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"For the Faithful Purists Only"

Nintendo has recently came out with a rampage of "Classic NES Series" games - porting old NES games into modern GBA cartridges. So far, there are 12 classic game, from "Bomberman" to "Zelda," that have been ported. I recently picked up Super Mario Brothers from the store, hoping it would be good.

I was utterly wrong.

Gameplay - 10/10

The gameplay EXACTLY IMITATES the original NES game, from the controls to the levels. This is precisely the problem. This is great for those who grew up and loved the original NES game. I, however, was born as the 80s closed (1988) and never touched or enjoyed the NES. Having gone off from the old GBC "Super Mario Brothers Deluxe" game, I found it incredibly hard to enjoy and like. I can't play as Luigi; there's no level map; jumping is harder and less fluid; and running is harder. There are also no other games to play - just the original and a mutliplyaer mode. While I give props to Nintendo for making an exact and true port, only the purists and nostalgic players will truly enjoy and appreciate this Classic NES game.

Sound - 10/10
Both the sound and music is great to play and listen to. No problems here.

Graphics - 10/10
Again, the graphics are exactly imported from the original game. Since it's for the GBA, it has been stretched and fits exactly to screen. This is a big improvement over the GBC Super Mario Brothers Deluxe - I had to scroll and stretched around to see the whole screen, whereas it is a perfect rendition here.

Challenge - 8/10
With just three lives and true original NES control, I found this game more challenging, even though I have beaten the game several times on the SMB DX for GBC. But afterwards, there isn't much else to do (unless there's a secret level somewhere else). There's not a lot of good replay value or secrets to unlock.

Get it? - Why Bother?
Don't get this game. Instead, pick up the old Super Mario Brothers Deluxe game for the Gameboy Color. Not only will you get the original 1985 version (although slightly modified), you also get Challenge Mode, Vs. Mode, Boo, Secret Levels, a Toy Box, and a Photo Album. You will get more bang for your buck. If This Classic NES Series was a VHS tape, Super Mario Brothers Deluxe is the DVD.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/29/05

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