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    Heart Events Guide by rpgcrzy828

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    Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town
    Heart Events Guide by rpgcrzy828
    Table of Contents
    1. Intro
    2. Cliff's Heart Events
    3. Gray's Heart Events
    4. Doctor's Heart Events
    5. Kai's Heart Events
    6. Rick's Heart Events
    7. Marriage 
    1. Intro
    Hello! Welcome to Mineral Town. You (whatever the name of your character is) 
    have decided to move out into the scenic country, only to be tricked into a 
    neglected farm in a town full of strangers! It is up to you to decide to 
    bring this farm up to glory, or just be a grumpy old person with 13 Cats! The 
    choice is YOURS! (Hallelujah) Sorry, but that was fun. Ok, you want to know 
    the heart events for HM:MFOMT (Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town). 
    Now, I know there are 8 guys but they don't really have heart events, so I'll 
    cover the ones that do. A little bit about my game experience, I have played 
    this game 5 different times, each when I marry someone else, so I know 
    exactly what you're going through. My character's name is Rachel, so let's 
    get it started.
    2. Cliff (Please Don't Fall Off Of One)
    Ah, yes Cliff. The 9-Month Jobless Cliff, The messy hair and bad fashion 
    sense Cliff. My god, if anyone doesn't have any idea with what to do with 
    their life, it's Cliff. He's like a depressed Puppy. I feel bad for him.
    Cliff loves Curry Rice, likes tempura recipes, Pizza, LOVES WINE, Mushroom 
    Rice, just give him any type of food and wedding bells will be ringing soon. 
    He hates flowers, and the only food he hates is a plain egg.
    Cliff's Black Heart Event is at Mineral Church. I triggered it during Summer 
    Year One on a Thursday (Cliff was the original guy I was going for before 
    writing this guide), at 11:20 AM. Carter says Cliff had a rough year, and you 
    walk up to Cliff and he'll introduce himself. Say "It's okay to fail" to him, 
    and he'll cheer up a bit.
    On the Purple Heart Event, I triggered it during Winter Year 1, at 6:30 on a 
    Wednesday at the Mineral Church. Carter and Cliff were in the church and 
    Carter wants Cliff to make dinner, and ask you to help. You automatically 
    agree, and start. Carter hears some out at the confessional, and leaves. Even 
    though he asked this before, he asks you if you will help. Say yes, and both 
    of you will get to work.
    On the Blue Heart Event, I triggered this in Spring Year 2, on a Friday at 
    3:20. This heart event requires 2 things. One, you must have invited him to 
    the Wine Festival Thing with Duke. Two, you must walk directly straight from 
    your farm. You see Saibara's workshop at a mini intersection from your farm, 
    and then just go straight. You then see Cliff and Duke talking. Duke says 
    he's done working for the day, but Cliff says he's more than willing to help 
    out more. It turns out Manna worries a lot about him. Duke will see you and 
    ask you to some over. He says Cliff should take you up to Mother's Hill, 
    Cliff says there's still work, but Duke boots him out anyway. At Mother's 
    hill, Cliff will apologize on Duke's behalf, but says he like the town, and 
    helping others. He'll ask you if you like working on your farm. Say yes, and 
    he'll say he likes working at the winery, and he'll give you a Flower 
    Decoration he made.
    Finally, the yellow Heart Event. This happened in Fall on a Tuesday at 5:20. 
    Duke and Manna will be having an argument about Cliff. Manna's worried about 
    him, and Duke says don't worry, and Manna scolds him for not carrying. All 
    quite boring. Then they'll notice you walked in. If they were anime Duke 
    would be having a drop going down his neck. Manna then yells at him again. 
    Duke then asks you about Cliff's bad parts. Say you'd have to think about it 
    for a correct response. The two want to show you how great Cliff is, so when 
    he walks in, you get another free meal. Great isn't it!
    Birthday is Summer 06 thanks to my friend Patrick for finding alternate's. 
    Cliff's Alternate is on Summer 10.
    3. Gray (No He's Not)
    Yes, Gray. Always mad at his grandpa Gray. Out of all Five, Gray is my 
    favorite. I love his hat;). Gray is probably the easiest to woo. Just Give 
    Him some bronze ore, and he'll be head over heels for you. He also like eggs, 
    Chocolate, Curry Bread, and Loves Baked Corn. He's usually al ways at the Inn 
    at night, so it's perfect if your done working, just go upstairs to talk to 
    him and give your gift.
    The Black Heart Event isn't really flirting. It's more I'm getting pissed off 
    at you. It was during Spring on a Friday at 10:40. Walk in and gray is 
    questioning Saibara about why his work isn't good enough. Gray then sees you 
    and asks if you need anything and should leave if you don't have any 
    business. Then Saibara's face looks like a turnip and lectures Gray. He then 
    starts blaming Saibara. Tell him to keep training, and the event will go 
    The Purple Heart Event is sweet, because he apologizes and doesn't blame 
    Saibara. I triggered this in Summer on a Sunday at 7:00. Gray says he's not 
    good around people, but seems to be OK around you. He then remembers that you 
    mine ores and gems and says he is into that kind of stuff to because it is 
    part of his work. Gray then starts "Oh I'm a Terrible Blacksmith" speech. So 
    cheer him up and says he does a good job. He is happy and says he will use 
    his skills to make you something.
    The Blue Heart Event is nice because you don't have to go anywhere. In Fall 
    on a Monday, I just walked out of my new re-done house and he was their. He's 
    available from 6 to 12, but since time doesn't pass in your house, you should 
    have no problem even if you oversleep. Make sure you have an open pocket in 
    your Item part of your Rucksack. He says that he's getting better and 
    blacksmithing even though Saibara gives him grief. He asks if you are 
    interested in Jewelry. Say a little bit, a he'll blush and give you a broach.
    The Yellow Heart Event took place during Spring Year Two, at 11:30. I walked 
    into the shop and Saibara says he's happy you and Gray are friends. Saibara 
    then asks Gray to stop working and asks that he spends some time with you 
    today. Back at the inn Gray will apologize for his Grandpa's behavior and 
    asks if you'll be in town for a while. Say yes and he'll be glad. He is glad 
    you are a type of person who doesn't move around, and would be bummed if you 
    Gray's Birthday is Winter 06, and alternate is Winter 23.
    4. Doctor (Who Would Name Their Kid That?) 
    Doctor Runs the Mineral Town Clinic, right by the Church. You can see him 
    for an examination, and can prescribe medicine you should take. Doctor cares 
    a lot about his patients, and his work. He is single, so he may need soul 
    mate. Doctor likes Milk the best, enjoys medium and large fish, honey, and 
    wild grasses. Here goes!
    The Black Heart Event took place in Spring on a Thursday, at 3:40. He'll ask 
    you if you are a patient. He says he doesn't recognize you. He then knows 
    that you're the new farmer. He'll introduce him self. He says if you don't 
    feel well come visit him. He'll ask you if you want to take a medicine. Say 
    O...Okay. The medicine will taste bad but Doctor will be happy.
    On the Purple Heart Event, I triggered this at the Clinic, (all heart events 
    at Clinic) on Fall, during a Tuesday at 10:20. He says he has another new 
    medicine, (Great) and asks if you'll try it. Say Yes, and he'll be happy 
    again. He says to wait in his office, and comes back with the medicine. You 
    drink it, and don't feel well, you then pass out. You wake up on a hospital 
    bed, and he apologizes. Elli suggests that maybe, just maybe you shouldn't 
    have anymore medicine. She is SO SMART.
    At the Blue Heart Event, I triggered this on Spring Year 2 at 2:50, on A 
    Sunday. Elli welcomed me and asked how your farm is. She says that Doctor 
    wanted to give you something. If you ask what it is (right choice) she'll 
    lead you into his office. Doctor is happy you came, and gives you something 
    to relax, called the Negative Ion. Doctor says he is happy healing people 
    At the Yellow Heart Event, This happened during Summer Year 2, on Monday at 
    9:10. Elli says that the Doctor has been acting strange lately, that he's 
    been thinking deeply, and she can't get through to him. You talk to Doctor, 
    and he is surprised that Elli is worrying about him. Doctor says he has been 
    thinking about different things lately, including his patients. He says 
    people are not comfortable around him, and doesn't like that. Say that it's 
    good to have an open heart, and he'll agree with you. He says it's a miracle 
    people's problems go away when they talk about it.
    Doctor's birthday is Fall 19, alternate Fall 25.
    5. Kai (Why My Lie, Kai?)
    Kai is the guy who runs the food place in the Summer at the beach. Kai's 
    mortal enemy is Rick. Kai's favorite item is Pineapple, but he likes flour, 
    oil, corn, onions, eggs, and especially Pumpkin recipes. He doesn't like 
    Rice Cakes, Bamboo Shoots, or mushrooms. Most girls think Kai is cute, but I 
    still think Gray is the best. Here goes.
    The Black Heart Event happened to me during Summer On Wednesday at 11:40 at 
    the beach. The two of you start talking about your family. Kai asks if it's 
    bad if you don't like your parents. Tell him it doesn't matter, and he looks 
    puzzled. He says his parents are so mean that he has to come here or else 
    he'll go insane.
    The Purple Heart Event Happened to me on Late Summer, on a Monday, at 5:10, 
    this time it is in the lodge. Kai will welcome you to his shop, and ask how 
    the farm is. He'll ask about you're crops. Tell him you're growing 
    Pineapple, (doesn't matter if your not) and he'll say he loves pineapple. 
    Kind of a different heart event, but still sweet.
    The Blue Heart Event I discovered was unique to trigger. You have to have 
    your stamina below 50 percent. When you see the character wiping her face 
    with a cloth, Do what you were doing one more time, and if the time is 
    right, run to Mineral Beach. I did it on Summer Year 2 on a Tuesday at 3:00. 
    As you walk up to Kai, you'll say you don't feel good and pass out. You wake 
    up in the hospital, and Doctor says the hot weather made you collapse. 
    Doctor leaves the room and Kai suggest you should take it easy on your farm 
    for a little bit. Say he maybe right, and you'll get a Good Luck Charm form 
    The Yellow Heart Event took place towards the end of Summer Year 2 for me at 
    10:30 on a Thursday. Kai is standing on the dock, and says he's not getting 
    a lot of customers today. He then asks you what you think of himself. Kai 
    feels that the boys think he's a jerk because he refuses to act fraudulent. 
    He wants to know if he should change. Tell him to forget about that thought 
    and he agrees.
    Kai's birthday is Summer 22, alternate Summer 17.
    6. Rick (He makes REALLY weird faces)
    Yes. Rick. I do not know how to describe Rick. He is his own personality. He 
    is protective brother slash running errands is by sitting next to Karen. 
    Rick is nice to be a friend in the guy version, but I don't know if I'd 
    consider him the best choice to marry. Rick loves Spa-Boiled Eggs, so just 
    take out one of your eggs every day and you should have no problem. He and I 
    got married on Spring 16 (Year 2), and I just gave him Spa-Boiled Eggs. He 
    likes regular eggs, mayonnaise, and any food with Chicken in it.
    The Black Heart Event took place for me in Spring, on Friday at 11:10. You 
    walk in, and see Popuri, Rick, and Lillia standing around the table. On the 
    table are Spa-Boiled Eggs. They all notice you walk in and they introduce 
    themselves. Rick asks if you like eggs, and if you say yes he'll grab one 
    from the table and give you it.
    The Purple Heart Event took place at the Poultry Farm on Tuesday at 11:40 
    during Summer. Everyone greets you as you walk in the door. Rick says he 
    heard the stories about you're farm, and says that it's hard work to do it 
    alone. Popuri asks about raising animals, and Rick quizzes you. When he asks 
    how long it takes for an egg to hatch, say 3 days, and he says you are 
    knowledgeable about animals.
    The Blue Heart Event happened to me on Winter in a Monday at 12:00 at the 
    Farm. Lillia and Popuri welcome you, and Rick's comes in. He asks if you 
    have a treasure. He says he was cleaning his room and found what his Dad 
    gave him before he left to help Lillia. He says his mom is lonely because 
    his Dad is gone. He hopes he is not making you sad. Tell him that he's not, 
    he'll be happy and give you the watch, which his Dad gave him.
    The Yellow Heart Event happened in Winter also, on Friday at 8:30 at Doug's 
    Inn. Walk up to the counter and Doug will greet you. Rick is to the side, 
    and calls you over to have a round of drinks with him. The two of you talk 
    and Rick says he's interested in you. Rick says it's dangerous at this time 
    of night and he'll escort you to your house. Tell him you want an escort and 
    he'll walk you home while talking. When you're home, Rick will say he 
    enjoyed talking to you, and leaves.
    Rick's birthday is Fall 27, alternate is Fall 23.
    7. Marriage
    When you have seen all 4 Heart Events, and you are at Red heart, you think 
    you're ready to propose. But, make sure that you have all of things 
    available from the TV Network. Which includes...
    Rolling Pin
    Seasoning Set
    Frying Pan
    Big Bed
    If you have all of those, you should be accepted for proposal. Note, your 
    house must be expanded twice to get all of these items. Unlike the first 
    game, you don't need to give gifts to your spouse to have a kid, it will 
    come natural. Give one to two seasons though.
    Thanks for reading my guide! If any questions e-mail to 
    schmojoe814@yahoo.com. Thank You for reading a guide by rpgcrzy828. Thanks! 

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