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"A great game, but many graphical problems"

Legend of Zelda, one of the most legendary games ever, it single handedly made one of the most beloved franchises ever. Now, Legend of Zelda has been ported to GBA, but I am disappointed, with the kind of horsepower the GBA has, there should be no problem running 8 bit NES games, but, there are graphical problems.

What is it?
Legend of Zelda is an action/RPG. You explore around looking for dungeons to explore and bad guys to thwart. You collect things and eventually power up. The game is pretty open ended aside from a few things, which makes the game your own big sandbox to do what you will with it.

Graphics 7/10-
Although I do grasp the fact that it is called a NES Classic for a reason, they could've at least done some kind of work on the graphics. They are very outdated, they could at least make the edges a bit smoother and brighten the colors a bit. But, the thing that made me lower the games score so much is the frame rate. It seems whenever there were more than a few enemies on screen, the frame rate slowed down horribly, it was like going in slow motion. Things like this are not at all to be suspected from a remake of a game on a twice as powerful system, such things are unacceptable.

Sound 7/10-
The sound still seems to hold up. The music is classic and fun to listen to(hearing the first version of the theme is just awesome in terms of nostalgia), but, the music also becomes very repetitive, you may soon realize that you know all of the songs by heart, because you have heard them over and over and over. Also, there are very repetitive sound effects, the fireballs all sound the same, the dying cries of the enemies all sound the same, you just hear the same sounds, it gets boring.

Control 7/10-
I never found the original Zelda's controls to be that great, and I was hoping Nintendo would clean them up a bit, they didn't. The basic controls are a bit annoying and un-responsive, it seems as if there is a small(but noticeable) gap between the button press and the response, plus, I hate how if you tap the A button to rapidly and you are at full health, Link wont throw his swords, I found that a bit annoying.

Overall 7/10-
I was expecting much more from Nintendo. I was hoping that they would at least clean things up a bit so the controls graphics and sounds would be a bit smoother, but it was in vain. But, Zelda still holds up as a game, it is still a timeless classic that deserves to be played by everyone, especially to anyone who hasn't played the game before, it rocks.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/13/04

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