Review by astrangeone

Reviewed: 03/31/06

Idol Worshipping? Isn't there something against that?

American Idol

Yikes. I'm embarrassed to say I play this, even though I don't even watch the show. Yeah, I really hate Ryan Seacrest, Randy, Simon and Paula....but surprisingly, Rockstar Leeds (yeah, the company that brought us Grand Theft Auto) makes American Idol fun!

Story - 3/10

You know the premise. A bunch of people gather to try to sing in front some judges and the whole of North America. People get voted off, until there's only one Idol left. Anyway, that's the idea. The game itself doesn't have a story...Rockstar Leeds should have developed a basic story, and filled it in with your character name or something like that.

Gameplay - 9/10

Hoo. Simple but good. To sing, you have to press the proper buttons at when you are prompted to. You have a giant circle, and the buttons appear to prompt you to sing. You can build your own Idol contestant, choosing from upper body clothing to lower body clothing. Several modes are present, with endurance being the mode of play that is most like the show.

Graphics - 10/10

Oooo...eye candy. You can see your Idol wannabe dance, lip-sync, and dance some more. The backgrounds are a bit pixelatted, but they are some extent. In the short judging cutscene, you'd see three familar faces...yes! Randy, Paula and even Simon are duplicated in perfect form!

Sound - 8/10

Ugh...I cannot stand pop music. I love oldies, so hearing Madonna's music is alright, but some of the new songs and artists make me grimace. The singing is fully voiced, and it's quite amusing. I would have liked to see a song selection menu, instead of random songs appearing.

The music is ok...hearing the gba emit Like A Virgin is rather caused my cat to dive for cover!

Control - 2/10

Like DDR but for your thumbs. Press the corresponding buttons at the proper time, and the result is good singing. Miss, and you'd sound like William Hung. At the last level, I was about to throw my cart and gba out the's frustrating at the end, but thankfully there are no learning curves involved!

Final Thoughts - 6/10

A fun, but short time-waster. Going on a trip? Grab this, you'd find it in the bargain bins. You'd spend loads of time playing this one...but please keep the headphones on!

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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