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Reviewed: 01/03/05

A worthy sequel


First off I would like to say that this is my first time submitting a review so if you think its weird/funny I apologise.
CoM is basically Kingdom Hearts 1.5 on the GBA. It picks off directly from the prequel where Sora and gang are seen running down a really long winding road…

Gameplay (battle system)

CoM uses a card system unlike the original action RPG. Basically you have a deck of cards in which each does a move. Use a card and it’s gone until you reload your deck. Each card has a value ranging from 9-0. When you play a card that has a greater value than your opponent’s card, you can break it. Broken cards can’t be reloaded. Zero cards can break any other cards if the enemy's card is played later, if not it is vulnerable to any other card. There are also combo attacks which you can perform- called sleights. Combine three/two cards together meeting certain criteria and you will perform a sleight. Sleights are powerful, but after using the first card of the sleight will be gone until the battle is over- just like being card broken. There is something called CP. every card you want to put in your deck costs CP, and your deck can't exceed your maximum CP.

RR// In Reverse Rebirth you play as Riku. Your deck is now fixed, but you're much stronger than Sora. Also, Riku has something called DP (dark points) and AP (Attack Points). Riku is capable of morphing into dark Riku when he reaches a certain amount of DP, that is when he dishes out massive damage. AP increases your attack.

This is indeed a good system, a great way to fuse strategy with action. Unfortunately it couldn’t be fully utilized to its maximum potential. The Heartless fights are too easy and the boss fights are for laughs. The problem is that instead of making awesome decks most just stick many powerful cards in their decks and button-mash their way to victory. I think the problem doesn’t lie with the enemies having weak cards, it lies with their intellect. If every Heartless/boss knows how to use Zero cards just right the game would be much more fun, and the difficulty just right. This game is meant to be played with a fast mind. Also people would sit up and take time to construct a nice deck. About cards, the variety is alright, though I could do with some attacking items. The idea of having enemy cards as support cards is a good idea.

RR// The game becomes much easier in RR, and the Disney worlds have been reduced to enter-area-kill-boss-exit. I think there is not much flaws with RR, because I see it as a treat to those who completed Sora mode.

Gameplay (field)

Your main play areas are the Disney worlds. The worlds have been split into interconnected rooms, in which you would need map cards to synthesize a room so that it takes shape before you can enter. There are also story rooms which require a special card in addition to map cards.

This system makes exploration really easy. Everything is marked out infront of you just follow it you can’t ever get lost. Which is bad, there’s no fun in it, following sets of boxy rooms. Oh, the rooms are identical, they just change the tile sets. Even if they can’t get rid of this room synthesis system, the rooms should at least be bigger and have more variety.


Somewhere in the middle of this long winding road, Sora and gang meet a man in a black cloak. Instead of continuing down the road, he leads them sideways to Castle Oblivion, where this whole game takes place.
RR// Riku wakes up in an unknown place. A voice leads him to Castle Oblivion where he eventually meets Sora.

The story is basically a partial clone of the original one. Its arranged in a way that it alternates the main story telling and the recycled Disney worlds. I think they could have worked on this abit.
The stories for the different Disney worlds are similar to the original ones, just slightly tweaked. However, the main core of the story is totally different- which was what I mainly played for.


This game has one of the best graphics of all GBA games. It was my first time seeing FMV sequences in a GBA game, very impressive. Also, the sprites are detailed, much similar to the original PS2 characters.


Composer Yoko Shimomura is still great.
Majority of the music is the same as previous, there are also some new additions. The music is very appropriate and influences your mood to exactly how you would feel if you were in that particular world/situation. Basically the music and the world/situation are like one, its like as if you we in that world/situation.

Replay Value

There’s not much to replay. Yes, there are bonuses and secrets but a more likely reason for a replay is that the game is short. You can complete in a day, about 10-12 hours, maybe even shorter.


If you’re a KH1 fan you’ll need to get this. The story will blow you away. The battle system is unique, though its not without its flaws. There’s no voice acting. I know you can’t fit that in a tiny cartridge, just grumbling… The game is too easy, would have been more fun if it was harder.

Lower your expectations, and you will like it :)

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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