Review by Homsar999

Reviewed: 05/11/05

Nintendo's GBA port doesn't fail to impress.

Nintendo's Game Boy Advance port of the game that started it all, Super Mario Bros., definitely doesn't fail to impress. Read on to hear what I have to say.


The port stays true to the original, with the same 2D side-scroll style and the feel like you are playing it at an arcade. You start out in World 1 of Mushroom Kingdom, fighting Goombas and eventually Koopas and many more enemies to achieve your ultimate goal of rescuing Princess Peach. You can get mushrooms from blocks and become Big Mario, and grab a Fire Flower from a block to become Fire Mario, but if you get touched by an enemy while you are Big Mario you revert back to the original Mario. That's all I can say about gameplay, except for the fact that it is a very easy-to-play game. 9/10


Man, the Mario theme song sticks in my head. I hum it all the time. It's not a bad song to get stuck in your head, either. It's a great song, and possibly Nintendo's most famous video game song. 8/10


The graphics are very bad by today's standards, but that isn't bad since this is a true-to-life port. The graphics were excellent by 1985's standards, and should be judged on that plateau. So, judging on a grading curve of games of the 80's, Super Mario Bros. scores high. 9/10


The controls are very easy. A jumps, B shoots fire when you are Fire Mario, and the directional pad moves Mario or Luigi, depending on if you are playing in 1-player or 2-player mode. 10/10


Nothing much to say here, except the usual "Princess Peach gets stuck in a castle" scenario. You won't expect to find any exciting twists in this storyline, except for maybe "Princess Peach is not here. Try another castle!". 6/10


Super Mario Bros. is surprisingly addictive for one of the original Nintendo games. You'll find yourself coming back for more, even if you've beaten the game. 10/10


Super Mario Bros. is relatively difficult. You'll find yourself having to try and try again until you eventually win the game, which I did. You'll be glad you finished it. 9/10

Overall, Nintendo's Game Boy Advance port of Super Mario Bros. stays true to the original and keeps the quality of a Game Boy Advance game. I definitely suggest you buy it if you are a traditional gamer, but if you are a next-generation style gamer, you might want to rent it before you buy it.

My Rating: 9/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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