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Reviewed: 03/14/05

Another GBA F-Zero Game Success after Maximum Velocity

F-Zero GP Legend for the Gameboy advance consists of 34 Machines, with the new Dragon Bird, Panzer Emerald, Elegance Liberty, and the Moon shadow. There are 41 playable tracks with single-pak link track, Big Blue: Calm Sea. The new Zero Test feature is a new feature with various tests in difficulty. The new mode of play in GP Legend with Expert difficulty with making the tracks more diffiult than they were the first time. The all new story mode shows the story behind this anime series with eight different points of view: Rick Wheeler's, Captain Falcon's, Jody Summer's, Jack Levin's, Samurai Goroh's, Lisa Brilliant's, Black Shadows, and Zoda's point of view. The maxing out feature on story mode is new too. The maxing out on cash is one of the ways for unlocking machines along with beating grand prix mode, clearing a character's story mode, and completing classes on Zero Test.

Gameplay 10/10-The first time I had played GP Legend, I was surprised by how easy it was to learn the game. How many tracks there were and how many features there were on this game. I never get bored of the game because there is always something to do in the game. There is always for improvement on Time Attack and on the Zero Test Feature. This game is always a good game to play. With the Platinum Cup feature by playing some of the "Old School" F-Zero SNES tracks.

Graphics 10/10- These graphics have really improved from F-Zero: Maximum Velocity. These graphics are crystal clear to see. Nintendo had made these graphics excellent and picture perfect for the game. The Best F-Zero GBA game with graphic. These graphics add a 3-D look to the portable game world. I think these graphics were well done.

Sound/Music 9/10- This music has definetely improved from Maximum Velocity. I still gave it a 9 because the music could be slightly better, just slightly. This music is great and the sounds are better too. These sounds are crystal clear. The music is clear too. I like how they had brought back the "Old School" music from F-Zero SNES. This had made the game great for me to listen to. I like the music a lot, but some improvements need to be made to make these sounds and music even better than it is.

Features 9/10- I gave this a 9 because I believe that there should have been a couple of more feature. On the other hand, I had loved the features. These features had made me addicted to the game literally. The feaures show that Nintendo had done a real good job on these feature. I, personally, like these features because these features can be fun and interesting, and the features here kept me at playing this game. These features are just so fun.

Overall Rating 9/10-I gave this whole game a 9 because I believe that Nintendo had done a real good job on these topics I had just described above. I know this game is a really good game, but the game could be slightly better. I love this game because I never get bored with the game. The features are a part of making this game a 9. The gameplay is stellar with the graphics that are excellent as well. If you are considering to buy this game, you should buy this game because you can't be bored with the game because there is always something to do in this game. F-Zero GP Legend is one of the best GBA games I have ever played on this system.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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