Review by Simfan24

"Don't buy it, it's not worth you money"

I got this game for $10. When I first opened it up to play it, I thought it looked really fun. It's not.

When you are playing the game, you design a character and play with that character until they a re eliminated. You select a song. There are lots of them, which is a good thing. They are mostly old songs though- Nysnc, Backstreet Boys, Birttany Spears, all of the old celebrities.

When the actual competition begins, you enter a room where the 3 judges are sitting. There is a circles around your character. When the song starts, a small box moves around the circle at a certain speed (it depends on what level you are). Different gray boxes appear around the edge of the circle that say "A" and "B" on them. When the square passes over the "A" button or the "B" button, you press the same button on your gameboy. Your character sings every time you press a button. How well you sing depends on how well you time it. If you time it perfectly, you get a green smiley face for that button. If you it it fairly good, you get a green-yellow one. Then a yellow, an orange, and a red for SUCKY.

That's probably the most annoying part. Even if you get all green smiley faces in the song, the singing still sounds TERRIBLE. They sing HORRIBLY! It's either an annoying screech or else a loud, obnoxious, off-key note.

After you beat the game and become the American Idol, the game gets really boring. After you've beaten it once you will always beat it after that really easily. That's another thing I didn't like about it.

It's not a game for older kids, either. I hate it, but my young siblings love it. Only buy it if your under 10 or 11, otherwise it's really boring.

Overall? About 5 out 10. This game only cost me $10, but it was still a rip-off. The quality is terrible. DON'T BUY IT!

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 10/27/05

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