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"Portable GTA 3, sounds great, could have ben better though"

Mmm…Portable GTA goodness…*drools* Grand Theft Auto is the highly controversial and extremely popular series of game involving car jacking, murders, and high speed police pursuits. It also happens to be m favorite action series of all time. Now, onto the review!

Story – 9/10 – In Grand Theft Auto Advance you play as Mike, just Mike. He has ben living in Liberty City for a long time and wants to get out, as does his partner Vinnie who has many connections throughout the city. They have ben doing many small jobs trying to get money so they can finally leave and live the good life. But unfortunately on one of their missions, it all goes down the toilet when Vinnie is killed in a car bomb along with all the money to leave the city and now you are out for revenge for him and leave Liberty City.

Gameplay – 10/10 – This has, and always will be the high point of all GTA games, and with good reason. The high speed chases, the robberies, the murders, and the car jacking all adds up into a giant pile of never ending fun. Aside from the story line if you get bored of the missions, you can go off on your own and just have fun doing whatever you feel like. There arnt too many cars to choose from, only around 10, and one thing that was kinda annoying was that banshees are everywhere, the banshee which is the fastest car in the game, should be like other gta games where the fastest car is hard to find and very rare. However in this game, you often see 3 banshees on the screen at almost any given time, at every turn you might see one, during the game the only car I ever drove was the banshee cause they are so easy to find I never have to substitute! As far as the weapons go, it's the same selection as gta 3, which isn't a bad thing, but that could have added more or at least changed them around. One feature which is very useful that should have ben in all the older gta games, is the dash button, for a limited time if you hold the button you can run several times faster than normal which I like a lot. There are also lots of side missions which are identical to GTA 3. To activate these, simply steal the vehicle they correspond to. For example, if you wanna play the ambulance missions and drive people to the hospital, simply steal an ambulance and start playing, or if you want to go vigilante and start being the cop, steal a cop car and kill criminals for money.

Graphics – 4/10 – VERY disappointing graphics for the gba. It could easily have better graphics and to solve the lag problem, simply split up the citys more so that it does like a quick loading time in between large areas to reduce lag. Although I can live with these graphics, I expected a lot more.

Sound – 5/10 – The sound effects are pretty low quality, but considering the gba has such a small speaker you can understand the problem. The voice acting which randomly comes up is annoying, the only voices you hear are people yelling at you when you are driving. For some reason when you bump into random people's cars, they will sometimes yell, “Watch the wheels gringo!” Which makes no sense to me considering the main character isn't even slightly Mexican looking, but I think they added in these little comments to add a nice effect, although it isn't nice at all and is just plain annoying.

Replay Value – 7/10 – This game can be replayed tons of time just to do run from cops and such for fun, but it doesn't have as much replay because of the fact that running police is extremely easy to do and they give up easily.

Overall – 7.5/10(rounded to 8) – The game has a good story and good Gameplay, but the graphics and sound drag the score down quite a bit.
Rent or buy – Buy because even if you can beat it in one week, you can have fun just outrunning the cops and running over innocent pedestrians.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/22/05

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