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"A great remake of a great game."

We all love Mario right. Mario has been in a lot of games from racing to tennis. This is one the games that started it all and now it is remade for the Game Boy Advance. This game desperately needed to be remade because the NES barely even works. This is basically the same thing we all loved from the very first Nintendo system, except now there is no worry of it freezing in the middle of the game. This was a very good decision by Nintendo.

This games graphics are not very good for this fairly new system. Mario looks very short like he did with all of his early games. The levels look good too and are all very different too for an old game. But who need good graphics these days when there is great game play. Anyways, who expects to have good graphics from a game originally made around 20 years ago.

Everyone loves the traditional Mario tunes. This game has great music for an old game. The new generation of gamers may not be impresses though, but for me, this game has some very good music.

Like most Mario games you have to rescue Princess Toadstool. There is nothing else to it.

Game Play
Like every other category, this part hasn't changed either. There are a lot of levels to pass. All of them are very fun. Each level is very different to keep the game interesting. All of the end of the world levels look cool, yet difficult. Bowser is the boss just as always. This game can also be very fun with the friend. If you and your friend are new to the game, then you can see who can get the furthest, or the longest to live. If you are experts at the game, then you can see who can beat it first. Overall this is a very fun game.

This can be very difficult game. It will take you quite a while to beat this game if it is new to you. If you know all of the tricks then this can be a pretty easy game. Basically, each time you play it, it will get easier, and easier.

Replay Value
Due to the difficulty of this game, you will be trying to beat it for a month or two.

Final Recommendation
This is a great game to have for your Game Boy Advance. It's definitely worth twenty bucks.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/25/05

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