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"Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Redundance"

Upon hearing about this game at first, I was excited seeing KH in PS2 was great. But hearing that i'd be card based, kinda got me down...but then wondering how they could pull that off on how it looked in the screen shots? well...I soon found out once the game came out. I picked it up and enjoyed at first..until it got repetitive...

Graphics: 9/10

By far some of the best GBA graphics shown to date. Also FMV videos are included from time to time. Everything worked in nicely except one thing. If too many enemies are on screen all at once, it tends to slow down leading to frames disappearing and even the card pictures just disappearing altogether until reloaded. Nothing big but it's there.

Sound: 8/10

Great remixes of the old KH towns that either some exactly like its PS2 version or better/worst (such as the Destiny Islands theme. I prefer this calm version over the upbeat happy one on the Kingdom Hearts). Though what kept it from a 9 or 10 is mainly due to the boss music being really nothing new. But every other piece of sound fits nicely into the game which leads to no crackling. Everything is clearly heard.

Gameplay: 7/10

You can either love or hate the card battle system and I really just hated after some point. At first it was great since it posed no problem and you start off whippin butt. But later on in the game, the whole card deal gets a bit old, boring, and too much of a hassle for anyone to deal with. Since the Kingdom Hearts Series was mainly headed towards the kids, this game would be pretty difficult for the younger audience. Seeing you have to worry about numbers, learning the complete card battle system, and many other extras such as the sleights (you stock 3 cards to perform a combo or a skill.) Though I had no problem with it, it tends to be there to keep the game away from being Kingdom Heart Remixed.

Basically you battle system obviously revolves around cards. You have cards numbered from 0-9 (9 being the highest whereas 0 being the lowest.) although 0 may be something you think you wouldn't put in the deck(which i'll explain right after.), the 0 card is your key card for breaking enemies from attacking. You start off with a simple beginner deck with a mix of cards. Although simple, the more you go through the game, the different types of cards you find to add in the deck. Upon having a deck, you also have to worry about not going over the certain amount of card points you're given. Each card also has a certain number attached to it in order to add in the deck. If you go over the set amount of cards you're able to put in the deck, then you'll have to remove a card or more.

When you level up, you have a choice of either raising your HP, you CP (card points), or obtaining a new sleight. which you choose to get is all up to you.

As far as the surrounding worlds traveled here, if you've played Kingdom Hearts on PS2, well you're about to see them all over again. Though it may seem like Kingdom Hearts 1 just on Game boy advance at first, you'll see why you're taking a trip back down memory lane later on in the game. Though it ties into the story ( which is next), trying to figure out this story this point and time in the game is really impossible with so many loose thoughts not cleared up.

Story: ??/10

Although I love how the story is very complex than most think, it's pretty hard to actually figure out what's going on with all the "what we thought" spoilers answered just lead to even more spoilers. Although I personally give the story a 10/10 for Disney and Square err...Square Enix pulling off a great fresh interesting plot, the majority of the kids playing CoM will surely become wandering the forest lost due to the complex story and really not explaining it.

Replay Value: 10/10

This is the only part I can actually say deserves a 10 without hiding behind "Unknown" question marks. Though if you're lucky enough to actually finish the game and tolerate the card system, be rewarded with....MORE CARD SYSTEM BATTLING!!! What the extras are? well I'm not going to spoil it here when it's spoiled in the game, on this website, and many other places. If you really want to know, just look.

Overall: 7/10

Personally, I was hoping for better out of this game but it's better than nothing. Though for the younger audience, they'll most likely have a hard time getting through this due to the storyline, the card system somewhat posing a problem, and overall more thinking and not enough action. The extras involved (one being a link battle against a friend and another that I won't say.) keep you somewhat playing. At least not the one I mentioned if no one else picks up the game. I think Square Enix better hurry with Kingdom Hearts 2 before the fanboys/fangirls start a cult hurrying them to finish and release the game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 02/11/05

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