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"Bumper Cars..."

Well, what can I say? Racing has never been the GBA's strong point. I first bought this game on my way back from a trip about three months ago, it was a long plane trip back, so I decided, what the hey?

Gameplay 7/10
Err, okay... Here is how it works, you get to pick your car, and they give you things like:
Body B
Grip C
Boost A
That is your car's/Racer's stats pretty much, given on a letter grade. Then before a race you can tweak your hover car with either high acceleration or high top speed. In the races! It is like Mario Kart, you go around, you use boost if you fall behind, but boost uses your health, but on the way you can fly on a green pad to gain health. My HUGE problem was what I call the "Bumpers" On the sides there are round green things, and if you hit them they do damage, now if you are trying to squeeze by another racer, you can skid on them and they do a bit of damage, but say instead of going parellel to the bumpers, you are running right in to them... Then you might as well quit, cause .5 seconds later everyone else passes you, and you have to start again. Another thing is, when you go off a jump, I might fall off and blow up, there is no respawn like traditional racing games, that wasn't a big issue, just an aggravating one. Also, the Enemy AI is TOO good, it is like they have Highest Acceleration & Highest Top Speed, in their cars. Right off the finish line you will be in front of the pack, green light! Bam they all hit their top speed, while you have to start up regularly, but if you are really precise, you can boost your car a little bit, but only someone with action fast reflexes could do such a thing.

Solid sounds for the most part, all the music was entertaining, a regular GBA style.

Okay, these graphics look like they could've been from the original gameboy, the detail on cars is really amazing though, but the "bumpers", the roads, and the city you fly above, are poorly detailed.

Solid, A = Accelerate B = Brake L+R = Boost R = Slide Right L = Slide left.

You have 8 playable characters in story mode, each of them have stories which tie in to each other, that is about it... The stories themselves are weak though, had all of them been different this score would've been lower. To get the stories TO come together it takes a long time.

Final Verdict:8

- Solid controls
- Good detailing on hover cars
- Nice gameplay
- Stories tie together to form one whole story
- Cool grade system for Driver/Car
- Able to tweak vehicle

- Takes to long for story to tie together
- Graphics for road, bumpers and city below are weak
- Bumpers make you instantly lose a race
- Bad story if any

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/20/04

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