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"Good port, but would've been better with extra stuff"

Super Mario Bros. is the classic NES game we have all come to know and love from back in 1985. 20 years later, as an anniversary celebration, Nintendo releases the Classic NES series for the GameBoy Advance. They are no different than their original NES versions, but now it's just on a handheld.

One day in the Mushroom Kingdom, an evil Koopa named Bowser decided to attack and curse the Mushroom Kingdom. He captured seven Toads and the curse also turned many people into blocks or moving evil mushrooms called Goombas. There was also only one person who could break this curse, and it was Princess Peach. Bowser, knowing this, kidnapped the princess and ran off. Now it's up to the Mario Bros. to save the princess and restore peace to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Graphics: 7/10
The graphics are the exact same graphics you see in the NES version. Even on the GameBoy Advance, they touched nothing, and they didn't even use the improved graphics from Super Mario All Stars. The graphics were a classic back then, but now these are average by today's standards. Either way, you shouldn't have a problem with them. The enemies have been detailed nicely and you can easily pick out which enemy is which. The backgrounds are all different so they can represent if you're on land, in a castle, underground, or underwater. But there are some levels where the graphics look way different, such as the majority of the level being gray, something that has always gotten to my mind.

Gameplay: 8/10
Mario goes through 32 levels, bashing blocks, knocking out enemies, and even defeating fake Bowsers to rescue the princess. The game starts out easy, but gets progressively harder as you move on. Mario can use various power-ups to help him, such as the Star and the Fire Flower. This game is always fun to go through, especially when you're trying to beat it as fast as you can. There are secret warp zones to help you on the way, and a hidden cloud world where you can get many coins. The only few drawbacks from the gameplay are that later on, earlier levels are recycled and used again, only with extra challenges. Also, the game can become really frustrating at the end, especially dealing with Hammer Bros.

There is also multiplayer included in this game, where you can use a link cable to have a second player play as Luigi to help you go through the levels. The best part of multiplayer is that you don't need a second game cartridge, as it can be gone with a single cart, as this game is rare and very hard to find. You can also use the multiplayer for 5 additional lives if you are not too good at this game.

Also, when playing the game, the controls are still basic. But playing on the GameBoy Advance, a lot of the time I find the controls "slippery", such as when I try to get on a block, I somehow fall off or I overshoot a gap. Sometimes it feels like you need to force what you are doing. But you should be able to get used to the controls in no time.

Music: 9/10
The music is still classic, 22 years later. Nearly each level has the classic Super Mario Bros. theme, which is seen in nearly any other Mario game and also has various types of remixes. The underground music is also another classic, as it's another popular theme found in other Mario games, and it does have a creepy, underground presence to it, despite the fact this is 8-bit music. The underwater music also sounds like something you would hear at a carnival, but it's still a great tune.

Sound Effects: 9/10
Again, the sound effects are still basic for any game made on the NES. Like the music, these sounds are also popular on other Mario games, such as the jumping sound effect, obtaining a power-up or getting a 1-up. You'll also love the sound effect of a fake Bowser falling into the lava, as you can feel the defeat of getting past him. The fact the sound effects are also widely used 22 years later is still outstanding.

Replayability: 8/10
This game is always fun to replay, no matter how many times you've gone through it. You can always try to beat the game as fast as you can, go through all 32 levels and try to do personal goals, or just to have fun and enjoy this classic game. Of course, you can always play it again for the harder difficulty and challenge.

Final Recommendation
If you see this game, then I highly recommend you buy it. It's extremely rare and hard to find, and it'll always be something you can play during a vacation and whatnot.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/26/07

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