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"What's this? A Donkey Kong game without Donkey Kong!?"

What's this? A Donkey Kong game without Donkey Kong!? Ah well, I'm sure you'll hardly notice.

Storyline:In Donkey Kong Country 2, you will be playing as the team of Diddy Kong and his girlfriend Dixie Kong in their quest to save their big buddy, DK, from the evil Kaptain K. Rool. After last games recent events Donkey Kong was lounging around enjoying his time off after his battle with Kaptain K. Rool when the Kaptain made his return in a big way, he and his team of baddies abducted DK, and with no one else willing to save our hero, Diddy and Dixie team up to go on their quest to retrieve him. Even though the rest of the Kong family wasn't willing to go on the dangerous mission they still appear in various points throughout the levels to offer their assistance.

Gameplay: A simple side scrolling adventure game. Or so it seems. In reality this is one of the most entertaining side scrollers on the GBA today. You play with both Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong, alternating between them throughout the levels. They both have different strengths and weaknesses, so choosing who you will try to play with is all up to you. The team-up basically gives you 2 chances at dying. If your teammate gets hit they will abandon you until you can reach another buddy barrel, however if you get hit, you also will die and have to restart over, unless you hit the checkpoint barrel in the level which allows you to restart from there. There are several levels along with a ton of bonus games. Some of the extras require special coins that you pickup throughout the levels, you then use them to buy hints or tips from Cranky or Wrinkly Kong or to play Swanky Kong's Bonus Bonanza in which he'll ask you trivia questions and if you are correct you earn yourself some lives. There is also Funky Kong's GyroCopter missions in which you get the chance to fly the plane that would otherwise be used to transport you throughout the levels. An extremely entertaining mini-game. This is only in the main story part of the game though.

There is also Diddy's Dash. Similar to DK Attack from the original Donkey Kong Country, your main goal is to pass through the levels as quick as you can to compete for the highest score. As a reward killing multiple enemies in one strike will freeze the timer allowing you a few extra seconds to gain the advantage.
There is also a multiplayer mode which allows you to race your friend to the end of the level in the fastest possible time.

In addition to Diddy's Dash and the main storyline there are 3 other bonus games. Expresso's Racing, Funky's Flights, and Bag a Bug.

Expresso's Racing is basically just that, a bunch of your animal friends, Expresso's, racing against each other. Its basically a game in which you just hold down the B-Button (Run) and the directional arrow, but they mix it up by adding special strips of land that if run on, will give your Expresso a temporary burst of speed. The multiplayer is especially fun because you can take on up to 3 friends in a race.

Funky's Flights are just like the Funky's Flights in the main game but its multiplayer allows you to go head to head with a friend in a dogfight., and the Bag a Bug game is where you run around trying to collect as many fireflies as possible, but beware of the Klubba! If you get hit by him you lose all fireflies and have to start over. There is a time limit so you have to work fast.

Graphics/Sound: One of the most improved features in the game compared to the original Donkey Kong Country. The graphics have really been stepped up, the backgrounds are more detailed and the enemies have been redone, making them look even more dangerous and deadly. They each have their own special features and simply look amazing. The main characters are still pretty much the same though. I mean Diddy Kong is still wearing the same clothes! =P
The music is pretty similar to the music in the DKC but more improved. The background music and sound effects really do a lot to get you more into the game. Definitely an improvement over the original DKC.

Replayability:Extraordinary! The main storyline and the bonus games will keep you occupied forever! Personally I played the hell out of Donkey Kong Country so I was a bit wary of buying a game that looked so similar, but I couldn't have been more wrong. The game is simply amazing. The bonus games really add a lot to the replayability and with the added high scores list it gives an extra incentive to make attempts to beat your previous score.
The multiplayer also makes it amazingly replayable, simply for the fact you can play multiplayer in just about any mode. Get a link cable and a few friends together and you have a party! >_>

Recommendation: Definitely a buy! Amazing amount of gameplay, improved graphics and sound, and a replay ability that will boggle your mind! The single player mode alone justifies getting this great game, but with the added multiplayer modes and tons of bonus games and added features you'd be crazy not to get this game. Even after playing the hell out of DKC I have not been able to put down DKC2, that should give you an idea of just how amazing this game is.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/25/05

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