this is a sequel and it the game is called chain of memories, but it feels like playing KH all over again on an inferior console with no unexpected plot twist whatsoever and the story and ending is so predictable.KH:Chain of Memories only gave me bad memories.BAH!
STORY: 3/10


The developers really know how to make me hate them, do they? It sounds like the developers used a cheap shareware midi converter to rip the music from the original ps2 KH. The original soundtrack background music was totally destroyed in this game .

The graphics are fairly decent at best, but here's the catch, the game suffers from slowdown and bad camera angles! I know it sounds unbelievable,I was thinking that it could only happen to a console/pc game but the impossible happened in this GBA game! You can only have a decent fight with 3-5 enemies at once, but when more than that appears, you're in for trouble. You can barely move by then, and when the big enemies come to party along, you'll remember all the times you've fought in Dynasty Warriors 3 with 40 enemies appearing at once all trying to kill you while you can't move, but even that was faster than KH:COM. At first I thought because this was a GBA game, it didn't work as fast on the DS, so I tried it on my trusty SP, same problem. Then I tried using my friends GBA, still the same only worse because of absence of back-light.Then there's the bad camera angle.

Impossible you say?

It seems like Square Enix has made the impossible possible. I was fighting a boss when suddenly my character disappeared nowhere to be found because of the slow response of the camera! There's also situations where I fled from battles accidentally because I can't see where my character is heading.The only decent graphics + slowdowns + camera angle + lame gameplay + small DS/gba screen = intense pressure.I lost count of how many times I try to break the newly bought DS because of this cursed game.


I'm really thinking that Square Enix gets a kick out of destroying their masterpieces (see--->FFT:A). Ooooh, this game utilizes real time card based battle system! How original, how intense, how LAME and TROUBLESOME. If I wanted to play cards, I'd be playing Solitaire,MAGIC, Yu-gi-oh , Pokemon or PSO3. What? It's different because it's not turned base you say? It only adds to the trouble BECAUSE it is not turn-based, I had several battles where I lost because I wasn't aware I ran out of cards. The battles are too fast for a card based battle and when you concentrate on the battles, you tend to lose awareness of your deck and vice-versa..Expect a lot of mistakes while doing battle.You must also use cards to unlock doors. Take the small screen and add it with the hard to see cards equals great gameplay? NOT.


Quite long for a gba game.And the replay value is decent with the unlockable Riku story mode, reverse rebirth and link mode. Great, now you can play VS battles with a friend, now you just have to wait for him to finish the torture chamber of a game so you can battle, only if YOU finish the game in the first place.The VS game can only be unlocked if you finish the game once. What? Haven't finished the game? save file is corrupted? battery gone? No VS battle for you then.

Overall, I feel forced to play this crap for the sake of the story.The game feels rushed, and doesn't live up to my expectation and Square Enix's reputation at all.If you really need to know the story, try to borrow this from a friend who bought the game, they'll easily borrow you their copy Kingdom Hearts:Craps of Memories. How disappointing.

Overall 3/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 12/13/04

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