Review by Richard Walker

"The show stealer"

Super Mario Bros., the game that can safely claim the first ever platformer status. In 1985, this was a masterpiece for the 8bit console, the NES. Today it still is, hence it being re- released again on the GameBoy Advance/SP. Nintendo re-released it again, even after 2 re-releases. Mind you, I think those two weren't at all that good, but this really is the re-release to look out for. Read my review...

The graphics contained in Classic NES: Super Mario Bros. retained the 1985 look in it's eternity. OK, sure today they look choppy and kinda weird, but in 1985 these graphics were some of the best you'd came by. Every level was unique, as Nintendo didn't want to repeat anything. Every animation is clear, and real smooth, you won't see the frame skip at all. The castle levels are the ones to really look out for- they kick the peverbial ass. There is only one problem in the entire port, everything is slighty, just SLIGHTLY compressed to fit the GameBoy Advance/SP screen. Not enough to ruin the game, but enough to notice.

The music is simply the best. It's catchy, memorable... something that you won't find in most of today's next generation console games. You will be humming it in no time. One problem is that in Super Mario Bros., there is only 4 pieces of background music, and even though it's amazing, it CAN get a little boring. There is the main Mario theme, for most land levels, an underground remix, an underwater remix, and a boss music piece. It could've been better, but I'm still satisfied.

Super Mario Bros.' most richest feature, the classic gameplay. At it's time of release, this was the only sidescroller. You move to the right, grabbing coins, stomping enemies, and making consistant use of the 3 powerups- the mushroom, the fire flower, and the invincability star. Classic techniques of beating the enemies within were stomping on them, or giving them a blast of fire. And with Bowser at the end of each world, things just got a whole lot harder.

Naturally, Classic NES: Super Mario Bros is a re-release, and was going to have some sort of extra feature... remember 2 player mode? Well, now you can connect 2 GameBoy Advance/SPs and have a go on 2 player mode. It's so rad, you must try it.

The controls are so simple, as there are only two buttons to use apart from the Dpad. If you could not get used to the simplicity, you should be labeled a grade A idiot.

Classic NES: Super Mario Bros is an incredible game! Sure, the orginal has been remade twice, but this is the only port you must buy- it's the perfect port with all the orignal graphics, cheats, and glitches retained. Not buying this game should be made a federal crime.

This game was released a few months ago(Before this review that is), so you'll probably find it in a video games store, just sitting there for $20 or so. If you have a GameBoy Advance/SP, or even a GameBoy player for GameCube, get your hands on this(Unless you have it already). It's a must have for all gamers!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/11/04

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