Review by TJ/Mario

Reviewed: 07/31/04

Super Mario Bros...C-C-C-CLASSIC!

Mushroom Kingdom. Ahh what a wonderful place until little turtles come and invade your space. Isn't it fun to stomp a little thing that looks like a constipated mushroom? Well, that's a goomba. The most common of enemies in the classic Super Mario Brothers. The plumber from Mushroom Kingdom has to defend his palace, and rescue princess Peach from the evil enemy, Bowser. Travel all around the Kingdom looking for the princess. Every level you face Bowser. But then Bowser moves from castle to castle hiding Peach from you. Each level, Bowser would get harder and harder to beat. Bowser is the king of koopas. Koopas are the higher form of goombas and have a lot more power, and are also harder to defeat. But you'll rescue Peach. She is calling and waiting for Mario to come and save her from her torture. It might be tough doing, but it's all worth the fun.


This game brings a load of fun to the table. Always for a Super Mario Brothers fan. The original is all the awesome music that the other games in the series had to offer.


Ehhhh. The graphics are ok. Well it is the original. They didn't have 32 bit systems in the early 80's. Or maybe Nintendo was holding out on us. Hmmmm.


This game's sound effects how well you play the game. It also makes you want to play the game more often. If the game had bad sound, you might want to turn the game off. Or maybe just turn the sound off. Either way.


This is just flat out how fun this game is. As you can see, very fun. You'll get interested in this game the second you see it in the store if your a Super Mario fan. If not, this is a great game for people who have never played the series before. Only because, it's the original.

Replay Value:10/10

High, You'll play this game for a long time. Longer than you think. The fact you can't save is a problem. But Nintendo did got this straight out of the original.

Rent or Buy: Buy!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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