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"The Only Thing Worse Than This Game"

The only thing worse than this game has to be the judge Simon’s idiotic insults. The game seems to be the same style as Britney Spears’ horrible game where you continually hit the A or B buttons when it tells you to so that you can get a better score. Usually when you try to copy a bad game, the game you make will be just as bad if not worse. Have you ever played Dance Dance Revolution at an arcade? Have you ever watched a kid dance like he’s been training for it his whole life, cheered on by the half drunk adults who hang around arcades for whatever reason. Well this is just a watered down version of that game.. and by far much easier.

Story: 1/10

Hmm.. Well I’m not going to hold this against the game because no one should expect a story from something like this. Basically if you have ever watched the show you will understand what it’s about. You are one of the many people trying to become the next flash in the pan celebrity who will stay popular for about 5 mins. Think about the cool people we have gotten out of this amazing show: Kelly Clarkson, a girl more fake than barbie. Ruben Studdard, a fat guy that’s “Huggable” or Clay Aiken, a skinny wimp who sings to crying girls because they believe that he’s the next Elvis. Anyway the story is almost non-existent.

Graphics: 3/10

I don’t know what to say about this. The characters look like blocks stacked on each other. Although The Gameboy Advanced has a limit to how good the graphics can be. Still these guys look like people you could have seen pre-Nintendo 64, nothing special other than you being able to customize your look. The down side to being able to customize your character is that only style you can have is a tight shirt with tight pants or the “Pop Star Look” nothing punk, rapper, or anything else unorthodox. I mean would it have killed them to be able to have a mohawk or a mullet? couldn’t they have let you make yourself look the slightest bit funnier?

Sound: 4/10

This is where the game excels if you can believe it. American Idol introduced something I’ve been waiting for, voice. Isn’t it annoying when you have to read every word people are speaking? Well now that I’ve played American Idol I understand why Gameboy has those little pieces of writing. The character’s voices in this game are choppy and hard to understand. The songs that they sing get butchered even worse than the contestants of the show can do. I don’t know who they got to sing the songs but I do know that I kept hearing sour notes in the songs which started to annoy me.

Game play: 2/10

The gameplay is horrible, the controls were easy enough to understand (Hey what’s better than only using 3 or 4 buttons)? The game is extremely easy, if you can see when a box moves over a button, you can beat this game. Personally this game took me less that half an hour to beat. and that’s after I practiced a couple times thinking that the game would be difficult. you can replay the game a little if you think that by choosing another mind numbing song, you can somehow make the money back that you wasted on this game.

Final Score: 2/10

This game is not worth buying unless you are a major fan of the show, and even then you should probably avoid it. This game looks like it was thrown together in a matter of days (which Is understandable since companies wanted to cash in on the latest American Idol fad). If you do like this game then you should probably check out Britney spears’ game for Gameboy Advanced (I think it’s called Britney’s Dance Beat’s).

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 01/07/04

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