Review by the_mr_pants

Reviewed: 01/25/05

Good plan, poorly carried out

Grand Theft Auto is the main game Rockstar is known for, and they sure do know how to milk the series. Here are my thoughts.

Story:(7/10) Personally, I never really thought the GTA series had very good stories, and this is no acception. You are Mike. You and your partner, Vinnie stole a lot of money and you want to leave Liberty City for good. Mobsters bomb Vinnie and he kicks the bucket, so Mike goes on a rampage in order to avenge Vinnie. I think that about wraps that up, moving on....

Graphics: (6/10) This game has poor graphics, but I give it an A for effort because they tried to do 3-D, but on the GBA, that just can't be done very easily. The building seem to look like they're about to fall down on top of you as you move; as if the wind is blowing them over. Still, they put up a good show.

Gameplay: (9/10) As in all the other GTAs, you get jobs from various criminals and do their bidding to get money. All the missions are great, and there's only a couple that can be seemingly impossible (but don't worry, they CAN be done). There are also many side quests you can do, but most of them are just racing. the real missions are much funner.

Control: (2/10) One word: DISGUSTING. It may take you two seconds to get these, but it took me HOURS. Sure walking around and shooting is easy, but driving a car in real life is easier than this! If you've played the PS1 GTA and GTA2, then you may already get these controls, but unfortunately, I didn't. I'm not going to mention any more on this.

Sound and Music: (4/10) I'm afraid this is where GTAA receives the F grade. There is very little music and almost all of it sounds fuzzy. (I really miss chatterbox!) The voice acting includes random taunts like "Get outta my way!" and "You about to pay, sucka!"; they get really annoying. I warn you friends, if you play this game, TURN THE VOLUME OFF!!

Replay Value: (10/10) Grand Theft Auto is famous for it's openendedness. If you get tired of the main story, you can run around the city and kill random people, swipe their cash, steal cars, go on rampages, you can be entertained for hours on end. Of course there is always a time when you can get just to tired of it, but within an hour, you're ready to pick it up again and start beating people.

Overall:(5/10) Grand Theft Auto Advance was one very good idea, but poorly executed. I was a bit disappointed after it being in development for three years and it still turned out so bad. Still, It does have that GTA feel to it, and that will definitely keep you glued to it (despite it's shortcomings).

Rent or Buy? Unless you are a hardcore GTA fan, all the way till the end of the series, I would stay away from this game. You can't really rent GBA games anywhere except on Gamefly (which I've never really tried before), so I think if you have a friend who has this game, borrow it from him/her. Well that's it for me! Thanks for reading my review!

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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