"Another solid Grand Theft Auto game!!!"

The hit series Grand Theft Auto hit playstation 1 a few years ago. The graphics weren't anything special, but the gameplay basically slapped sleeping gamers in the face. The game was top-down, which means you could only see part of the player and the hood of the car you were on. Now, years later, the series hits Gameboy Advance. Now, you can play one of the best series on the go!

Graphics/Sound --- 10/10
If you look at most of the other reviews for this game, you will see most people give this section a pretty low score. This is usually because of the graphics. They say the graphics aren't any good which is completely unfair. This game taxes Gameboy Advance to its max, graphics wise. They give it such a low score because Gameboy Advance's graphics are not anything to brag about. But they are superb in this game, considering the graphics on almost every other Gameboy Advance game.

The sound is also excellent. People have voices, which is something extremely rare to a Gameboy Advance game. Gunshots sound real and so so the cars. If you are going full speed and see a turn and must slam on the handbrake to whip around the corner, it sounds very real.

Story --- 9/10
You are Mike. You used to live in gutters, but was found by a man named Vinnie. You and Vinnie work put a plan to get out of Liberty city once and for all. But something goes terribly wrong, and Vinnie is murdered. You must go across all of Liberty City to find Vinnie's killer and get revenge. You can easily get into the story, but there are too many plot twists in my opinion.

Gameplay --- 8/10
Unfortunately, the gameplay in Grand Theft Auto Advance falls a good bit short of perfect. There are 41 missions to complete, which isn't to many since they are mostly “Pick up this and bring it here” missions and “Go here and kill this guy” missions, which tend to go by pretty quickly. Occasionally you will get a tough mission which requires a few tries, which is good, but there aren't to many of these. Vigilante, Paramedic, Taxi, and Firefighter side missions are all back, which is a good add-on to the short amount of story missions.

There are two extremely annoying things however that bring my gameplay score down to an 8. Even as soon as you start the game, every gang doesn't like you for some reason. Every time you pass a gang member or a gang car, they will try to kill you. Usually you can beat them easily, but this is very annoying when you are trying to complete a tough mission. Another flaw is the top-down view. The top-down view in it's self isn't very bad, but some irritating things can happen that are caused by the top-down view. For example, say your doing a really tough missions where you have to race some other cars and come in first place to beat the mission. You cannot simply speed down the road because of other cars. Of course, everyone knows this. But, because it is top-down view, you never have an advance warning of when another car is going to appear in front of you sitting at a red light or something, and, because of this, will be crashing tons in this game, even if you are an extremely good driver.

Replayability --- 9/10
Once you complete the main story missions, there is still plenty of stuff to do. You can do the odd jobs, collect the hidden packages, and much, much more. Then, as always, you can work towards 100%. When you reach 100%, the game is basically telling you that you've done everything. Its very difficult to reach 100%, but once you feel very good since its so hard of a goal to accomplish. I gave this section a 9 because the story missions do not change and are same-old same-old the second time you play them, as it was with all of the other Grand Theft Auto games.

Final Recommendation --- RENT
This is an extremely good game with very few bugs (I have yet to encounter any) and flaws. However, the game is pretty short compared to the other Grand Theft Auto games, and you can most likely do everything there is to do is a week-long rent if you are a decent gamer. However, if you are a hardcore Grand Theft Auto fan (like me) you should buy this game for your collection.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/05/04

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