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"You can run, you can hide..."

... but whatever you do avoid this avoid this horrible game.

As you may notice from the title this game is based on American Idol. If you are unfamiliar with American Idol it's a show where people get together infront of 3 snobby judges which mock and laugh at the people who perform and try to decide which one is worse. In the end the winner gets a album + awful movie picture deal then after a few months we never hear about them again. Now how exactly did they turn this into a game out of all system GBA? Well it was beyond me as well until I played it

Gameplay 3/10
Uh... ok... you create a character from a very limited amount of options that makes Habbo Hotel's creator look like WWE'S Smackdown Create A Superstar then you get a big circle with letters from the controller you must press at a specific moment in order to get passing score (think Parappa or DDR) while some rather slow music (i'll get to this in a moment) plays. You are then judged by how well you hit those buttons and your style (how you customized them) of your character. You get about 5 stages that are about 45 seconds long and get slightly harder each stage. Yeah... right...

Sound 0/10
Now this is where it really hurts... the music, is horrendous. You get about 5 popular songs with 2 versions of each song to accompany your male or female character. Each song is done by nameless cover groups who in a way ridicule these classics.
They all sound slow, boring (I mean whats with the piano playing in the background) and with GBA's sound they are also muddled with weird sounds in between each song. I would also like to mention that NO MAN SHOULD EVER SING GENIE IN A BOTTLE. Although I would have to say the worst song that stands out is the cover of Tonight (Waiting For). If you are actually serious about playing this game it may be suggested to turn the sound off considering it'll be more distracting than anything and could even put you to sleep more than silence ever could.

Graphics 6/10
I don't see many 3d games for GBA but the graphics in this from judging on the GBA hardware they aren't too bad. Nicely done menus and your custom character isn't too bad either I guess. Just seems like more could of been done to make it look better such as better backgrounds. The backgrounds look rather boring and blurry. Other than that there isn't much else to say

Replay Value 1/10
I beat this game solely out of boredom and despite the whole 5 minutes it took to beat I felt no urge to replay the game what so ever.

Overall 2/10
This game wasn't really just a bad game but a rather boring one. I tried it mainly as a joke but it really feels after listening to the horrible covers and tapping A and B multiple times I felt the joke really was on me for allowing myself to play this game. I guess there is always better things to do within five minutes, such as hitting this cart with a baseball bat or driving a nail into the center of it. Anyway I suggest everyone to stay away from this awful awful game.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 11/25/03

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