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"Pure Awesomeness!"

Classic NES Series: Super Mario Bros. is by far one of the best games that I have played on the GameBoy Advance simply because it is old school and is now portable. Now onto the review:


Old school graphics, anyone who ever played the NES loves them and it is just plain old pure awesome. If someone ever says that they do not like the old school graphics and were old enough to play them while they were a kid then they are lying. It is incredibly rare to find someone that does not like the old school style of graphics that this game has. The absolute best part is indeed the fact that the graphics are old school. If Nintendo had improved the graphics of this game then the game would be no where near as good as it actually is.


Once again, the classic Mario theme that my friends and I always sing or hum. Yet again if Nintendo had tampered with them then this game just wouldn't be anything like the original. Best thing is that it is still the same classic music that a lot of people grew up on. For anyone who hasn't heard the classic Mario theme in years, this will be a noise for soar ears.

GAME PLAY---10/10

The classic game play is once again used. This is definitely one of the best aspects of all. It is still the usual A and B button controls along with the direction pad. This is what really brings back the old school style of play. Plus it is still side scrolling so that is awesome. Lets face it, pretty much everything about this is pure awesome.


Not only is this game quite challenging at times, it is just so much fun that you can play it over and over again. This is one of those games that you just can never get tired of.


This game is 100 percent of pure old school awesomeness, there really isn't too much more that you can say about this game other than that. Definitely a must for all of those out there you have a GameBoy Advance but do not have an NES that works.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/02/06

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