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"This is a Chain of Memories"

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories is pretty much Kingdom Hearts 1.5 leading off into what can happen in Kingdom Hearts 2. The game begins of which the last one ends off (which is Sora and co at the road). Anywho there new features in this game, one if which you didn't hear is the Card System which I will later explain

Graphics 10/10

This game offers the best graphics I have ever seen in the Game Boy Advance gaming industry. The cut scenes are beautifully designed and each character for the most part is very detailed. 3D effects are also applied in some parts of the game, and the game isn't played in a 2D platform way, you can travel around levels in a 3D type environment, great job here. Oh, yeah, and if that's not enough the special effects and the cards are also nicely drawn :p

Sound 9/10

The sound in this game is also great. Though there isn't talking (unless your in battle) that doesn't stop the music and dialog from kicking in. Unlike Kingdom Hearts 1 for Playstation 2, in this game you read out what the character say and not hear them, but you can't blame SE and Disney for doing this as it is on GBA. This however does not ruin the sound quality of the game as in battle the sounds are terrific and each "world" or level also has it's own custom music. Also battling music doesn't remain the same for all throughout the game so don't take out your CD player just yet.

Story 10/10

Starting off when the original Kingdom Hearts ends off you are enlisted in a giant journey from the beginning of the game. Following Pluto with a letter from King Mickey, Sora, Donald, and Goofy notice themselves in a strange castle named Castle Oblivion. Sora embarks in worlds that he once visited in Kingdom Hearts 1 and for each memory he losses he remembers a deeper one. As you get deeper and deeper into Castle Oblivion Sora swears on that he won't forget the names of his dearest friends but would that always be the case in such a strange castle? Your going to have to find out yourself :p

Controls 8/10

The controls in this game is pretty smooth and nice. Obviously you use the directional pad to move and A is to attack while B is to jump. This tactic is used inside battle and outside. The L and R buttons don't have much use unless you "save" your cards so you can release a combo in which case you have to press L and R at the same time. Anywho, not much to write here cept' the controls are nice, smooth, and easy.

Gameplay 8/10
Some might find the game play confusing because of the cards, but I find it quite fine. You gain levels by gaining experience in which you gain by fighting enemies. For each level you gain you can upgrade one of the following stats, Health Points (HP), Card Points (CP), or learn a new combo. Although it doesn't follow the rules of the basic RPG system where when you gain a level it automatically upgrades various skills this is still fun. Battling is also unique and fun, you build decks which is basically how you fight and during battle you choose which cards you want to use and depending on the one you pick it depends on the move your character does. Now believe me this may sound choppy but it doesn't, Sora uses the cards quickly and efficiently (in most cases) and you can easily do combos by using a series of cards. There are many type of cards some being Regular Attack, Item, Magic, Special, and some others. Anyway basically how you progress through the game is that you go to a new world, hack and slash some enemies, go to 3 rooms that have events, fight a boss, proceed onto a next one. Since this can be competitive at time it makes people lose interest, in which case I gave this a 8/10

Replay Value 8/10

I haven't completed the game yet, but from what I've read and heard I'll say theres a pretty good replay value. I mean after you beat the game you can continue on with a another story based on another character (I don't want to spoil it for you so I'll end it there) and also there's tons of cards you can collect. Oh yeah, and I forgot there's a multi player function in which you can battle a friend head to head and gain cards through there, although I didn't try this yet it seems fun.

Rent or Buy
I say buy this game, it packs a good 20-30 hours to completely beat this game in which case is a good time. Although you can probably do this if you rent the game it's best if you buy it

Final Thoughts

- New and Cool battling system
- Beautifully designed players and levels
- Card System
- New Characters
- Interesting Plot

all going into one great game!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/20/04

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