GameBoy Advance GameShark Save (North America)

Save Game File05/05/05TitaniumMegaman64K
First data: Beat normal mode with 100%. All items collected. Over 15,000,000 coins. 65 leaves/99 pebbles/85 dolls. Second data: Beat hard mode with 100%. All items collected. Over 30,000,000 coins. 47 leaves/99 pebbles/78 dolls.
Save Game File11/15/04Samurai Edge64K
Lots of items gotten, Sword of Light is equiped. A few spells from friends of Yoh.
Save Game File11/17/04Alenn Tax64K
Normal mode, game 90 % completed. At least 60 leaves/rocks/skells, 8000+gold, but no healing items. In front of the last stage. Got matamume.
Save Game File11/27/04bookofmoon200064K
Normal Mode,100% complete of the game. Have collected all of the spirits. Have the Antiquity and Battle Clothes equiped. HP:216 SP:200 $:37935 Leaves:69 Pebbles:99 Dolls:99

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