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"A boy, a princess, a Legend"

This, right here, is where it all began. You can forget about that fat Italian plumber, this guy should be the true mascot of Nintendo. And that guy is a young elf boy named Link. And this is a remake of where he started, called The Legend of Zelda.


Since this is a remake of a game that is over 20 years old, the graphical quality is obviously going to be inferior to todays games. But the graphics do the job they're supposed to do. You will have a great feeling of nostalga as you explore the almost pixel-perfect world of Hyrule, with all the secrets where they're supposed to be. The only reason it's not a 10 is that the graphics seems slightly smashed to fit on the Game Boy Advance screen.



All the original music is there, from the familiar Zelda theme to the ominous dungeon theme. All the sound effects, from firing your sword, to Zora popping out at every turn, to the roars of the boss, are all preserved perfectly.


From the beginning, you'll be treated to the sprawling and very large land of Hyrule. The inexperienced Zelda player's first question will probably be "Where do I go?" And that's part of the challenge, finding out where to go and finding where everything is. But that's also part of the fun.

There's also screens where you may have to go through multiple times to find your destination, or you may need to walk in a certain combination of directions to get somewhere. Blowing on whistles, burning trees, and riding on a raft are just a few things you will need to do to find some of the game's secrets.


After you're done with the original quest, you get to do it again. No, seriously. Only this time, it'll be much tougher than before, with harder enemies and new obstacles to overcome. And this almost makes it like two games in one (though experienced players can just enter a secret code to get to the second quest without finishing the first one)

After that, well, there's not much. You can do challenges such as three heart quests and no sword quests, but they're only for the Zelda fanatics who can't get enough Zelda.


A princess gets kidnapped, and you're the only one that can save her. You must go through 8 dangerous dungeons to rescue her.

Sound familiar? Yep, they pretty much rehashed the same storyline from the Mario series when they made this game. But despite the lack of imagination on Nintendo's part, the gameplay and overworld is so well done that you'll forget what you were doing and just explore. And that's good, because exploration is the key to finding many of the game's secrets.


This is a remake of one of the best games from the eighties. It may look dated when you compare it to today's games, but once you start exploring and whacking away with your wooden sword, I guarantee you'll have just as much fun as you would with any of today's games.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/21/08

Game Release: Classic NES Series: The Legend of Zelda (US, 06/02/04)

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