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"Super Mario Bros. invade the GBA in this exact port of the classic NES game!"

Super Mario Bros. invade GBA in this exact port of the classic NES game!

Millions of people have played this game on the NES or even the Arcade and loved it. The classic Super Mario Bros. is now available on the Gameboy Advance under the series titled 'Classic NES Series'. Super Mario Bros. for GBA is an exact port of the NES classic. Although you will quickly notice that some objects and such will look smaller. That's because the game had to be shrinked a little bit to fit on the GBA screen. But nothing to worry about. It's no big deal.
Originally released in 1985, Super Mario Bros. revolutionized the game industry and inspired many video game creators such as Hideo Kojima. Now you can play the classic game that made the 2D side scrolling genre in your hands!


Gameplay (7 out of 10):

Mario Bros. made the 2D side scrolling genre. This game hasn't changed at all from the original since its an exact port. As in the original, you are in Mushroom Kingdom. You get to stomp on baddies that get in your way such as goombas, koopa troopas, pirahna plants, bob-ombs and more! You also get the traditional power-ups to help you in your journey such as Mushroom, Fire flower, Star and 1-Up mushroom. There are alot of levels in each world. The final level of every world (8 worlds in all), you get to fight Bowser! Everytime you get to a new world, the game starts getting a little bit more difficult. The game is very deep in gameplay and its also fun. Thats why it inspired many videogame creators.

Sound (9.0 out of 10):

There aren't any problems with sound. It sounds pretty good. It's the same as the orignal Mario game. I also love to listen to that popular music. Infact, its so good that it will stay in your head FOREVER!!!

Graphics (4 out of 10):

The graphics were good when Super Mario Bros. was released. But that was only on the early years on the 8-bit NES. Then games on the NES started coming out with better graphics than Super Mario Bros. Today alot of the Gameboy Advance games are looking really good. I also want to add that I wouldn't like to see an updated Super Mario Bros. game like the Mario Advance series because then it just wouldn't feel right. This game is meant to be played this way.

Controls (10 out of 10):

The controls for Mario Bros. are really simple. You just walk, run, jump and shoot fire balls just by pressing 2 buttons and the Directional pad. You press the L & R buttons to bring up the sleep mode menu. The menu also has an option to save your high score. You can press START to pause the game while playing.

Story (4 out of 10):

The story line is really simple. It really isn't good. Mario is searching for Princess Toadstool (or Peach) that was kidnapped by the king of all koopa's, Bowser! There are 8 castles but the question is, in which castle if Toadstool in?


Super Mario Bros. is the game that defined the 2D side scrolling genre. Although I find this to be good game it isn't the best. When I play too much, I get bored quickly. But thats just me. Some people consider Super Mario Bros. the best while others consider Super Mario Bros. 3 the best. This game was one of the best when it was released in 1985. After 19 years, Super Mario Bros. is still fun and its the game the both revolutionized and evolved the game industry. And thats a fact. If you're like me, trying to collect Mario games, then you should get this game. If you really loved the classic and wouldn't mind playing it again, then you should get it. But if you're not sure, then I really wouldn't recommend it. You can save the $20 (U.S) to buy a different GBA game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/15/04

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