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"What in the...I thought I bought a F-Zero, not Mario Kart..."

I used to own a Japanese version of F-Zero for N64, until I had to let go of it for some sad reason. When I first heard of F-Zero: GP Legend, I thought, "Yay, my favourite racing game right in my hands!". My expectation had been backfired, along with my burning $30 I used to get this intolerable game. Anyways, it's time for the review.

Story: 5/10
This is F-Zero with a story, unlike one for N64. It basically takes you through eight different characters, which tells you one story from different views of the characters. For example, you start with Rick Wheeler (who is apparently the rookie in this game), and as the story progresses, you meet other characters. One more character then gets unlocked, and so on. The story itself is worthless, I'm not giving out any spoilers here, but let me tell you this: They settle anything from everything with racing. It starts to get seriously ridiculous.
You earn some money with each victory, but that money isn't used anyway.

Gameplay: 2/10
What is this? This is absolute embarassment. Remember on N64 how you got to slide left and right, boost with accelerator still on, and do side attacks that actually gives you advantage? Yeah well, now all that is gone. You can barely make a good curve without mashing the heck out of the accel button, and if you don't, you bounce off the track wall back and forth, until your opponents get in front of you. You cannot control the bouncing, you have to either wait for it to finish or use boost to get out, and bounce some more afterwards. Speaking of boost, this is absolutely dumb. You have to let go of the accel button to use the boost, and while doing so, your opponents just bump the crap out of you, waste your energy, then when you use the boost, you hit the wall and explode. Another case is when making a jump, you lose energy after you land. I mean come on, you have to use boost a lot to win, and if you don't have enough energy to make the landing, you lose.
There are several modes to play, ranging from the Story mode to Time attack, but it doesn't have a Death Match. In N64, you could do a 40 racers Death Match, where you could race around a track until you've completely destroyed other machines. But I guess this is a GBA.
Like any other games, computer cheats. The computer never seems to lose energy, and never seems to have a slow down, while you are always forced to slow down. For example, after making a jump, you slow down to the minimum speed, while the computer just jumps 100 miles ahead of you. You have to have a mad skill to beat the computer at Hard difficulty.
The biggest weakness in this category is the loss of control. Sometimes, you are forced to lose control, making you turn back and spin around. This sucks especially when you work so hard just to get ahead of a computer, when suddenly your machine just spins around and goes to the wrong way. Seriously, what were they smoking while making this game? I could go on and on about 30 other weaknesses, but I'll just stop here for time's sake.

Graphics: 3/10
The machines look kind of cute, as they are deformed, and look like bunch of action figures. But that's ok. The problems are the tracks. They look like friggin' cardboard with little pixelated circles on the sides. The tracks are all pale, there are nothing special like tunnels in N64, where you got to take advantage of the tunnel wall and go ahead of your opponent. You just run around tracks with exactly the same pattern, and gets extremely boring just waiting for the race to finish. Characters are drawn well though, they are drawn from head to mid way of their body. That's pretty much it.

Sound/Music: 8/10
Ah, the only worthy category in this game. Music is as hot as ever. It really feels "fast" as it should be, and the sound effects are recorded quite well also. There's sound of your machine doing a side spin, there's a sound of your machine crashing, there's sound of your machine exploding and so on. The only sound that suck is the announcer. I don't know why they decided to waste game memory recording quotes that can barely be understood, but it seems to be the common problem in GBA games.

Overall: 4/10

Buy or Rent?
To be honest, neither is suggested. Unless you are really desperate for a racing game, stay away from this. Get a N64 one if you can, as it is now obsolete and cheaper.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 08/02/04

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