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"What the... but... how?! The show was so bad!"

Let's get one thing straight... the American Idol show blows. You sit there and watch as the biased judges vote on people's talent as if they knew what it was in the first place... and afterwards they select someone out of their crew to be molded into a ''plastic'' star. Of course thanks to the show I was skeptical about playing the game, but hey, I wasn't paying for it, so what was there to lose?

Speak of the devil, it's FUN!
Yes, you heard right, the game is fun. You start off with a few songs THAT THEY ACTUALLY SING and as you progress you can unlock more(there's a male and female voice done for this). These aren't songs that you'd expect no one knows about either, they're mostly all hit songs that are very good. However, that's not even the best aspect of this! While playing, you must accurately perform by pressing the ordered key combinations to avoid having your singer sound like a donkey with water in it's mouth. The visuals are all very nice too... there are a lot of backgrounds with MUCH detail in them, as well as 3D models for the person you play as(with many customizations)... of course, the rotate and scaling effects GBA has become so popular for also make an appearance here.

How do you like this if the show is bad?
Yeah, the show sucks... I say that much, but, despite this being based off of it, the thing that separates them is that this is FUN. It's a dance/singing simulator where you must keep upbeat and have perfect timing or be trounced by the competition. There is a practice mode where you can practice singing and dancing to the songs you've unlocked if you feel you just need it, but the competitions are where it really gets awesome.

I thought you were a RPG maniac, why are you playing stoopid dance sims?!
The competitions... what other reason is needed? The competition is quite stupid at times and makes the first few rounds easy, along with slow, easy songs to perform. However, at almost lightning speed it all kicks into gear and you find yourself almost in a rush to keep up with them as the songs speed up and the competition gets better. It's a very good feeling to know you've taken on one of the hardest songs and finally beat it.

So it doesn't blow as much as the show? Fine... how long does it last?
Great. Once you beat the game once of course you'll play a few times over to master all the songs and be interested in trying it as the female(or male, if you start off with the girl)... I've beaten it many times and still go back to play it every once in a while just because it's that addictive.

So what are your final words on this, buy or deny?
Get it... it's really worth it, especially if you can find it around $20... personally I really don't pay dance sims any attention but this one actually drug me away from RPGs for a little while...

Graphics: 8.5/10
Sound: 9.2/10
Lasting appeal: 7.8/10
Gameplay: 8.6/10
Control: 9.1/10
Overall: 8.6

The game's definitely good if you need something to pick up and play... not so sure if you wanna be caught playing it though...

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/10/04

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