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"Nostalgia is Good: Portable is Better."

Gameplay: Almost the same as the old-school gameplay of GTA/L and GTA2, this game plays with the old overhead 2D view. There is a wide variety of vehicles also found in GTA3 with their respective strengths and weaknesses. In the game is also a variety of on-foot weaponry used especially in eliminating your enemies or random pedestrians that get in your way. Also included are the tons of sidequests including secret packages, ambulance, vigilance, firefighting, taxiing, racing, rampages, and more. This game will last you a good amount of time and has that simple fun that you can get from just picking up the game and playing for a little while.

Story: You're Mike, a friend of Vinnie's (who helped you out) and are in Liberty City, a collection of 3 huge islands. Your biggest priority is to escape from Liberty City, and you're going to need the Mafia's help. Meet various allies such as 8-Ball, the crazy bomb guy, and many others you may remember from GTA3.

A/V: The overhead graphics are reminiscent of GTA's. Explosions look pretty cool, and even after tons of cars and people on-screen at once, the game doesn't slow down. Each car has it's own individual tune for you in accordance with its theme, and other music is played out in other situations. The music might feel repetitive if you play it nonstop for a few hours, but that shouldn't be a problem. Sound effects are played out for all sorts of collisions, explosions, etc.

Overall: I would definitely recommend buying this game if you are a fan of GTA, even more so if you loved the old-school GTA/L and GTA2. If not, rent it first to see if you like it first. The game is easy to control, doesn't feel too cheap, and can use the usual cheat devices to add in your favorites. Definitely check this game out, if you know what's good for yeh...

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/03/05

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