Review by snorelax15o

Reviewed: 11/30/04

F-Zero GP Legend = anything but a legend

I bought this game due to my love for F-zero. However, despite sharing many characters with GX, this game was a insult to F-zero. It had many gameplay problems, as well as a confusing storyline.

The main problem with this is steering. Most machines (anything under a c in grip) can't steer with a darn. It also has a strange way of positioning the other 30 cars you race against. Their so far back, even if you drive backwards, it takes about a minute to reach thirtieth place. Only about three other cars actually keep up with you. It also has a pinball effect, where if you hit a wall, you start bouncing between two of them until your speed is near 0, you've gone back 10 places, and you damage is so high your one nudge from blowing up, which forces you to start over.

I must admit, despite my dislike of this game, it has beautiful graphics. The machines look very nice, and the track also has enough detail that it looks good (unless you stop your vehicle and take a close look). The storyline graphics are pretty good as well.

The story is really confusing. Several aspects of it are left unanswered, and and the cutscenes are consist of a still backround with cars racing on it (looking quite cheesing), or unmoving characters in posses that only change between a different characters scene, with only their mouths moving. The story lines often overlap, leading to many conflicting stories.

Sound & Music-7/10
The music, as far as I noticed, was mostly remixes of the same several songs. The sounds were okay, though mostly consisted of crashes and impacts.

My least favorite part. The accelerate and brake are easy enough, but L or R is slide, double tap is side attack, press them at the same time for boost. It makes it harder to control, and a lot of times I try to side attack or boost, and just lean, bouncing off a wall or other racer.

Replay Value-2/10
This, like any racing game, has little or no replay value. Once you win something, it's quite boring to redo it.

Buy or Rent?
If you really want to try this, rent. It seems fun at first, but quickly gets tedious.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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