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"Mario and Luigi are back in all their 8-bit glory!"

Oh yes, Mario and Luigi are back on the GBA with the legendary 80 's classic 'Super Mario Bros'. You know? That awesome game for the NES. Oh yeeeah! Prepare for a blast to the past! I feel so retro...

Super Mario Brothers is probably one of the most entertaining games you can ever play and I'm not kidding. It even has a two player option on the main menu screen so you and your mates can go head to head to see who can rescue Princess Toadstool first. The controls are quite difficult at first for example, when you are running or jumping while moving forward it takes a while to slow down, however, you will become use to them in time. The game can be difficult or it can be easy as pie, through out the game there are secret short cuts which can make you skip worlds which I will let you find them for yourself. Although if you want to take the long hard route, which I recommend, you will get the most out of the game.

The storyline in the game is really simple, King Koopa/Gordon/Bowser has kidnapped Princess Toadstool and Mario and Luigi have to save her. It's the damsel in distress scenario. I know you're probably thinking "Oh... that's just great..." but remember this game was for the NES and it was a quite a while ago... eh... I'm running out of things to stick up for it. Ah so what if the storyline isn't that great.

The Graphics are good... well obviously the graphics aren't going to be amazing; it was on the Magnificent NES! They were probably amazing for its time... I think. The backgrounds in the levels look a little head of its time though. Very snazzy indeed... bah! Who needs graphics anyway?

Lets see here... the sound in the game, only one way to describe it… wait… there is probably no word in the English language to describe how awesome it is. It has the legendary original Mario Bros theme in the first level. The catchiest song in the world I might add. Even the sound effects are really good so there is not much more you could wish for in sound for the game.

Once you complete this game it is most likely that you will want to play it all over again and if you do keep playing it you will be able to complete the whole game with ease. You can spend hours playing this game but, if you want to go through it quickly or don't have the time I suggest you try and find the secrets.

If you are in to that whole retro gaming thing, get this game. You are not complete if you don't have it. There is nothing more fun than to see a Fat Italian plumber form New York jumping on a Goomba's head.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/12/04

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