"F-Zero GP Legend, not only a legend but an instant classic!"

F-Zero GP legend for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance is the 2nd best F-zero game I have ever had the pleasure to play. The only game that is a bit better is F-Zero X for the N64. Everything about this game is good. It has the cars, the tracks, the music, and a good single player game to boot.
It's not only what it has that makes it good it's how it puts it together to give you a very good quality game that sticks to its roots and adds new features found in X and GX. This game more than makes up for the mistake known as F-Zero: Maximum Velocity. It's not that MV is a bad game, it's a bad F-Zero game. It's called Maximum Velocity but 99.9% of the time you don't go anywhere near your top speed, as soon as you were getting up to speed you hit a hairpin curve or a 90 degree turn. GP legend is much better with a faster sense of speed. If you liked the original you will love this game. Now enough of this and on to the review.

Graphics - 10
The graphics for this game are simply superb. They couldn't have done any better, if they did it wouldn't be on the GBA. Everything from the cars to the characters look great in the new anime style from the popular show in Japan.
Samurai Goroh, Leon, and a few others definitely benefit from the artwork. Black Shadow looks evil, Zoda looks psychotic, and Captain Falcon looks heroic during the Fire Emblem style cut scenes. This game looks a lot better than MV.

Story- 8
You have to remember this is a racing game. Most don't even have a story, but what's here is pretty decent since this is based off the cartoon that plays in Japan. The only other F-Zero game to have a story was GX and that was annoyingly hard and not too fun.

Music - 10
If you like the old music then you'll love what's here. They sound exactly if not better than they did in F-Zero X.From Big Blue to Mute City they sound great, and if you don't like good music you can simply turn down the BGM in the options. The sound effects are the same as the old ones. A mixture of the sounds from MV and F-Zero X, they completely fit the game.

Control- 10
They can't get better than this. The same control layout as MV, about the only thing that was good about MV was brought into this game. If you don't like it you can just change it.

Gameplay- 9
This is what games are all about. The straightways, chicanes, curves, and jumps all come together to create not just tracks, but works of art that can be raced on. The story mode is interesting and fun. It's not easy but it's not annoyingly hard *coughGXcough*. The added Zero test adds some more replay value. The Grand Prix mode we all know and love is here as well albeit a bit too easy seeing how there is no Master Mode. The link mode is the greatest part if you know people who are good and willing to play. You don't even need multiple games, but you play at reduced quality. The only thing keeping this from perfection is that there is no Master difficulty.

Replayability- 9
The replayability of this game depends on your situation. If you have friends who are F-Zero fans with GBAs then you can expect a long, long life out of this game. If you love F-Zero you can expect a long life out of it. If you like racing games you can.. I think you get the picture. The only thing that can effect this is the lack of friends with GBAs.

Overall- 9.5=10 (not an average)
Overall this game is a must buy if you like racing games or F-zero. Everything in this game is just put together almost perfectly to create one of if not the best racing game for the GBA.

Buy or Rent?: You shouldn't waste your time buy renting, but if you are still skeptical then you can. I recommend, no I order you to buy this game. Why aren't you going? I said NOW!! Yeah that's what I thought, and tell your friends to get it too.
Overall=9.5- 10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/02/04

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