Review by Chaoshydra

Reviewed: 07/01/04

I ordered racing, not pinball...

Okay, when you look at the title you may think this is a bad game. Well, it isn't that bad at all. It's just that there are some flaws in it, which makes this game harder to enjoy.
I've played F-Zero since GX. That isn't long, I know, but F-Zero isn't a big franchise when compared to games like Zelda and Mario. And until the Gamecube came, I only played those really big games.
F-Zero GX was really one of the best games I've ever played. No surprise that I was anticipating F-Zero GP Legend; it looked really cool, and an F-Zero on the handheld would be nice. I understood that Maximum Velocity was a disappointment, well, I can't judge about that, sadly.
Now on to the actual review.

Graphics : 9

This looks very, very good for a gameboy advance game. The tracks are very well done, and it's very easy to see who is who on the track. There are two very little things; but they aren't a real drawback. Sometimes, the background may be very annoying (Especially on the Lightning tracks), while the background is usually kinda...well, I don't know how to say it, but it isn't great, let's just say that. Still, a 9 for the graphics is well-deserved.

Sound : 9

Since I am not someone who played all the F-Zero games, I can't tell if the music is from the older games, like others say. I can say this: The sound rocks! The music has been done very well, and the announcer's voice is even better then the one in F-Zero GX! How did they do that? I don't know. A 9 for sound!

Game play : 6

One of the two parts I'm less happy with. I'm talking about the races now. Once you get into a race on a little bit narrow track, you're dead meat. What's the matter? Well, if you hit one wall, you'll bounce right back a lot! If you have, for instance, the Little Wyvern, a machine with low body rating, you won't be able to use your booster because of this.
There is another strange thing. Racing for the top positions isn't's very easy! After the start, you'd have to stand still half a minute to fall from P1 to P30...that isn't right! This even goes for high difficulty levels! On the positive side, racing for top positions isn't for victory is. And you'll need victory more then in GX, since in a championship, your rival will end up most likely on P1-P4, where in GX your rival could end up 23 th or something like that.
A 6 for the game play due to the strange starts and the bouncing.

Story : 10

The story mode is great! I'm one of the first to review this game in English, so I could tell you what the story is all about. But that would spoil the plot, and I don't want to do that. However, I can tell you a little bit. The story develops like the anime series, or so is said. I haven't seen the anime serie, and there is little chance I actually get to see it (Holland/anime on tv.......). However, the story develops nice, has some plot-twists in it, and it's fun that you can race 8 characters! (Rick Wheeler, Captain Falcon, Jody Summers, Jack Levin, Samurai Goroh, Lisa Briliant, Black Shadow and Zoda) In just two days, I've finished 5 of those story lines, since a lot of the missions aren't all too hard. But the story mode is sure fun to do!
A 10 for the story. This story is better then the one of a standard RPG!

Controls : 6
Another of tle weak points. Double press L or R to do a both L+R to L or R ro slide... it isn't good. The vehicles go smooth on the track, but these strange controls mess up quite a lot. Hence the 6.

Graphics : 9
Sound : 9
Game play : 6
Story : 10
Controls : 6
This suggest an 8, but as I said in another review, Game play is the most important thing in a game. And in a race game, controls are also very important. So due to the bouncy effects and the weird controls, I'm rating this a 7.

Rent it first. If you can live with these troubles, then buy it. Else, be happy you didn't spend money on this one.

Oh yeah, another little thing: That e-reader stuff. You don't need it here! Just to let you know, since in the oldest reviews, they state that e-reader is needed.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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