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"Mayhem in the palm of your hand!"

I was never a huge Grand Theft Auto fan; I started with Vice City, and have now moved on to this. I enjoy the GTA line, but wouldn't be destroyed if it was gone. At the time of writing this, I haven't gotten very far in the game (I'm mostly just running around, picking fights, and exploring ;D).

Control: 6/ 10
The controls take a little while to get down, and once you do, sometimes it still feels a bit weird. They're not terrible controls, and are probably the best they could do for a GBA game. If you play around for a little while, drive around the city, and just fight some people, you'll probably get the hang of them at some point.

Graphics: 7/ 10
The actual people (aside from when "skits", as I call them, occur) have no real features. They all kind of just look the same, and it does look a little weird, some times. The cars look nice, though, and the landscapes and such look great. The buildings are even sometimes 3D-looking, and I think that's pretty good. Though, the game shouldn't be judged so much on its graphics.

Gameplay: 8/ 10
The only real thing to do to progress to the game's end is to do missions. But, with Grand Theft Auto, one of the perks to the series, if you can basically just do whatever you want. Want to hold off on missions for a while, and just go around beating people up, exploring, etc.? Go ahead. Storywise, I've heard there's not THAT much to do, but chances are, you'll stray away from the progression just to beat up on innocents and such. Pure fun of a GTA game. =)

Replay Value: 7/ 10
This really depends on what you do; if you're just looking to beat the game, you probably won't pick it up again, once you've finished the story, and completed the game 100%. But if you're like me, most of the game is based on wandering around, doing whatever you please. I've only done the first three or four missions, and the rest of my time has been driving around, beating the tar out of victims, and the like, to earn some cash, and such.

Overall: 7/ 10
I don't know what to tell you, really. Different people like different games. The topdown view returns in this GBA game, which makes things a bit more awkward than in the current PS2 GTAs, but the fun of doing what you want, when you want still exists. I haven't heard too much about this game, so that leads me to believe not many are interested, but it really is worth picking up.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/05/04

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