Review by Leon101

Reviewed: 01/23/05

This is the best 2D Grand Theft Auto, of all time!

This is the best 2D Grand Theft Auto of all time, and I will explain how:

Introduction- Grand Theft Auto III, was supposed to at some time come out, however, for what ever reasons... it was scraped, but now Grand Theft Auto Advance has came out and it was well worth the wait, here is how.

Story- 5/10- The story isn't really all that great, it is lame and unfunny however a story isn't needed in a 2D Grand Theft Auto game, as that has been proved with Grand Theft Auto on play-station, But still a better story line would have been nice.

Graphics- 8/10- The graphics are pretty detailed for a 2D Grand Theft Auto, you can now tell the pedestrians, cops, and gangs alike, which is good in this case, blood pour outs of the victims, and even blood trails and blood foot prints are made, that some good detail. Also cars, have a lot more detail to them and I can actually tell all the cars apart which is good in a Grand Theft Auto game, the people are much more detailed looking this time too, although still needs a bit of work done on. The static images look good and give Grand Theft Auto that comic book likeness we have seen with the loading screens in the newer installments, also there is the radar from Grand Theft Auto III and the set-up in the corner of the screen from Grand Theft Auto III, plus it features, a lot of the guns from Grand Theft Auto III and even a few from Grand Theft Auto Vice City, there are nicely detailed too.

Sound- 8/10- The sound is good too, the music played in Grand Theft Auto advance, is some of the music from Grand Theft Auto III, but without the lyrics from Grand Theft Auto III. The sounds of the cars and guns are good, but don't go to well with the animation, still very good looking for a Grand Theft Auto game-boy advance game.

Game-play- 9/10- And now the reason to play the game, the game-play, the game-play is very enjoyable, you can really get hooked on to this game, there are 300 or so missions to do, 41 story missions, plus bonus missions, kill frenzies, 100 hidden packages, and even taxi, firefighter, cop, and paramedic missions to complete and have fun with. Also earn some good and honest money for once,
plus you can always just wreck havoc as you please blow up cars, kill thousands of people, collect what they drop, wipe out as many cops or gangs as you want, there is even the am-mu nation to buy guns from. All in all this is the most fun and best portable Grand Theft Auto up to date... in the 2D world that is. You also save at a safe house just like Grand Theft Auto III, but for some odd reason you can't park your car in the open garage.

Conclusion- Three simple words, BUY THIS GAME!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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