Review by Bass260

Reviewed: 05/08/06

The game that made Mario as popualar as he is today.

Super Mario Bros is one of the most adored games ever. It is the best Plat Former/Side Scroller to ever hit the gaming market. It was only 2 dimensional but still one of the most played game ever. To my knowledge this very game is the most sold game ever and one of the best. The game got tons of sequels and you would never know this game was a sequel to the Donkey Kong. Still this was the first Mario game that featured the fire breathing dragon Bowser and the most ever so lovable Princess Peach. Toad was also seen at the end of each Kingdom.

Story 9/10
Super Mario Bros had a great story. The story went like this. So one day the evil Koopa King Bowser decides to steal Princess Peach, the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser succeeds in stealing Princess Peach and Mario and Luigi head out to saver her. Want to find out what happens to Princess Peach? You will just have to play it to find out.

Game Play 10/10
This game just had so much fun in it. It had a little bit of challenge and ton of fun in it. The controls were easy, with only 2 buttons to use. It had no save file, which wasn't great but think about the time this game originally came out. No games at the time of Super Mario Bros release had save files. In this game you wanted to rack up as many points as you could.

Graphics 8/10
The Graphics were great. Well maybe not up to todays Graphics but if you're like me, and don't really care how the game looks and just like the Game Play to be good, then this is a game for you. The Graphics weren't great but you just have to love the classic Graphics Mario had to offer. Developers now care about Graphics too much and don't care about the more important stuff like Game Play and how fun the game is. Luckily the game didn't do this and had great Game Play and Awesome Graphics for the year this game was made.

Sound 10/10
The Sound is the best thing about his game. We all and love and know the Mushroom Kingdom Music. It is absolutely amazing music. The music in the new Mario games is a new tune of it but still it all started on the same note. No one can possibly not like Super Mario Bros music.

Overall 10/10
A great sequel to "Donkey Kong". The overweight plumber Mario just keeps getting more popular and adored by more fans. Mario has grown and built off this game and others. Mario as Nintendo's Mascot only has one thing to say:
"Your Princess is in another Castle"- Toad

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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