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"Good or bad?"

Personally I never watched the show in which this game was based, but as far as I heard, it was pretty bad. So, we could also think that this would be a bad game. Well, it isn't surely very good, but it can get you into some fun for quite a while.

Once you get into play you will notice that this game is one of those in which you need to use passwords, meaning that you will need to be writing those down all the time, and this turns out to be quite boring. Then, apart from the usual options you will be confronted with 3 main game modes, one in which you can pratice the songs, other in which you will need to perform all the songs one after the others until you get a bad score and finally one which could be somehow seen as a story mode. In this one you can create your own player by picking his "final" body from sets of different of parts available, like different colors for the hair, skin and so on... Then you will face your first level, and you will be able to pick the song that you want to perform from a set of 2 or 3, now you will just see your character moving and performing that specific song, and you will only need to press the keys when a moving circle is above that specific key. If you suceed your character will perform the song quite well, but if you press the wrong keys we will start singing quite bad. So, you need to start trying to get good scores up to winning to all the other people that entered the contest, and finally unlocking new stuff, like more songs of clothes for you characters. Hey, this may look somehow boring, but what did you wanted? Connecting a microphone to your gameboy unit and singing a song for the jury to evaluate? :P

No story at all, at least the kind of story that most of the times is shown in the game...

The graphics are not very good, as they are somehow as worse as those of the first 3d games that appeared on the good old playstation. As for the sound, it isn't perfect but may be seem as quite nice, since you can actually hear the songs in your unit, feature that isn't very common on gba games!

Play Time/Replayability
The play time isn't very high, however if you actually enjoy this game it will have a farther play time and replay value, as there are still things to unlock, although they are not very interesting at all.

Final Recommendation
Hum, a good game for people who want to have some fun, but quoting a review of another person here in gamefaqs, "don't let your friends see you playing it".

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 06/24/04

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