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"MMM...pocket sized rampage!"

Grand Theft Auto: Advance for the GBA is a great game on the go. There is infinite replayability since anyperson who has this game can do anything they want, a.k.a. running people over, shooting people, get a tank and blast their way into a giant frenzy. The animation for the game is smooth but with slowdown if there are a lot of things going on in the screen (too many cars, giant gun fight etc.). The car handling is very smooth with different reactions for each car. The smaller and agile Banshee can go at high speeds, but is easily wrecked and pushed over, while the Injection is not as manuverable but can easily push other cars off the road. Speaking of pushing, if a car runs into you (or if you run into another car), the car would flip if you have a heavy car or if you are going at top speed. In GTA:A there is a nice selection of weapons, from a katana to a minigun! The police seem to be less agitated in this game. In the previous GTA's, a slight tap against a cop car would warrant you a star rating, but now, it takes several rams to get the cop's attention. The new strafe feature is also very handy for dealing with gun fights and running backwards while shooting.

The game is not perfect though. There is no built in map in the game itself, it comes in the form of a piece of paper given to you with the game's packaging. The small map in the corner just isn't enough. The map also does not show you where a hospital is so getting health on the go might be a little tricky. The graphics are nice, but they could be a little bit better. They are similar to the graphics from the first GTA. The character models are not very detailed but they cannot be since this is a topdown view.

+300+ missions
+Great replay value
+Good variety of weaponry
+Cars all handle differently
+Cops are agitated less easily
+Good simulation of a city
+GTA 1+2 with GTA 3 concepts
+Big city for GBA
+Freedom to do what you want

-Slow down
-Not very original story
-Some missions are repetitive
-Top down view blocks some action
-Bad map

Bottom line:
If you enjoyed GTA 1 or 2, this is a nice game for you to play. Otherwise, if you are looking for GTA action on the go, this is a good value for a 29.99$ (10-30-04).

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/30/04

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